spock and uhura: the enemy is using a hive mind to move! they’re like bees!

sulu: ok but according to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. the bee, of course, flies anyway because bees don’t care what humans think is impossible.


3 years ago @marvelentertainment asked me if I’d be interested in creating an entirely new Ghost Rider for a new audience having 2 stipulations in mind: “Younger” & “Drives a CAR”

The car sold me because I knew fans would HATE the idea of a Ghost Rider with no motorcycle, so we’d get their attention. All we had to do was create an appealing character they’d want to root for and a story that would entertain. So I created ROBBIE REYES and together with artist @traddmoore & colorist Val Staples released his 1st story arc! 

3 years later, Robbie’s been announced as a new character on Marvel’s AGENTS OF SHIELD TV series, to be played by GABRIEL LUNA

Pretty sweet! The above image was my 1st variant cover for ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER & my first cover for Marvel Comics. Also, a pic of me at the unveiling of the HELL CHARGER at SDCC 2016!

 Let’s hope the TV version stays true to the source!

  • me:i love that hikaru sulu is canonically gay and in a loving relationship with his husband. i love that he has a child. i love that the family is depicted in a healthy light, but also not made to be a big deal. i love how star trek has created wonderful representation for east asian gay people everywhere. it's such a beautiful thing, and regardless of how anyone else feels about it, i love it. i don't want this moment to be about anybody else, just about hikaru sulu and how he has nothing to be ashamed of.
  • also me:let kirk and spock kiss!!! let kirk and spock kiss!!! let kirk and spock--

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If you're taking prompts: Fitzsimmons having an argument in the lab, and their initial frustration with each other turns more into a frustration for each other...if that makes sense

Obviously you’ve heard about my trashy reputation. Glad word’s getting around ;P

I wrote this at work so I can’t guarantee it’s as full-on smutty as it could’ve been…. but it’s still pretty smutty. :)


“I can do it, Jemma! Just give me a bit of space!” Fitz snapped. Honestly, if she wanted to take things slow in the wake of Maveth she could at least stop pressing up against him all the time.

“You’re being stupid!” she shot back, actually shoving him aside with her hip so that she could take over the delicate extraction. “We could’ve gone to bed hours ago if you’d only let me help!”

“And we would’ve been done hours ago if you’d just let me work! You’re a bigger handicap than my actual handicap!”

“Your ego is the biggest handicap in this room,” she muttered. “There, see? Done already.”

My way would’ve been been more thorough.”

“Really, Fitz?” she huffed, whirling to face him. “You’re going to challenge me on thoroughness? I can catalog and enumerate the steps I took to circumvent the entirely unnecessary third test you were about to run–”

“And color code it too, I bet,” he said coolly, tilting his chin up defiantly. “By that time I could’ve run the test four more times, and made tea.”

“Oh, would you just shut up!” she cried, and then she quite literally jumped him.

It happened so quickly that for a full minute Fitz didn’t respond to her roaming hands or her desperate mouth on his or even the way she was trying to step between his legs. When he realized what was happening, he stumbled backwards and his hands slid up her back and over her shoulder blades, pulling her closer to him.

There were a lot of questions he should be asking right now, but Jemma was trying to tilt him backwards over a desk and he very much doubted she’d take her tongue out of his mouth long enough for them to have a conversation.

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star trek fandom: scotty totally built a still somewhere in the engineering department lolololol

me, internally: scotty loves the enterprise. scotty loves the enterprise more than life itself. scotty loves the enterprise more than alcohol. would scotty build anything illegal on a ship he loves so dearly?? would he build anything that would risk hurting his silver lady??? do y’all know scotty????? if there was even a 0.0000000000001% chance of even slightly damaging the enterprise, scotty ain’t fuckin doing it. you know what illegal stills tend to do on occasion? catch on fire. i call bullshit, friends. i call bullshit

me, externally: yeah l o fuckin l still on the enterprise!!!!!! h o w f u n

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for send me a song and ship - bridges by broods + fitzsimmons if yous till accept, if not feel free to ignore :)

[song here for reference folks!]

I don’t know that this perfectly meshes but… this is what I’ve got. ;)


[Season 2, because, duh. I assume after the “why do you think I left?” conversation Mack had a much better appreciation for Jemma. Or so I’d like to believe <3 ]

Mack comes to look for Fitz when he doesn’t show up to the garage and finds him in his room, sitting on the floor amidst an explosion of torn photographs, ripped posters, and discarded keychains.

“Woah, what happened here?” Mack asks gently, shutting the door behind him. “Did you stay up all night working on this, Turbo?”

Fitz blinks up at him, confused. “I – I don’t…”

He uncurls his hands and Mack sees the broken pieces of a little model TARDIS. “I didn’t mean to–”

He looks like a child on the verge of tears, though if his hoarse voice and the papercuts on his hands are any indication, he’s spent the night making sure he doesn’t have more tears to cry. Fortunately it seems as if his anger petered out before his room was totally ransacked.

“This is all Simmons stuff, isn’t it?” Mack carefully kneels just on the edge of the wreckage. “I figured you put that all in a box in deep storage when you thought she wasn’t coming back.”

