Female Countries During their Periods


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Imagine, Zombies invading a house the nations are staying in. A Nation gets bit by Zombie, tells the other nations of the group to move on, and the nation plans to take themselves out. Right before they planned to kill themselves, they decide to fight off all the Zombies invading the house one last time before they go. Which nation would be likely to do this?

I could see Alfred (America), Ludwig (Germany), Gilbert (Prussia), Abel (Denmark), Natalia (Belarus), and Ivan (Russia) doing this. 


All the personified nations and micronations that had appeared in the anime!


hetabook series: #8 
     keeping up with the hetalia cast season 2 (ft. micronations)
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Hetalia Characters as Teachers (part 2)
  • Prussia:The really fun history teacher who does a lot of projects, and works really hard to make it so that his students aren't just reading from the textbook all the time. He's actually a pretty strict grader and doesn't let students get off task but he's so much fun that everyone still loves him.
  • Austria:The music teacher that only kids who are serious about music like. He totally plays favorites with the students who play their instruments the best and will definitely know, and give you a bad grade, if you didn't practice at home like you were supposed to.
  • Spain:The kind Spanish teacher whose class everyone wants to take because it's an easy A. There's a rumor going around that he helps you on quizzes and it's true--he just can't stand saying no when a student has a question.
  • Romano:The art teacher with a bad reputation. He's actually a good artist and only really yells at students when they don't try at all or are behaving badly, but kids take art because they want an easy class so they say he's an asshole.
  • Hungary:The history teacher who seems really nice at first but then turns out to actually be pretty strict. She's a good teacher, though, and her lessons are well organized and easy to understand. When you ask her for help she's really good at answering questions and she has really great study guides for all her tests.
  • Switzerland:The science teacher who tends to yell and discipline his students pretty severely, but who actually teaches really interestingly and doesn't grade that hard. Also, scary though he may act, he's shorter than a lot of his students.
  • Belarus:The super intense drama teacher who's really, well, overdramatic. Kids who like her say she teaches well and that they learn lots from her but she also gets called scary/crazy a lot. Somehow she manages to come off as intense and harsh even when she's giving a compliment.

hetabook series: #5 
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