MVTF Part 1

Located in Portola Valley, CA, the MVTF was founded by private collector Jacques Littlefield. Until its liquidation in 2014, the Littlefield Collection was the largest private collection of armored fighting vehicles in the world, boasting over 200 AFVs, with the oldest dating back to 1917. After Jacques’ death in 2009, the collection was signed over to the Collings Foundation in 2013, and 120 of the vehicles auctioned off to fund a new home for the collection in Stow, MA.

Building One: On the left are M5 Stuart, Panther, T-34, M26 Pershing, Pz. 61, and Crusader. On the right is M3 White, Panzer IV, M4 Sherman Grizzly, M50 Super Sherman, T-55, M37, M3 Lee, T-72 and M48 Patton.

Right half of Building 2: Visible is Scud-B, Hetzer, Sdkfz 6, Sdkfz 222, Sdkfz 8, FlaK 88, M3 Halftrack, Sdkfz 251, the top of the SU-100 and M1 Abrams training turret. Not visible is Schwimmwagen, R75, StuG III, Kubelwagen and Kettenkrad.

Left half of Building 2: Visible is M901 TOW, Bren Gun Carrier, Ferret Armored Car, 2S7 Pion, R-11, M29 Weasel and PT-76. Not visible is a Chieftain ARRV and Chieftain MBT.

Building 3: Visible is Saladin Armored Car, Chieftain w/mine plow, Raytheon SAM system prototype built for Iran, M103, T-34, M18 Hellcat, Chieftain ARRV, Scud-A, FV101 Scorpion, Panhard EBR, and M24 Chaffee. Not visible is Conquorer, IS-3, multiple M48/M47 Pattons. There is another side not shown which consists of another Chieftain, M59 APC, M53/59 Praga, Israeli M3 Halftrack, M4 Sherman Jumbo and M61 Obusier. Building 4 is not included in the official pictures, but has notable vehicles such as Leopard 1, Marder 1A3, ZSU-23-4, M8 Armored Gun System and M16 Halftrack.

Roger Holder of the 11th ACR, 1967.

Holder was seriously wounded when a landmine hit his M113 APC. Later, after serving time for marijuana possession, he went AWOL. Then, in 1972, he hijacked a plane with his girlfriend.

From Wikipedia:

June 2, 1972: Western Airlines Flight 701 from Los Angeles to Seattle was hijacked by Willie Roger Holder, a Vietnam War veteran, and his girlfriend Catherine Marie Kerkow. The hijackers claimed they had a bomb in an attaché case and demanded $500,000 and that Angela Davis, who was then on trial, be freed. After allowing half the passengers to get off in San Francisco and the other half to get off in New York on a re-fueling stop, they flew on to Algeria, where they were granted political asylum, joining the International Section of the Black Panther Party. It was and still remains the longest-distance hijacking in American history. Later, $488,000 of the ransom money was returned to American officials.

The story of the hijacking is chronicled in Brendan Koerner’s book The Skies Belong to Us.


Soldiers of the 7th division Lubelski lancers of the 25th brigade of air cavalry name of Prince józef Poniatowski in the Polish armed forces during educational firing of ATGM Spike.

The Outsider
A Perfect Circle
The Outsider

Medicated, drama queen, picture perfect, numb belligerence
Narcissistic, drama queen, craving fame and all its decadence
Lying through your teeth again
Suicidal imbecile
Think about it, you’re pounding on the fault line
What’ll it take to get it through to you precious
Go with this, why do you wanna throw it away like this
Such a mess.

‘The Outsider’ - A Perfect Circle