Summing up the countries
  • America: Loud, somewhat annoying hero wannabe that is the identical twin of a cinnamon roll.
  • England: Eyebrows tsundere that drinks tea like a "gentleman" and also does magic.
  • France: Beauty commenter that loves everything and is somewhat perverted. (He's kinda hot)
  • Russia: Kawaii murderer with a heart made of glass.
  • China: A 4000 year old stressed man with an appearance of a teenage girl that likes Kawaii things and also says 'aru' a lot.
  • Italy: Kawaii pasta lover that can't fight but has many talents.
  • Germany: Angry blonde that can sparkle.
  • Japan: Kawaii kuudere that is polite to other countries.
  • Romano: A cusser with no talents but the fandom loves him.
  • Spain: A smily cinnamon roll with a fine ass
  • Hungary: A former tomboy that will forever hate Prussia but is a good mother.
  • Austria: Beethoven, Mozart, Orchestra
  • Canada: Cinnamon roll that no countries notice

Im gonna cry at the next blog that “aru” ‘s at me unironically

  • I cannot describe hoW STUPID IT IS

Actually I can. The idea that Chinese people say “aru” after each sentence? It’s purely Japanese. It’s only if they’re speaking Japanese. The idea that Chinese people would say aru is a concept you do not understand, because you probably don’t speak any other language than English. 

It could be deemed as offensive by some people, but that’s not my call. What I’m saying, is it’s annoying as fuck. Having to read “aru” after every god damn sentence in a fic? Having to edit out “aru” in RPs because you literally cannot find a china who doesn’t say it? It’s overused. I’m tired of it. Most of us are tired of it. buT NOBODY STOPS. Why?

Because it’s quirky. Cutesy. Tiny lil’ yao who doesn’t speak proper english aww cute!1!! Well it’s not cute when you put it after every single line. It’s not even a joke that you get unless you’ve done the research. And then if you have, you wouldn’t use it because it has nothing to do with the English language!!

There’s only one language it’s mildly acceptable for Yao to say “aru” in after every few sentences. and that’s Japanese. otherwise it’s wrong.

Life’s Just a Bowl of Porridge

He was exhausted. Sighing, he stirred his porridge with lackluster as he stared lethargically into the distance. Sadly, it seemed the other students believed it would be the best time to tease him. Grinning, a student from the table behind him got a fork and gave him a quick jab to the back. Surprised, he sat up, his spoon flying in the air and hitting a very unlucky Slytherin.