- ••• MY BFF'S BROTHER •••

“please (y/n)…my brother wont be home tonight. I’m gonna be home alone and im scare” my bestfriend Lora told me. Actually begging me
I closed my locker and fixed my glasses with my fingers
“Lora, i dont know, i have so much homeowork” i sigh
“then we can do it together. I’m good at history, you’re good at math, we can help each other” she said “plus, there is a math exam coming this week, you gotta help me” she held my hand and begged me
I rolled my eyes and sighed “okay fine” she hugged me tightly and kisssed my cheek
“best friend ever” she said. And we both went home bc the school was done.
We were walking out of the school then i saw Lora’s brother leaning his back on his car and talking to his friends. He’s a bad boy his name was Justin and to be honest im afraid of him, you know, me and Lora we were both nerds, we wear glasses and everybody was always making fun of us. All we do was homework, grade, test, exams and yeah.
“hey Lora!!” her brother yelled. “come on!!” she held my hand and we both ran to him
His friends looked at me and giggled “nerd” one of them fake cough and then they were laughing
“Justin!!” Lora hit Justin’s shoulder
“oops sorry, right i forgot” he stopped laughing “get in” he opened the car door for us. He was taking us home every day, we were only 16 so he was 2 years older than us and went ot the same school.

So i was preparing to go to Lora’s house. I pick up my bag and went downstairs
“MOM!!” i yelled. “okay im here, let’s go honey” she said. We went to her car and she drove me to Lora’s house it wasnt very far from mine.
I opened the door without knocking bc i did that all the times plus nobody was there so yeah only me and her.
“hey friend” she giggled and greeted me. We went to her room and started doing our homework
“(y/n) what the hell is x(2x + 3x) and stuffs like that?” she asked
“it’s…” i was saying then she cut me off
“Zoey borrowed my notebook, i have to go to her house to get it” she said
“what? No, call her” i said
“i dont have her number” she said “oh god, i wont go to her house, i dont like that girl” i said
“then you stay home, okay? I’ll be right back” she stood up
“how will ou get there?” i asked
“my bike? I guess, i have no choice (y/n)” she said running downstairs and i stayed in her room like come on. This is such a mess.

