The Not-So-Fantastic Miss Fox || Prep OS

I was thankful for my farm-prepared waking time, since I was up, dressed, and sipping green tea at the dining room table before Otto burst in for me. “Your prep team is waiting!” he exclaimed dramatically, and I stared at him over my mug with cold eyes.

“Let them wait,” I said flatly. Otto sighed, running a hand through his perfectly styled hair.

“I got the short end of the stick with you two, didn’t I?” he asked rhetorically. I flipped him off in response. “Fine. Get your ass in gear and move it, down to the prep floor.” Otto’s hand curled around my shoulder, firmly guiding me toward the elevator. Just as the doors closed, he noticed my lack of shoes and I heard him exhale sharply in disgust as we shot down to the prep floor.

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Head designer: Viva (Alex Kingston)

Mentor, model, employer, Charlie knows Viva for the past two years. Designing for her and making clothes for capitolite, Charlie have been learning a lot from Viva. When Viva saw that Charlie and Imogene got reaped, she called her friend who happen to be designer for district 8. Soon enough she took her spot, wanting to be there and help as she can those two people that have everything against them

Skin and make up: Maria (Elizabeth Henstridge)

Maria was supposed to be head designer this year. First year to be one in fact. But the drama that happen in district 8 did not prepare her two have two girl to design for which overwhelmed her a bit. When Viva called her to propose her help, she gladly step back of her position to go to her old one. Maybe this year is not for her, but she will learn a lot by working with Viva. 

Hair: Perry (Alexandre Astier)

If there is someone on this nation that knows more about hair than anything. It would be Perry. Since he is young he has been in enjoying playing with hair and wigs which lead him to have a successful hair salon and a master of coloring hair. Just don’t refuse his proposition or he will snap back at you

Such A Pretty Face || Prep OS

The hovercraft landed and I fussed with the cuffs until the doors opened and peacekeepers began to file in.  I was given a new guard, which I was thankful for.  He seemed much less sleazy.  They must have informed him that I was a runner, because as soon as I was released from the chair, he proceeded to cuff my hands behind my back.  I frowned, but knew there was nothing I could do, and no point in running.

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Imogene's Prep Team
  • +head designer+ VIVA +alex kingston+
  • +asst #1+ BRICE +ellie goulding+
  • +asst #2+ BRIAR +iggy azalea+

Viva, head designer as of, well, Reaping Day, insisted on taking over for both District 8 designers and paid them a handsome sum to be able to do so. Having been business partners with Charlie, Viva was overcome with emotion when she was reaped. Needing to be with her and Imogene was more important than anything, and she put her current collection on hold in order to be closer to the pair during the Games.

Brice & Briar, who had previously been under the tutelage of designer Sita Ettore prior to Viva taking over. Being that Imogene still needed her own private prep team to cater to her, Brice and Briar stayed on. They were willing to work with Viva for one season, as long as they were able to stay together. Brice and Briar are a strange pair, twins and… well, some argue more. Rumors swirl, but nothing gets in the way of their duties, as they are very dedicated to their craft. Brice and Briar share all their responsibilities and constantly work together, often knowing exactly what the other is thinking.


Jewell Amaranth || Age 22 || Levi’s Stylist || FC: Marina Diamandis

No stranger to styling in the Games, Jewell was originally the District One stylist and worked diligently with them since she was barely old enough to have been a tribute herself.  Whether she was working one on one with one of the tributes or simply a behind-the-scenes costume developer, she took pride in having the best-dressed and cared-for District. Upon hearing that this year every team would work with District Twelve, Jewell set her jaw and called up some of her best team members to come in for the job. Amsterdam (FC: Tyler Oakley) and Amethyst (FC: Zoe Sugg) both work in high-rank Capitol salons but instantly cleared their schedules upon hearing of Jewell’s predicament. They’re armed with every product they need to try and give a District One style level to this happy-go-lucky District Twelve boy.

New Place, New Face || Prep-Team Oneshot

Nerida led me down to the prep area early enough so I didn’t run into any tributes. The hallways were silent until we reached our destination. The clicking of heels against the tiled floor was incessant and the whirl of colors was fast paced enough to give someone a headache. Small conversations between stylists were going on throughout the massive space, creating a muted hum that seemed to bounce off the walls. As Nerida led me to my room, I could feel the lingering stares of the Capitolites, scrutinizing my posture with every step and the slight crookedness of each kind smile I sent their way.

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Ryo Chartreuse || Age 36 || FC: Sonya Tayeh || Emerson’s Stylist

Ryo has frequented the Capitol style teams since the first Games, working as a prep team member in her youth before being promoted to full-time stylist. She worked with styling the sponsors and Gamemakers for some time before deciding to go back to the tribute prep rooms where she had spent so much of her younger years. Ryo isn’t afraid to be drastic or forward with her tributes, and requested a Career district who could handle her honesty and quirky style. She is fascinated with different eras of clothing and likes to incorporate both the future and the past into her tributes’ looks. Backed with her team of Carradine, Aio and Chaelen, Ryo is excited to get her hands on the so-called “Career princess” and make her into the royalty she is.

Embrace The Negative || Prep

There was no time to relax after getting off the train. Once we made it through the crowd, we were rushed right to prep. My district was one of the last to arrive at the Capitol. I caught a quick glance of the tributes already in prep. They were all at different stages. It was strange to see the process of what I was about to go through.

