• Me: *looking at pictures of gay ships*
  • Dad: *Looks over sholder*
  • Dad: Why are you looking at pictures of people kissing?
  • Me: Because......
  • Dad: I can't tell which one is the girl....
  • Me: Ohhh....*points to the uke*
  • Me: That one.
  • Dad: Okay *nods slowly and walks away*
  • Me: *breaths out a sigh of relief*
  • Me: That was close.

In human aus I always like to think Norway is really good at slight of hand.

Ahh this is part of a bigger AU that I never posted, but I thought this was a cute scene from it.

“I don’t know how to put this nicely. So I won’t.”

“Gee, thanks, Norge.”

“No, but really, that jacket is horrible. Go change it.”

“But I like it!”

I don’t, and I deem my opinion more important than yours, so go change it before I magick another one on you.”

“Hey–okay, okay! Yeesh, Norge, you’re so picky.”

“You’re so annoying.”

“Ouch, I’m hurt!”

“Denmark, I swear to God–”

“Gah–I’m going, going!”

–A conversation between Norway and Denmark, probably

Happy birthday to Norway! [May 17th] Let us all appreciate this adorable yet deadly cinnamon roll.

APH Denmark Quotes From The Season 6 Dub

“[Trying to look cool in front of Norway] Don’t worry I got this in the bag baby! This is what being a Dane is all about! Our motto is to kick ass and take names after all!”

“[Talking to Norway] We’re going to be best friends forever! I swear! No one can separate us!”

“[Talking about Norway and crying about him] My best friend is the most amazing person on this globe! And I’m making him suffer without even knowing!”

“[Promising to Norway] I’ll be stronger for you!”