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In the sense of Ivan killing Kieven Rus, I disagree. Granted, I don't have the facts (and am to lazy to look them up) but I like to think Ukraine killed Kieven Rus. She is the oldest after all and Ivan didn't go crazy until a riot in the communist takeover according to something I read. Although it's probably because I'm sick of the crybaby the fandom makes her out to be...

God, me too anon tho, it’s so annoying and given from the little I know about the country’s history, just plain inaccurate.

As for Kievan Rus’ death, I’ve pondered this a little more and have come to the conclusion that reasonably, neither would have actively killed their “ancestor”. The eventual fragmentation would have made Kievan Rus’ very vulnerable (and similarly to HRE they probably never reached adulthood), which would put Ukraine as the heartland in a special position.
The killing blow would have come from the Golden Horde then, I think?
Lady Ukraine and tiny Grand Duchy of Moscow (also under Mongol control) would have been witnesses to Kievan Rus’ death perhaps then. Either case, it would have been a rather severe impact on their psyches I think.

(My initial idea of Ivan being the killer came from how the grand duchy of Moscow would eventually replace Kievan Rus in terms of relevance and become Russia but uuuuh yeah I lost track of the dates.)

i keep thinking about katya (kievan rus’) being the best big sister to ivan. poor kid had to go through so much while he was growing up that it must have hurt katya profusely to not be able to shield her little brother from all the pain and suffering that accompanies existence as a young and turbulent nation

Маленький хлопчик, ти тут, ти є! У тебе тіло – воно гниє (x)

  • Russia: Belarus, I need help...
  • Belarus: ... wait... you're asking me for help? I know I should be extremely happy, but I'm actually very concerned...
  • Russia: I accidentally shrunk big sister's favourite shirt in the dryer and I know she'll be mad at me... and you know how she is when she's mad!
  • Belarus: she's going to kill you... well, do what I always do.
  • Russia: and what is that?
  • Belarus: blame it on Latvia.
  • Latvia, from the distance: WHAT????