5’ minutes later and i heard someone opened the door then i thought it was Lora, i done with the homework so i was sitting on her bed looking the photos on her nightstand, there was a phoot of her and Justin. Awwww
“Lora?” the door opened and it was Justin. “oh hey nerdy i mean (y/n)” he said tried to hold his laugh
I was blushing so hard
“where is Lora?” he asked
“she went to Zoey’s house. She borrowed Lora’s notebook” i said looking down
“okay” he said and closed the door i thought he got out but no he got inside
He sat on the bed next to me “why are you and Lora always wearing glasses anyway, they dont look pretty” he said
“we’re Short-sighted” i mumble shyly
“so you always doing homework? You dont do anything else?” he asked with smirk. He looks sexual as hell i wanted to get out of there because i was very innocent
“no. Like what?” i asked. “sex” he whisperred and bit his lips
“n-no” i whisperred and looked down “i want to wait until marry” i said
“aw come on, you only live once” he said and lift my face up with his index and thumb
“i dont know anything about… that…” i said
“i can teach you about that” he whisperred
I was blushing so hard, i thought that my face was going to pop like a bubble
“lemme get this shit off” he said and took off my glasses, everything wasnt very clear but i could see things
“aw you look amazing without glasses sweetie” he said
“have you ever kissed?” he asked. Like… No i havent.. Seriously
I shook my head. He came closer and held my chin with his thumb and index finger, he inclined his head a little, his eyes were on my lips and his lips were opened a little, i have never kissed before so i didnt know anything and then his lips touched mine, i was blushing. His lips were so soft. He pulled me off gently “like that” he said and smiled. Then he pulled me closer and kissed me again, this time he uses tongue, we were kissing for a couple minutes and he took off his shirt and threw it on the floor
I blushed even harder and tried not to look. He laughed out loud “come on honey” he said, “come here lemme see” he took my hands and dragged me closer. He was taking off my shirt but i tried to stopped him. Then he looked at me with his eyes “do you trust me?” he whisperred. I melt. I let go of my hands and he pulled the shirt off.
“hhmmm not bad huh” he mumble and kissed my breast. I was shock like to a nerd like me, this is too much.
He was kissing my breast and his hands went on my back and unhooked my bra.
“justin… I,..” i mumble bbecause i was really shy
He ignored me and pulled out my bra. “look how beautiful you are” he said and started sucking my nipples. Oh my god, is this guilty? Does Jesus see what are we dong right now? Because he was sucking on my nipple… I was only 16, was that right?!!
“i’ll show you why you dont have to wait until marry” he said and unzipped my shorts. He pulled it down along with my panties. I was covering myself with a blanket
“stop doing that, you’ll be fucked anyway. It’s up to me to be kind or rough” he seems pissed off and took the blanket away.
His fingers were playing with my clit, i couldnt hold it so i moaned “aghh…”
He smirked and looked at me “yeah… Do that again” he smirked and continued touching me. I was moaning like crazy because that was the first time in my life i can actually feel good
He bend down and gave my vagina a loooooooooooong lick and i squeezed the blanket so hard and put my hand over my mouth apbc it felt so good
He kept licking and licking my pussy then sucking my clit until i came so hard in his mouth. The first time.
He got up and licked his lips “okay now, the greatest part” he pulled down his pants and boxer and put it on the floor
“dont be scare baby it wont be that hurt” he laughed and got on top of me. I was scare and shaking because his dick was so big and my vagina was so small… I’ve learnt about this but i havent seen anybody doing that so…
“okay here we go” he said and slowly slid his dick in me. I was screaming and crying from pain while his eyes closed down and his mouth opened, he was moaning
“Justin!!!” i yelled and held his arms tightly
“oh god babyyy yea” he moaned
I dont know how “good” it felt
He was going slowly but hurt so much because he was so big
I was crying and screaming, my tears run down my cheek but he didnt stop
He put his hand over my mouth “ssshhhh this will be quick ye oh god” he moaned on my ear
Then i felt the pain slowly got away and i was moaning his name
“ok i’ll go faster ok?” he said and moved a little bit faster. Everything Feels like heaven
He was kissing and leaving hickeys on my neck while i was moaning and messing with his hair
“i’d fuck you everyday girl” He groaned and went faster. I was moaning like crazy, i didnt care what the hell on earth anymore
“yea yea right there like that oh my god justin” i moaned on his ear and moved my hips asking for more
“yea babyyy ” he groaned again
“aaaaaahhhhh!!!” i didnt know what happened but i was so close and he was still thrusting himself in me “sooo cloooooseeee” he said
“JUSTIN WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?!” lora yelled as she walked into the room and coverred her eyes
“LORA SHIT GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!!’ he yelled at her
“THIS IS MY ROOM!!” she screamed
“JUSTIN IM SO CLOSE PLEASE DONT STOP!!” i said and moaned, i was moving my hips bc he stopped thrusting “oh baby agh” he groaned and held my hips
“(Y/N)!! THIS IS SO DISGUSTING STOP IT!!” she yelled
“LORA GET OUT!!” Justin kept yelling, i was so angry bc i was almost came so i climbed on Justin’s top and started driving him so hard
Lora screamed and ran outside, Justin was laying there with shock and wrapped his hands around my waist
“jump jump jump!!! Faster faster!!” he groaned. I went faster and screamed his name
“LOUDER, SCREAM LOUDER JUMP FASTER!!” he screamed and squeezed his eyes while i moved my hips faster “JUSTINN!! “i screamed
Then i came hard on his dick
“shit shit shit get out get out!!” he said and quickly pulled him out of me. Then i saw a white juicy fell on the bed… He fell his head on the pillow and hugged me, we were breathing heavilly and he touched my hands
“you should change your style” he said “you fuck good, you look good without glasses” he added then he continued catching his breath ” i’d date you if you stop being a nerd bc im a hot boy in sspchool you know?” he said and clean his sweat on his forhead
I nodded and closed my eyes
“hey dont sleep here, let’s go to my room, Lora will be loco on you” he said

He out on his pant and gave me his shirt, he picked up my clothes on the floor and my books and got out. Lora was crying in the hall
“you guys are so disgusting” she cried, i felt so guilty
“relax, i ust fucked your best friend. Not a big deal” he laughed
“come on girlfriend, let’s go call your mom for a sleep over” he said and wrapped his arm around my waist
“what sleep over?” she said “girlfriend?!” she was sobbing
“yes” he said “let’s go (y/n)!”
“and next time when you come home and hear weird noises, just know that we’re fucking. And if you want to watch porn, go search on the internet dont interrupt us” he said and closed the door

Since that day, me and Lora didnt talk as much as we used to. She has a new bff, and i did too. I didnt wear glasses anymore but contact lenses instead. I became a real player in the school, i smoked, party, and fuck with Justin at least twice a week. Lora was kind of afraid of me. Justin made me became a real play girl in the whole school. The nerd with glasses on and good at math was dead and gone