which hetalia minor character should u fite
  • austria:you can do better than this. don't fight austria, it isn't worth your time.
  • hungary:do you have a death wish dO NOT FIGHT HUNGARY
  • liechtenstein:really a bad idea. it's not her fighting skills. its the fact switzerland will find you. he will end you.
  • poland:you'll probably win. but fight prussia instead.
  • prussia:please for the love o f g o d FIGHT FUCKING PRUSSIA. you'll probably lose. but it would be fucking worth it. he's got a lot of pent up anger, it'll be a tough fight, but who doesn't want to punch prussia at least once
  • switzerland:he'll shoot you down before you can throw the first punch. you may call that cheating, he calls it being pragmatic.
  • spain:why would you fight spain? do you hate happiness? do you hate men who are sweet baby children? you need to look inside yourself first and question that.