Critical Role Fic Highlights (Feb 16 - 22)

These are my favorite fics from the last week (Potential spoilers for C2E6 or earlier, including C1.  Check fic tags for specifics):

My favorite new discovery: Angel Ascending (@angel-ascending). I’ve loved every piece of theirs I’ve read (which are the three that have been published in the last week).  So here they are:

What can I say? I like comfort food.

These are my favs, but I stick to AO3 only and generally prefer one-offs.  If you’ve read a Critical role fic in the last week (from anywhere) that you’d like to rec, add it to the list (and link the author) and tag it #critficrec.

New list every Friday!

[Important: If you see anything here misattributed, please let me know so I can correct it.  If you don’t want your fic rec’d, please also let me know.]

Where The Inevitable Isn’t

by Survivah (AO3)

Pairing: Derek Hale x Stiles Stilinski


Word count: 41k

Rating: Mature

Summary: Stiles has a magical thingamajig that’s supposed to get him out of danger. Trouble is, it took him really, really far out of danger. Like, to the point where he isn’t in the same universe anymore.

“A part of Stiles had been thinking that he’d come home, and just go, ‘hey, Derek, are we mates and you just haven’t said anything about it?’ and Derek would reply, ‘now you mention it, we are indeed! Now come to my bedchamber, where we will have super hot sex and then cuddle after!’”

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Salvation lives again!

All 60 chapters.

When I say that I save everything I write, I’m not even playing around. 

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Salvation on AO3 (again)
I Can't Explain - shessocold - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Remus knows that Sirius is good-looking, obviously – the same way he knows that Peter is short and that James wears glasses. It’s just the way things are. Peter barely comes up to his chin, James is blind as a bat, and girls tend to get rather giggly and silly when Sirius walks into a room: it’s just a fact of life, and for the first couple of years Remus doesn’t really think about it often, or at all.

And then, abruptly, puberty comes and does a number on him.

Thank You, Daddy by SnAnYu 

Summary: Jimin only wanted to have someone to talk to after his stressful days at work, but he may have found something even better. 

Pairing: Yoongi/Jimin 

Rating: Mature 

Status: Complete; 65,302 words 

Review: from Admin Maki - “If you follow me on twitter (@_makisaeki, *cough* shameless plugging *cough*), you might seen a tweet where I said I literally held my breath because the tension build-up in this story is strong and so very satisfying. I legit cried happy tears reading this work and is a very perfect AU after reading Ophelia (I’m not sure whether to rec that fic because its so dark I thought a lot about stuff I shouldn’t even think about, but feel free to check it out as well). It’s very rare to see Jimin as the Daddy for Yoonmin sugar daddy aus too and I think its very-well executed without being out of character.”

[AO3] eventually (i fall into you)

Title: eventually (i fall into you)
Author: jjokkomi
Pairing: Kai/Kyungsoo
Status: Ongoing
Length: Chaptered
Rating: R
Genre: Wolf!au, Alpha/Beta/Omega Dynamics, Angst with a Happy Ending, Age Swap, Romance, Family Drama

Warnings:  Mentioned Mpreg

Summary: Marrying your one night stand due to a huge lapse in judgment is just how Kyungsoo’s week is going.
Lost and Found - yuma (yuma_writes) - The Brave (TV 2017) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Relationships: Amir Al-Raisani & Ezekiel “Preach” Carter, Amir Al-Raisani & Joseph J. “McG” McGuire, Amir Al-Raisani & Adam Dalton
Characters: Amir Al-Raisani, Adam Dalton, Jasmine “Jaz” Khan, Joseph J. “McG” McGuire, Ezekiel “Preach” Carter, Hannah Rivera, Noah Morgenthau, Patricia Campbell
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Alternate Universe - Werewolf, Hurt/Comfort, Implied/Referenced Child Abuse, Wolf Pack, Team Feels, Protectiveness, Whump, Undercover, Trust Issues
Summary: He was found; whether he wanted to be or not.

This is a related follow-up to this: [ Hide and Seek ]

I blame Levi and mmorgan for this one. LOL

Our little Secret

author: pandora_min

rating: E

status: WIP [5/?]

length: 12,247


Suddenly, a subtle and gentle finger brushes Taehyung’s, he freezes for a moment.


He feels….. all thoughts from the future, past and present being wiped from his memory, the only thing his mind is filled with is the smooth texture of a finger ever so slowly caressing his hand. Taehyung knows who’s finger that is, he can tell from all the times they ___

Alternative: To everyone else Taehyung and Yoongi are just friends but when the lights go off and the room becomes quiet they become much more. More intimate, MORE VOCAL and oozing with unimaginable passion.

Okay guys, I just received this wonderful comment on ao3 to Nuclear Winter and I’m sqeeing like a squirrel. (On chapter 8, the last one, if you are nosy)

“Can I just say, I loved the [REDACTED] reference with [REDACTED] and [REDACTED]!!! Found this fic inspired by romancing the danse on my most recent playthrough, and you did not disappoint. Looking forward to the updated versions :)”

Someone got my reference!! (That I redacted not to spoil those who hadn’t read it yet.) 

And I can’t express what I feel I just sit here, smiling like an idiot and thinking of ways to capture this positive energy, so I can use it later when I have time to work on my writing.

Gosh, thanks Scythling! ^^

 Hello! I was tagged by sweet and talented @chuulain and @kittyboo8015 Thanks for thinking in me 😘😘😘

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Edit, Levi Ackerman Smith chap 102
I’m doing an edit, it was suppose to be done this week but when I was doing it I had the brightness low and the colors weren’t cool   once I remembered, so I need to do it all over but right now I’m very busy with real life and I’m planning to work on it this weekend

My first boyfriend
EruRi fic, modern AU, college, sweet, young and inexperienced Erwin will have his first relationship without looking for.

Do you love me
EruRi fic, modern AU, female Levi, happily married, everything is perfect? Will everything will be alright?Are they in love with each other no matter what? The no matter what sucks.

Fic about Erwin and marie
I’m not fan of her but I got this incredibly story, modern AU, how they meet and Lovey-dovey… Don’t hate me 😟😟

I’m tagging and only if you wan to…  @tsukareta-levi @anastasiabeksinski @shtarka @danchoudaddy @a-anone @rsn258 @acrknowyou @k0zuha @blue-sonnet @shippingeruri 

Date: So do you have any hobbies?

Me: I like reading.

Date: Oh, what do you usually read?

Me: *sweats profusely thinking about all the fanfiction I read*



Me: The menu