A massive edifice, then, a monument to hubris, envisioned and built as if its salient characteristic is its spectacular hugeness rather than the fact that people have to live inside it. Nearly from the moment of its completion, a litany of human-sized foibles diminished it both physically and symbolically. With litter, neglect, malfunctioning utilities, broken windows, accumulated tales of crime and danger, and vulnerability to the capriciousness of the market, the building’s physical and mythological grandeur wanes with every year. The stubborn, intrepid people therein take on some of that grandeur, living where it is said to be unlivable, flaunting their humanity in dehumanizing conditions. This is perhaps the great strength of the project: In their books, zines, photographs, and installation, Subotzky and Waterhouse show both the epic and human scale straining against and blending into each other. It is simultaneously an allegory of both the limitations of human endeavor and the hardiness of human nature.

Larissa Archer reviews Mikhael Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse’s project featured in Public Intimacy at YBCA, on view through June 29 –> http://bit.ly/1mj21VS

Image: Mikhael Subotzky and Patrick Waterhouse, Ponte City, 2008-ongoing; installation view, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco. Courtesy of Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Photo: Ian Reeves. 

For those studying AP Chemistry like me, this is a masterpost where I collect resources that I find myself frequently using. Of course, this isn’t everything that’s available on the Internet. This is more of a masterpost to help me easily access everything, but hopefully everyone else can find this useful as well. [Anyone studying regular chemistry can use this list, too.]

Over the course of the school year, I might find something new and add them here. Please check back every once in a while. :)

College Board Website

The Periodic Table is your best friend.

Exam Tips and Prep

General Review


AP Chemistry Masterposts by Others

P.S. If there’s anything wrong with this masterpost, please let me know. :)


title: Gravity

author: TheFunk

pairing: Chanyeol/Kyungsoo

word count: 800

rating: pg-13

genre: slice of life, fluff

warnings: N/A

summary: High School AU. Jiyeon witnesses the oddest couple in front of her in her AP Astronomy review class.
Kyungsoo and Chanyeol’s relationship as seen from an outsiders pov.

-Admin Arthur

…Wojnarowicz seems to stare through the camera. His gaze is simultaneously focused, as if intended for Hujar alone, and yet still inviting, as if anticipating other admirers.

Danica Willard Sachs reviews Peter Hujar: Love and Lust at Fraenkel Gallery through 3/8 –> http://bit.ly/1eGvHp0

Image: Peter Hujar. David Wojnarowicz Reclining (III), 1981; gelatin silver print. © The Estate of Peter Hujar. Courtesy of Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco.


So - first day of school. Kind of intense, kind of worrying in a billion different ways. Here are the highlights:

  • I had AP Chem to start the morning, which was really confusing and I’m already lost.
  • I had AP Lit next, and the teacher was sarcastic and enthusiastic. It was great.
  • I had a senior meeting, and it kind of terrifies me that I’m in my last year of school before university.
  •  Skipped lunch, do not recommend.
  • Had AP Bio, it was a fun class, and the teacher was awesome and cooperative.
  • I had an aide period, in which I helped a teacher put up posters and my AP Bio teacher to review new students’ concerns.

Anyway, pretty good day today! Currently watching: Drop Dead Diva, on season 6!

There’s something else going on in Maisel’s images. When perceived as abstract, they evoke beauty; when perceived as documentary, they elicit another aesthetic response—a sense of the sublime rooted in the overwhelming incomprehensibility of this landscape.

Rob Marks on David Maisel at Haines Gallery –> http://bit.ly/16RXi4r

Image: David Maisel. American Mine (Carlin, Nevada 18), 2007; Archival pigment print, 2013, edition of 5; 48 x 48 in. Courtesy of the Artist and Haines Gallery.

anonymous asked:

Did you ever take comparative government and politics? If so, how did you study for it?

I really want to take this class because political science is my favorite subject but unfortunately neither the school I attend nor my virtual school provider offers this course. I might self-study but then I’ll be taking 8 AP exams next year so I’m a little hesitant. 

Anyway, here are some resources I found! 

  • HUGE Study guide by Ethel Wood - There’s also a book you can buy. Apparently Ethel Wood used to write the AP Comp gov exam so the study guides are similar to the exam.

