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It wasn’t just a pillow fight, it was a pillow war!!

We have extra pillows for the guest in our house. 




I got a lot of questions about the school and its faculty, so here’s a little starter character sheet for everyone! People will be added/changed as the story progresses, but this is who we’ll be working with for now. 

Thank you for all the asks and patience! I’m hoping to actually get some comics up soon~

An Open Letter to the Hetalia Fandom

We are not the people we were before, we changed, and we can continue to change. Sure this fandom has done many horrible things in its early years and honestly I wasn’t even in the fandom at that point in time, and the point is some actions were plain wrong, we know, but it’s honestly disheartening.

Please, please, I’m calling out to the true fans who cares about this fandom I learned to call my family, let’s prove that we can do good, prove them wrong for the things they still think about us. I’ve met more real people than I could ever meet in the real world. Please, I’m begging you, don’t let this fandom die, don’t let them degrade us, prove that we are good people with good intentions, that we can be real mature people who can contribute to society. Make them see what I see, a fandom that welcomes all people no matter what age or race.

Please share the word.

((I am tagging people who made me see that hetalia isn’t as bad as people say, please help me get the word around.

@hetafacts for getting the truth around the fandom and keeping it alive.

@urufu-arts for being brave enough to stand up and make a fundraiser for the victims of the Hurricane Harvey.

@ask-demon-denmark for being a good friend, and to everybody else.

  @annotated-hetalia for helping us connect with the world with real world facts from the hetalia comic strip and series

. @hetascanlations for translating Himaruya’s webcomic and sharing it to the world.

 @k-y-t-s-k-o for being an inspiration to me and many more artists out there.

  @ellawritesficssometimes for reliving and proving that our fanfiction can be great no matter what context.

 @ciakirkland for introducing me to this beautiful world. You will always be in my heart. 

And to the ask-blogs, artists, writers, archives, translators and everyone who supports and loves this fandom. Thank you for giving everyone something to love and protect, thank you so much

A brief summery of my favorite animes

Hetalia - Gay countries be gay with a side of education

Blue Exorcist - Satan’s sons want to be Exorcists ??

Naruto - bad ninjas

Attack on Titan - a very angry teen fights giants

Yuri On Ice - gay figure Skating + two Yuri’s fight about everything

Soul Eater - a transforming human / weapon thing likes to eat souls and a tiny red devil plays the piano in his head + an OCD kid who happens to be the son of death

The devil is a part timer - the devil works for M-Ds