Sh*t the Hetalia fandom needs to do
  • End this FrUk v UsUk war
  • Give Belarus more love
  • Remember that Kenya also counts as a hetalia girl (stop leaving her out of hetalia girls posts!)
  • More platonic relationships
  • France having friends and not just lovers
  • Doing research before making oc's 
  • No more whitewashing of Seychelles
  • Platonic relationships
  • Treat the few female characters we have like they matter
  • A lot more Belgium (She gets forgotten as well)

That is all.


All the personified nations and micronations that had appeared in the anime!


Counting down the days and drawing the trashiest of the trash idea. Totally self indulgent. I apologize for my existence.

- what the tags goodbye
- I only planned for 9 spaces and didn’t get Austria I’m sorry Alaba
- my chance to draw Robben and Ned together is never meant to be
- I am not ready and in denial about this Germany NT
- it’s Klose’s birthday www