APH Australia

APH England

Imagine that when England passes by America during World Meetings, he always scolds him.

“Alfred, straighten your back.”

“Alfred, drink your milk.”

“Alfred, chew with your mouth closed.”

“Alfred, stop eating burgers, it’s rude. Italy is talking.”

“Alfred, hug Australia, you need to be friendly to your cousin.”

“Alfred, stop trying to beat Australia up just because he dropped a spider down your shirt.”


i love the idea of oz being one of those kids who’s a HUGE SHOWOFF, always like “LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!!!” and then proceeding to climb the nearest tall object or wrestle the nearest animal or eat the nearest bug; and nz is always stuck with the job of trying in vain to talk him out of it & then finding an adult when he inevitably gets hurt

Imagine APH Australia trying to start his own nature documentary series, but somehow he always messes up and so the bloopers are never ending.
And you can hear America laughing from behind the camera filming every time something ridiculous happens.

Oz: “And here we have the amazingly beautiful- OH BLOODY HELL”

US: “Dude it’s swallowed your whole hand HAHAHAHAH”