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2p! Axis spouse headcanons pls?

2p Italy/Luciano Vargas:

- Whenever his s/o loses something, Italy would most definitely tease them about it, and wouldn’t help them search at all. When Italy himself loses something, though, the two of them would be turning the house upside down, as what he lost was probably something of importance, like an important document or his favourite tie.

- Sometimes, Italy treats his spouse almost like an assistant, especially when he’s hard at work. Do this, get that, call this guy… His s/o would be rushing around every hour to help him. He was a busy man, after all. At the end of the day, though, he’d always thank (albeit indirectly) and reward his s/o, with a gift or a kiss or a surprise.

- Italy always ensures that he keeps his weekends free for his s/o. It doesn’t matter how much work he has to do, he won’t do it over the weekend. He enjoys spending his time with his s/o engaging in activities they both enjoy, and occasionally introducing new interests to the other.

2p Germany/Lutz Beilschmidt:

- Germany loves to give his spouse anonymous gifts and love letters. If his s/o confronts him about it, he’d feign ignorance, and may even pretend to be jealous over his s/o’s ‘secret admirer’.

- Germany would risk his life to protect his s/o. No matter how dangerous the situation is, he’d still protect them. He might end up with serious injuries, resulting in his s/o chiding him with worry, but he continues to do it.

- Once, as a prank, Germany actually wore a fake tail and pretended to have been transformed into a mermaid by England. When his s/o went to demand that he be changed back, England pointed out that he hadn’t even cast a spell over the last few days. His s/o then locked him out of the house for a few hours.

2p Japan/Honda Kuro: 

- Japan is willing to keep a few pets if his s/o wants, including the ones he already has. Their home is often covered in fur, but they don’t mind. When his s/o tries to adopt their 5th cat, though, that’s when Japan draws the line an rejects them with a firm ‘no’.

- Japan often engages in challenges with his s/o, with the loser having to play a punishment game. The challenges are instigated by both, ranging from video games to ‘see who can forcefully dye Italy’s hair neon green’ competitions.

- Japan himself prefers a more traditional style of housing, but he is willing to make small compromises for his s/o. As long as the house still has a general ‘traditional Japanese’ aura, Japan is satisfied.


2p Italy ‘Twerkin it

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