Alicia McCarthy and Ruby Neri are the standouts. A 1996 untitled (and rare) oil painting by McCarthy draws one in with its siren call of polychromatic, wavering lines woven into a hypnotic grid.2Such Thing Countless Wondrs (1995), a group of nine works on paper by Neri, assembles a set of pictograms that seems to provide a lexicon for the rest of the show with its combination of animals, figures, and fonts. Also remarkable is the small group of Johanson’s mostly untitled acrylic-on-panel paintings from 1998. Dark sentiments about pain, failure, helplessness, and rage crowd the monochromatic works, in which figures are layered almost to the point of obliteration.

From Patricia Maloney’s review of ENERGY THAT IS ALL AROUND at SFAI’s Walter & McBean Galleries –> http://bit.ly/17RnpZs

Image (detail): Alicia McCarthy. Untitled, 1996; oil and latex on panel; 84 x 84 inches. Collection of Jeff Morris. Courtesy of the San Francisco Art Institute Walter and McBean Galleries. Photo: Johnna Arnold / SFAI.


August 23rd 2016 | 5:29PM


Finished a Personal Insight Question for AP Literature and reviewing The Inferno for my test tomorrow😁 I appreciate the fact that my AP Literature teacher is having us do the UC questions and giving us feedback on them before its time to submit our apps.

Wish me luck for my test tomorrow!! I think I’m going to go to Starbucks on Sunday to get some work done, maybe study for my Psych test thats coming up on Monday !!!!!

Trump staff posts racists comments on social media, AP review finds
Donald Trump's paid campaign staffers on their personal social media accounts have declared that Muslims are unfit to be U.S. citizens, ridiculed Mexican accents, called for Secretary of State John F. Kerry to be hanged and stated their readiness for a possible civil war, according to a review by the Associated Press of their postings.
By Los Angeles Times

Really not surprised. The fuck’s beloved by racists, retweets and likes racist memes, picks a homophobe VP AND he employs them as his staff.

How much does it take to invalidate a candidacy? He’s already called for foreign governments to penetrate networks and leak information for his benefit, has been publicly decried by three member-nations of NATO, has the support of a former Klan Wizard and a sexual harassment pervert ex-senator, is liked by both Putin and Kim Jong Un, admires dictators Saddam Hussein and Benito Mussolini, frequently lies and refuses to admit it and won’t release his tax records.

What more will it take for people to be convinced? Are we really going to walk blindfolded into November and hope he loses by a fraction of a percent?

Kota Ezawa shows Self-Portrait as Someone Else (2013), a video based on a recording of a renowned Asian economist, also named Kota Ezawa, being interviewed about financial markets. Ezawa uses the original soundtrack, but with his own signature cut-paper animation. One of the Bay Area’s most subtle and evocative artists, Ezawa suggests the fragility of identity, and extends the conventions of self-portraiture to near breaking point. Similarly, Barry McGee, who like Ezawa is of mixed cultural descent, shows Untitled (2012), a wall-mounted set of two dozen DayGlo-orange wooden boxes, most with the name Fong—his mother’s maiden name—printed boldly, forward and backward, along with Western first names, three-letter acronyms, and one image: a drawing of a blank white book. Onto the pages of this empty book viewers may project the assumptions, prejudices, and preoccupations we carry about race, heritage, and the lives our neighbors live.

Renny Pritikin on Proximities 2 at the Asian Art Museum –> http://bit.ly/17LKXRD

Image: Kota Ezawa. Self-Portrait as Someone Else (detail), 2013; single-channel video; dimensions variable. Courtesy of the Artist and Haines Gallery.


No tricks just treats. Tonight Tonight two ways: Tonight, Tonight  by the Smashing Pumpkins (above) and Tonight Tonight at Highlight Gallery reviewed in Art Practical by Danica Ward Sachs (below). Enjoy!

External image

Tonight Tonight anchors the artist’s process and imagery in the familiar and industrial to argue for a contemporary rethinking of the monochrome.

Read Danica’s review –> http://bit.ly/1aIKZqd

Image: Facundo Argañaraz, Untitled, 2013; and Passenger, 2013; installation view, Tonight Tonight, 2013. Courtesy of the Highlight Gallery, San Francisco.