• Seychelles: aah~ it's so relaxing fishing on a sunny day- oh! I caught something! Wow, it's pretty heavy- MISTER ITALY??
  • Italy: hehe... hi, Seychelles~
  • Seychelles: ... you guys got stranded in the ocean... again.
  • Italy: yep.
  • Seychelles: ... *deep sigh* fine, tell me their location, and I'll fish-out Mister Japan and Mister Germany.
  • Italy: um...
  • Seychelles: ... AND the Allied Powers too... you guys owe me, big time!

I’m selling my old hetalia stuff!

 I’ve kinda moved away from this anime so I’d rather use the money from this for my winter trip to Japan. 

I have Arte Stella, three World Stars, 1,2,4,5 English Mangas, 6 Japanese Manga (Lightly Used), WW 1&2, 6 Language Books (JPN, Ger, GB, Rus, Fra, and Spa), Seasons 1-4 (Lightly Used), Playing Cards, Magnets, A Pin, some Wrist Bands, Stickers (Not all in case), A fan, Digital Single The Best CD (Singles from minor characters), and a lil Allies note book (Lightly Used). Almost all are new. I will be selling this all together or singularly.

 It’s all on my Depop, but if you’d prefer I’d put it on eBay or something I can do that. I have literally not used half of these, so you can feel assured that it will be like new. 

Also I am going to Japan for winter so if you want anything small from like an anime store or packaged food item we can do some sort of transaction or whatever. It’ll be on Depop tho cause of personal info issues or something. There’s gotta be some reserve stuff first though I don’t want to deal with excess inventory that I can’t do anything with.