Spamano daughter at school #1
  • Spain:so, whats the matter with Maria?
  • English teacher:your daughter disturbs my lessons
  • Spain:oh I'm so sorry about that... What does she do?
  • English teacher:she does her homeworks perfectly, but she's always angry. Everytime she screams that the spanish language will rule the world against english
  • Spain:I'm not sorry at all
  • And the same day Spain made a wonderful party for her daughter
End of the Rio 2016 Olympics
  • America:Guys! Guys! The scores are about to come up! Oh my gosh I feel so anxious!
  • China:I... have a bad feeling about this...
  • England:you're probably either first or second as usual.
  • -Scores show up-
  • England:... *screams*
  • America:... When will you think he'll stop?
  • China:hopefully never! I don't want to hear him gloat at my face!

Not exactly relevant but Its mun’s birthday today, therefore, I’ll take the time and effort to actually make some progress and update this blog because you know me, I missed you guys c'mon! I originally promised that I’ll be posting this within the arvo, unfortunately, it’s 1:49am already, the lights are still on and my suburb may possibly assume i’m doing some kind of bloody ritual. Anyways, have a g'day and nighty night to all you fellow nocturnal bloggers - Jacko