“Haven! Keep it moving. We have a lot of work to do and not a lot of time to do it.”

“Really Silas. Thank you for telling me that I need a lot of work.”

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Diving In Headfirst || Prep OS

I had to stop and catch my breath as I saw the Capitol for the first time. We were on top of some building, all the other hovercrafts around, but my eyes were glued firmly to the massive landscape in front of me. I wasn’t the kind to ever really sit around and stare at things like this but I could sit on the roof for the whole day and see something new wherever I turned.

Of course, I had places to be and I let the Peacekeepers put me in an elevator and take me down to the basement, where the doors opened to a flurry of activity. Teams were waiting, taking each of my classmates to a different cubicle. Shit, we were getting prepped already? What was even going on?

I didn’t have time to be lost in my thoughts for long as a gorgeous young woman and a man with pale lavender hair came running up to me. “This is yours,” the Peacekeeper said, pushing me over to them before leaving, presumably thankful to be rid of me. The girl looped her arm through mine as they guided me off to a table.

From the amount of creams, scrubs, soaps, waxes, and piles of hair products and makeup I saw on the table, this was going to be a long process. 

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Time To Fly || Prep OS

I woke up bright and early the next morning and went to the kitchen to get some breakfast.  To my surprise, I was the first one up.  I guess the early mornings at the Asylum had trained my body to rise before the sun.  I got some juice from the fridge and gulped down two glasses before Vienna came out of her room.  Her blonde hair was in a tight bun at the top of her head.  She almost screamed when she saw me.

“Oh!  Goodness, someone is an early bird!”  She chirped  She put her hand in front of her face, as if to cover it.  “Uh- just give me a minute.”  She said before running back into her room.  I rolled my eyes.  There was a bowl of fruit on the counter, so I grabbed a banana.  It was a weird feeling, to be able to just have food lying around.

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Pinched and Ripped || Prep OS

Breakfast was as excellent as I imagined it. The pastries and muffins tasted heavenly. Even the tea was better than I had had at home. I munched on my morning delights in silence. There was no one else around; I had waken up relatively early. This wasn’t that weird for me, seeing as I went on a run every morning. My legs were jittery and moving more than they usually were as I sat on my cushioned chair. 

I reached for another éclair, when a woman strode into the room. Immediately I thought it was Carly-Beth because of the aura of confidence that filled the room when she walked in. I lifted my hand in greeting before noticing that this person was not my district partner. 

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Joule’s Prep Team

Agamemnon || 61 || Head Stylist || FC: Gary Beach

“It’s so beautifully tragic, isn’t it?” 

Agamemnon isn’t his real name, but no one knows what it actually is. He appeared in the Stylist scene out of nowhere, and no one know’s who he is or much anything about him from before then. While not necessarily the most inspiring of the Capitol’s designers, he has quite the talent for chatting up a room and making a good impression, leaving people awed and wondering what he’ll do next.

Lorenzo || 25 || Hair || FC: Chris Colfer

“Give me 15 minutes and a can of hairspray.”

Lorenzo is young and brilliant. An up and coming stylist, his work and talent is focused mostly towards hair and hair styling. He was assigned to work with Agamemnon and Iredessa for the 18th Hunger Games. While he doesn’t mind working with Iredessa, as strange as she may be, he loathes Agamemnon, believing the older man to be self absorbed and burnt out, lacking in any quality designs and overall originality.

Iredessa || 22 || Makeup || FC: Mia Wasikowska

“You just need a bit more color, dear.”

Iredessa moves with the beat of her own drum. Not much is known about her at all, except for the fact that she is excellent at what she does. People are often put off my her blunt personality and tendency to do what she wants whenever she wants, but she is relatively harmless. She keeps the peace between Agamemnon and Lorenzo for the sheer fact that their arguing annoys her. rather than any allegiance to either.


Gemini Grantery || Age 30 || Fox’s Stylist || FC: Aziz Ansari

Gem isn’t a particularly intelligent young man. An entrepreneur who has tried everything from opening a nightclub to creating a fashion line, he has been through it all. Desperate for work and fresh off a decent stint working in tandem with the famed designer Viva, Gem inquired about styling work, and the Games organizers appreciated his quirky, offbeat style and energy. What they don’t know is that Gem flies by the seat of his pants in terms of his designs and relies heavily on his prep assistants, twins Luca (FC Jenny Slate) and Leonidas (FC Ben Schwartz), to direct him. Luca and Leo don’t really know what they’re doing any more than Gem and together the three of them are a bit of a hot mess. Styling the District 10 female may just be the big break Gem needs to make his entrepreneurial dreams come true- let’s just hope the dysfunctional twins and the snarky subject don’t ruin it for him. 

Levi’s Interview Attire

A black blazer and shirt, khaki pants, and these insanely cool black shoes. There were a few red elements on the jacket and the necklaces they added to me. It wasn’t too extravagant… I still felt like myself.

The next little while was spent with Amsterdam perfectly tousling my hair and Amethyst and Jewell working together to get my bruises and bumps from the hovercraft totally covered. I sat still and let the girls work- I didn’t want Etta to see me with bruises and get even more scared.