Because today are German elections and I am actually nervous for the result as well, even I don’t live in Germany or am German, but I do care a lot! I used to live there so i’m emotionally attached hah. 

Anyway, Lutz and Ludwig are pretty nervous too. Not of who the “new” chancellor will be, that will most likely stay the same. But it’s about the right-wing populist party called AfD (Alternative für Deutschland = Alternative for Germany), who are basically Nazis. They WILL get into Parliament and this hasn’t happened for like…. well not since 1949 when the BRD was founded. The question now remains how big will the party be? 

Okay sorry about this political thing, but somehow it was just so amusing to imagine those two freaking out! Especially Lutz. 

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Do you two live together?

Officially France lives in Paris and Germany in Berlin. But they have a house build in Strasbourg and often spend time together there.

[Strasbourg is a city that serves as the official seat of the European Parliament. It’s a very special city because…’s both French and German? The city is located in France and bordering Germany. You can read more about Strasbourg here.]

You guys remember this Crossover/AU? Cause I sure do

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