“I did, but I needed to – I’m tired of–” Fitz huffs and pressed a shaking hand to his forehead. The gentle way he cradles the TARDIS bits in his other hand does not escape Mack’s attention. “I’m tired of missing her. I thought…” His voice trails off into an embarrassed whisper. “I thought hating her might be easier.”

“Look, man,” Mack sighs. “I understand that you want to rage and just go to that dark place. Obviously you two have a lot of shit to work out. But even if you can’t fix everything with Simmons, you’re not a hate kind of guy. You burn these bridges, you’ll only regret it later.”

“I won’t,” Fitz protests fiercely, but Mack shakes his head.

“Be real, Turbo. You’re punishing yourself as much as you’re punishing her. If there was something you could say or do to get your best friend back, you know you’d do it in a heartbeat. You’re just having trouble finding the right words.”

“What else is knew?” Fitz mutters.

“Give it time. Give yourself time. She’s only been back a few weeks. Just… be gentle on each other. Bring her tea, or something. It doesn’t have to go back to how it used to be, but… hurting her won’t make you hurt any less.”

Fitz nods, gnawing at the inside of his cheek. “Thanks, Mack.”

“And as for this…” Mack scoops the broken model out of Fitz’s hands. “I think I can help with that. It won’t be as good as new, but–”

“It’ll be good to have it back.” Fitz finally meets his gaze and almost, almost smiles.

“Yeah, you got it,” Mack chuckles.

“I’ll just clean up here and meet you in the garage?”

“Don’t you dare, Turbo. Take a nap. You look like crap.”

I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ABOUT THIS LINE. This is not what everyone thinks it is, or at least, not completely. She is not suddenly so repulsed by him that his presence makes her sick. That’s not how it works. What this is, is a girl learning that a man she cares very deeply for, stands for everything she doesn’t. And while yes, some of her feelings might be due to his recent confession, I’m willing to bet a large part of it is the fact that she was JUST FUCKING KISSING HIM a few hours ago, and now? Now she knows that she’s lost him, that he really is Hydra. THAT. WOULD. FUCKING. HURT. It would make your head spin, your neck sweat, and yeah, it would make you nauseous as hell. Imagine that. You really, really like a person, maybe even love them, and then within a day, everything you thought you might have with them goes up in smoke. Boom. Gone. Everything. In this scene, Skye is realizing that. He’s gone. All her daydreams and hopes for them are shattered. She still has feelings for him, but if he’s Hydra (and he’s just proved he is) then they have no future. And that HURTS. The thought sickens her. She wants to throw up because damn it he was just holding her not too long ago and she was thinking that they might have something really special. But that was yanked from her. And that sickens her.



You told the team you never watched Star Wars, so they force you to watch them all. You can finally understand all the references they make and they even quote the movie twice as much to make you laugh. 

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i know this is so out there but i kinda ship aos scotty and kirk? i mean its probs all banter and jokes but between scotty calling kirk "Captain Perfect Hair" in the last movie and "beautiful/gorgeous" in this movie (i don't really remember what he said) but yeah *-*

in the perfect world the Enterprise would be like this massive poly pile where everyone loves everyone and sex (or a lack thereof) wouldn’t be a big deal for anyone

so yeah, I can see Scotty/Kirk

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wondering if you could write 44 and fitzsimmons pretty please? thanks

I have a few 44s and couldn’t remember which list I’d just reblogged when you sent this so hopefully I chose right! :P Feel free to send again if I didn’t.

#44 = “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”

Send me a number and a pairing and I’ll write you a drabble!


After all they have been through, it is fucking mangoes that nearly do him in.

It’s their third day in the Seychelles and the fruit salad looks like a perfectly innocuous dessert choice. Besides, it’s healthy, and as much as Fitz groans that they’re on holiday and they deserve the triple-fudge molten lava cake, Jemma orders the salad.

A few bites in, Fitz drops his fork and starts clutching at his throat. She doesn’t react immediately as his face goes red and he gasps for air. Honestly, she thinks he’s pulling her leg – isn’t that exactly the sort of thing Fitz would do? (To this day, she’s still not entirely convinced it wasn’t an elaborate prank.) Besides, he’s never mentioned any allergies.

But then his fist hits the table with a bang and he croaks out, “Jemma, I can’t breathe,” and her heart twists, because there’s no faking the way the veins are bulging on his forehead or the little pinpricks of a rash appearing around his mouth.

She scrambles to him, assesses the situation in a heartbeat, and turns to the other restaurant patrons staring at the commotion. “Does anyone here have an epi-pen?”

Fortunately a Pakistani tourist does – she can’t think about what might have happened if not; the hospital is at least a twenty minute drive away – and she plunges it into his leg. He cries out as best he can when he’s choking and she catches him as he nearly falls off the chair.

“If you die, Leopold Fitz, I am going to kill you,” Jemma hisses, holding his face in both hands and rubbing her thumbs over his cheeks as if to soothe the burning there.

He shakes and she realizes he’s trying to laugh. After a minute he’s got enough air to wheeze, “I don’t think that’s how it works, Jem.”

“I would, though,” she insists, even as she’s lowering him to the ground and cradling him in her lap, relieved tears burning her eyes. “I’d yank you back long enough to punish you for leaving me.”

“That sounds really dirty,” he mumbles.

“Shut up, you,” she chuckles, stroking his hair back from his sweaty forehead.



“Eating healthy will kill you.”