I remember the time before I joined Tumblr. I had ambitions. I had dreams of being a superhero. I wanted to travel the world. I kept a penny jar to save up for college.

Now, all I can think about are either:
1) Doing my superheroes/supervillains
2) Superheroes doing each other
3) COUNTRIES doing each other
4) Countries doing ME
5) I really want some new band/show/anime merch but I’m fuckin broke

xlaripearl asked:

hi u seem to have a good knowledge and taste when it comes to writing omorashi :3 (just read ur answer on the question about it) and i wonder if u could recommend some of your faves? i really enjoy reading about desperation and i personally have a hard time finding good ones

It really depends on your preferred website to read on and what fandoms you’re in but here are some of my favorites:


Wake is a Thor/Loki fic but there is a LOT of smut so proceed with caution. It’s one of my absolute faves though.

Explorations and Explosions is a good Sherlock omo series, as is Accidental Reactions, which is by the same author.

Want, Need, Wait is also a good Sherlock fic.

Desperation (In One Form or Another) is one of my all-time faves. It’s Spamano. There is also a lot of smut in this fic.

This SuFin one is untitled and also by an anonymous author. It’s really good. Also there is smut.


wh0relequin is a really good writer and I’m not sure what her writing tag is. I love her Marvel fics and I know she does other fandoms but I’m not in them so I don’t remember what they are.

Lacey-Lacie-San on dA is pretty good for Hetalia. I think she also has a Tumblr but I don’t know what it is.

Citrine is a good author for Sherlock fics.

oreofic is also a good writer, but again, idk people’s writing tags.


Sadly, a lot of the fics/authors that I really like have been deleted from various sites so far. If you can find anything from Kuro-Omorashi on dA or peesoka here on Tumblr, they were both amazing, but they’ve since deleted.

Feel free to search my blog for a specific fandom or character/ship. Also, here is my own writing tag. :)

Also!!!! If I didn’t mention you, I’ve worked on this for half an hour and I probably just forgot. :/ I know a lot of fics but I don’t remember what they were called or who wrote them.

{{OutOfOrders: My lazy ass is going to write a fanfic series based on the old TV show called Fantasy Island! Thanks to a marathon it was on I’ve decided that this is the perfect medium to write a fanfic series with!

The reader books a week on Fantasy Island. His/Her fantasy is to live in the reality of his/her favourite show for said week. It may or may not go according to plan seeing as how fantasies might not always be what they seem~

If you want to request a character all you need to do is ask! This doesn’t have to be anime, it can also be live action! We can also do an art/story trade if you like. }}

I need an RP partner

For about a year or so I have been without a stable RP partner.
I have so many ideas and insufficient outlets.
Some ideas are:
-Magical gangsters.
-Decommissioned android abandoned in a junk yard who gains free will.
-A ghost boy who’s a mix between a greaser and an 80’s grunge kid, haunting a hill.
-A pokemon trainer who struggles with being employed by Team Rocket, owning a Ratticate and an Espeon as his main pokemon.
-DirkJake(sadstuck) Jake gets into an accident, loses his leg, hides it from his friends, becomes I’ll due to it, and Dirk comes by and makes him a robot leg.

I also used to/can RP as:
-Japan from Hetalia
-Jake English
-Dean Winchester
ETC. (I’m flexible)

-Avengers (anything Marvel really)
-Steven Universe
-Avatar the Last Airbender
-Ouran Highschool Host Club

I’m in a lot of fandoms, so if you have an RP idea for a fandom not mentioned, bring it up, I might be interested.
Original Ideas, and anthros are always welcome too.

I’m okay with shipping, anything R18 will have to be discussed.
I like sad RP’s, ones that break your heart.

Message me on Tumblr if you’re interested, we can discuss the RP ideas and characters, as well as RP styles.
Thank you