Oh Boy it’s been a while since I’ve drawn anything for @gerame​‘s Prince and Knight AU so here’s a recap.

The youngest member of the royal family is cursed to become a dragon every full moon starting on their thirteenth birthday and unless another child takes their place as the youngest, they will change into a dragon permanently on their twenty-fourth birthday. The reigning King and Queen’s son, Gilbert, is their pride and joy, but his wild and reckless nature worries them, and they dread the thought of him as a dragon. So, they have another child and, unlike his brother, Ludwig is quiet and obedient, so the King and Queen don’t worry about what kind of dragon he will become once the curse takes effect.

 As the family had done for generations to thwart the curse, the youngest prince is betrothed to a princess in hopes that their future marriage would result in a child to pass on the curse before Ludwig’s twenty-fourth year. Ludwig would have been content to follow his parent’s wishes, but he can’t imagine going through with their plan because his heart has already been stolen by an orphan named Alfred who has vowed to become a knight. 

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I can’t believe I live my life knowing I’ll never be as brave or as heroic as a pigeon…(a Croix de Guerre!!! can you believe!!!)

Fun fact: She was actually assumed to be a male and was referred to as a male until her death, when the stuffing of her body revealed her to be a hen. Which no one knew up until that point. Even now however, many sources may still refer to her as a cock 

Misconception: He’s lazy and unmotivated

Reality: He’s extremely strict, neat, and places great importance in his appearance. Nonetheless, on occasion, he has been shown to grow bored easily when faced with the prospect of work.

Ex: He trained America and his military during the American Revolution.

Ex: He keeps his clothes spick and span.

Ex: He gets bored and sneezes when he’s given a book on how to socialize with people. 

Misconception: He’s full of himself, so he doesn’t need anyone.

Reality: He’s painfully lonely.

Ex: He never married.

As such, he’s brought to tears when he sees Austria and Hungary as a couple on Christmas.

He unconvincingly rationalizes to himself that he’s happy to be alone.

This is repeated in his character song Mein Gott!, where he claims that “Being alone is too much fun.”

Ex: He misses Frederick II, and hasn’t found someone to fulfill this strong [but nonetheless implicit] desire for companionship.

It’s even said that he grows depressed at the mere mention of Fritz. Ironic considering that he has a picture of him on his nightstand.

Notice how Prussia also calls on Fritz during Valentine’s Day, and once again attempts to convince himself that he’s happy to be single.

Misconception: He’s overly-confident.

Reality: Prussia’s narcissistic, but this stems from being extremely insecure about himself.

He’s always trying to gain power for self-reassuring purposes. This reassurance acts to discount his insecurities over being weak. His use of the word awesome, then, is more defensive and reparative than it is an exercise of confidence.

Ex: He associates fancy clothes with strength + brags to bolster and reinforce confidence within himself.

Before his country grew in strength, notice how he falsely tries to convince himself that his clothes are still cool, despite them being worn down. The important difference is that he doesn’t make use of the word awesome. This a time where his confidence and morale is low. Awesome for him is equated with strength.

Bonus Facts:

He’s noted to feel like an enclave as opposed to an actual nation.

He’s an incredible older brother:

Ex: He reads Fairy Tales to a dying Holy Rome, and is revealed to be heartbroken after the Napoleonic Wars.

Ex: He immediately steps in to protect young Germany when he’s born.

Ex: He’s very supportive and encouraging of Germany, despite teasing him a lot.

To be honest, given all this, I find it redundant for Prussia to refer to himself as awesome.