October 12, 1939

Sve, Norway and Denmark tried to visit Russia today, and ask him not to endanger my neutrality with his presumptive demands. Russia didn’t even open his door to them.

America visited the Soviet house then, too, and he was allowed to see Russia.

After the meeting, he came to my hotel to see me. He said he told to Russia that he’s neutral and he really doesn’t want to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong, but he also asked Russia not to pressure me too much because we are old buddies.

Russia answered that he knows America has sentimental interest in me, and assured that I have nothing to be afraid of. I hope so… sentimental interest?

Well, I met Russia around 5 p.m., his boss was there too. First we chatted a bit; his boss couldn’t stop laughing when he told me he had heard that my people started to sing to me. I guess his spies aren’t snoozing around…

Then we got to the point. He asked would I like to sign a mutual defense pact with the union, like the other Baltics have signed. When I refused, once again, he asked about a military base. I didn’t like that idea either. Then he revealed what they at least want:

Those islands I talked about earlier, to build a military base to my southern coast, a piece of the Karelian Isthmus. He also wants us to destroy fortifications we have built to our common border (only my defense line is there), to draw a new northern border because the old one doesn’t look good (he was the one who draw it in!), and an anchorage for his navy!

Apparently these are measures to protect Russia. For compensation I would get a big piece of his East-Karelia and permission to fortify Åland’s island alone; Sve or anyone else would not be welcome there (the whole point was that I wouldn’t need to do it alone…).  

We negotiated for a while, but then I told that I need to ask these things from my boss, I’m only allowed to negotiate about those islands!

Russia said he hopes for an urgent resolution; we both have mobilized our armies, accidents happen so easily after all.


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