Hetalia + Motivational cards! ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ

I thought of making this set a while ago. Since I noticed most of my friends were feeling down. Me being my ol’  awkward self didn’t know how to approach them about it nor did I know for sure what to say or do. And this is a much easier way for me to say that everything will turn out alright when the time is right.

It was fun doing it since it helped lifting my own spirit :> 

[Blog Update] Japan-san and etc.

Japan-san with his fringe cut to the same length.

Fem!Poland and Fem!Lithuania as requested.
I’ve changed the design a little.

Thank you for reading my serialized manga!
I will be adding more characters very soon, so I’m been coloring some mini characters.
Also, it’s difficult designing the emperors!

And because of that, the emperors end up in tummy wraps or looking like rpg warriors or dressing in cool bad-boy style, it’s a little out of control like that…

Hetavision 2015

On the case of Austria to the performers:

Austria: I said you could borrow the piano, not set it on fire dammit!

Contestants: It’s for aesthetic!

Austria: I don’t care! What’s the use if you didn’t win? My precious piano! *going hysterical*

On the case of Norway to Denmark:

Norway: You only gave me three points. You’re sleeping on the couch.

On the case of Lithuania to Russia:

Lithuania: Hide me! He’s banging at my door!

Estonia: This is what happens when you got the guts to not vote for him.

On the Case of Spain to Italy and Romano:

Spain: Yay~! I get some from Roma tonight!

On the Case of Germany to Italy:

Germany: You didn’t vote for me… *depressing atmosphere*

Italy: Ve! Sorry Germany! It was Brother’s turn to vote this year!

On the Case of Spain to Romano 2:

Spain: Why didn’t you vote for me? I voted for you!

Romano: No one asked you to vote for me, bastard.

On the Case of Belgium to Netherlands:

Belgium: Thanks for the 12 points bro!

Netherlands: *smirks triumphantly in spoiling Belgium* Anything for my little sis.

On the Case of Australia:

Australia: Neat! I got fifth place! Can I be a guest again next year?

On the Case of Finland to Sweden:

Finland: Congratulations Sweden~! *Cue cute smile*

Sweden: *inwardly squealing and celebrating*