When Russia first made its appearance he really used to look up to the countries that belonged to the Byzantine  empire . And it was kinda of understandable , he was an extremely weak country still and even though he had Moscovia and Novgorod as sources of wealth ,  he also had to deal with invasions both from the west and the east . So me and papaver-alpinum / Apollonia imagined this little poor-ass but cute lil Ivan seeking friendship from the Balkans , who at the time were enjoying all that the Byzantium empire could offer to them during its golden age . And they helped him out indeed , Greece gave him some culture bases  and got him close to the Orthodox religion together with Rus of Kiev  /Ukraine/  ( who of course will take the small unlucky soul as a brother of her ) , Serbia / Joso  here /  will claim him as a new cousin ( because  , ya know , slavs , cool slavs ) and so on . And Ivan would just be freaking amazed and look up to all of them as gods and works his ass off be even half as cool and strong as there were  . And  after 300 years . when he finally wins over his land and become more strong so he can join all the other cool kids , the lucky man find out that the Byzantium empire is far gone and the cool kids are spitting blood because of a certain Ottoman Empire . Apart from Bosnia , the only smart guys who agreed to become Muslim ( why not ? money and no taxes )   and became rich af , as if he wasn’t before. 

// Characters are : Greece , Bosnia , Serbia , Bulgaria and Ukraine if you can’t recognize them // Bosnia and Serbia are Oc’s from Appollonia //  

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I imagine aph ukraine falling down a flight of stairs and breaking her leg really bad and they take her to the hospital and all the heta girls are in the car
they get there
and the fee is really expensive
and no one has any money
and liechtenstien is like

“get out of the way, bitches.”
“big bruder is gonna fuckin pay for it”