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Tomato gang to their s/o proposing to them in a very romantic way! (And feeling a little guilty cause they didn't know marriage was on the other's mind)

((Pssst this is really adorable))

Tomato Gang

Spain/Antonio Fernandez-Carriedo: He would gasp in surprise, eyes wide in shock before a grin permeated his face and he pulled you into a tight hug. He would be crying slightly (Though he would only sheepishly admit to it later) and would furthermore answer through his delighted laughter. Later on, he would admit to being rather embarrassed considering he certainly did not expect such a proposal.

South Italy/Lovino Vargas: Lovino would stammer over his words, face quickly turning a brilliant shade of red as he proceeded to be rendered completely speechless. How did..? When did you even start thinking about this? Those questions would be a pretty accurate representation of how he felt towards the entire situation before hiding his face in his hand seven further and mumbling a quiet yes, followed by calling you a stupid bastard.

Netherlands/Lars Jansen: Lars wasn’t fazed by very many things, but a surprise proposal was in fact one of them. He would watch, stunned as you took his hand and began your speech that you had planned for such a proposal and would be rendered silent throughout the think, face intimidatingly unreadable though you very evidently saw shock in his eyes. At the end, after a moment of silence you could see the edges of his mouth curl upwards as he agreed.

Belgium/Emma Jacobs: Emma would almost squeal in delight as soon as she realized what you were doing, though she would keep the sound suppressed by quickly covering her mouth. She hadn’t seen it coming for the life of her, and she would quickly make a mental note to do something special for not tuning in earlier. Positively elated, she would nearly tackle you into a hug, practically purring her happiness as she agreed.

Sh*t the Hetalia fandom needs to do
  • End this FrUk v UsUk war
  • Give Belarus more love
  • Remember that Kenya also counts as a hetalia girl (stop leaving her out of hetalia girls posts!)
  • More platonic relationships
  • France having friends and not just lovers
  • Doing research before making oc’s 
  • No more whitewashing of Seychelles
  • Platonic relationships
  • Treat the few female characters we have like they matter
  • A lot more Belgium (She gets forgotten as well)

That is all.