• Russia:can I borrow some money?
  • England:I'll give you money when bloody pigs fly.
  • Russia:okay.
  • *20 minutes later*
  • England, answering a call:hello?
  • America:uh, yeah, England? Russia just strapped me to a plane and I'm very high up please call help
  • England:
  • England:how much do you want
  • Russia:$20
Hetalia characters and the robot baby assignment
  • <p><b>America:</b> tried his best but still somehow ended up submitting it without an arm, duck tape in various places and a full diaper<p/><b>England:</b> Lost the baby on the first day and spent the rest of the week trying to find it.<p/><b>France:</b> Loved it as if it was his own child. Just showered it with love and care and even took care of England's baby after finding it abandoned in the middle of the hallway.<p/><b>Russia:</b> broke it on the first day.<p/><b>China:</b> did the project the year before but had set up a babysitting service for those currently doing the project and earned up to $500.<p/><b>Canada:</b> wasn't even given a baby; he was spared the pain.<p/><b>N.Italy:</b> dedicated himself fully to taking care of his baby and managed to fail like 5 classes in the progress.<p/><b>Germany:</b> the only one who wrote down the teachers instruction on how to take care of the babies and managed to take care of it with ease.<p/><b>Japan:</b> just threw it in the closet and took care of it the day it was supposed to be submitted.<p/><b>Prussia:</b> tore it's head off after it didn't stop crying.<p/><b>Austria:</b> put it in his backpack and had the baby "pee" all over his books.<p/><b>Hungary:</b> Gave up halfway and gave it to china.<p/><b>Spain:</b> pretended it was a real child and spent the whole week buying it toys and clothes, taking it out to places, and playing baby games with it.<p/><b>S.Italy :</b> cried more than the baby.<p/><b>Poland:</b> painted it's nails and gave it a makeover.<p/><b>Lithuania:</b> didn't sleep for four days from the baby's crying.<p/><b>Latvia:</b> neglected taking care of his baby because Russia ordered him to fix his own.<p/><b>Estonia:</b> tried to hack it's systems so it couldn't cry but the baby shut down so the teacher found out and gave him an F.<p/></p>
Talking About The Math Teacher

- Talking about The Math Teacher -

Rated : T

Characters : Alfred and Mattew talking about Ivan ~

Description : just a short short thing we were laughing at with my friend :“D IT’S NOT EVEN SERIOUS ! I like talking with her <3

It all started with a simple question Mattew asked to his brother…

- Well ! Isn’t it your new teacher ?
- Yep… It’s him… And he’s hot as hell

Then, Matthew slowly turned to his brother that suddenly understood the meaning of his own words. Matthew didn’t knew if he wanted to look either shocked or on the verge of tears, but any way his face showed no more than total blankness. However, the more he as thinking about it, the more it disgusted him. He opted for the last option.

- what.
- …..ehhh
- What.
- It’s not what it looks like-
- WHAT. Oh my god I don’t want to know more about it I swear to god Alfred shut up
- Aw come on you are not better with Gil !
- hOW-
- And I mean did you look at him ?? He’s hot. Totally hot. 100% best material.
- I’m not listening
- And his glasses. He’s damn sexy Matt how could you not see it
- bye Al
- you are so touchy

And that’s the story of how Mattew understood that he needed to be far far away from his brother… For his own good and mental health.


So yeah… a thing we imagined with @lunasarts xD because we were talking about @colorfulshipseverywhere and his fic Sex And College ( here => http://colorfulshipseverywhere.tumblr.com/post/150779260150/sex-and-college )

Hope it’s okay ?

Hetalians  Wedding dress