Inktober - Day 6 (Brothers)

Did you know that HRE is supposed to be older than Gilbert? No? Know you do(?. 

I always imagine Hre lecturing lil gilbert and them playing “swords” like human kids do but with actual real heavy steel swords that could kill you in a second.

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Hey! Did you know that Roland is manipulating you big time?

“Me? Manipulated by Mr. Austria? Of course not…! He would not do such thing to a person, and I respect him very much.”

[He is, he just never notices it at all and denies from all the respect Albert gives to Roland. Albert doesn’t know, yet.]


The thorns then bore roses
[Lord, have mercy]
As the babe was carried through the forest
the thorns then bore roses


//Phew, done at last! I wanted a nice transition over to the regular program, and I also wanted to include the use of this song - I always liked to imagine Gilbert singing it as a lullaby to both Karl and Ludwig, for Karl to ease the way into death and for Ludwig to ease the way into life.
While the lyrics are positive the music always sounded rather sorrowful to me, so it’s a favorite of mine for sure!

The lyrics used are the third and nowadays final stanza of Maria durch ein Dornwald ging.
The translation here was done by me, you can surely find a better and complete translation of the song online!