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Me, an idiot: hey now that I have some free time I should give loki: agent of asgard another go! why did I never finish it anyways?

Issue #10 of agent of asgard: 

Me, regretting everything in my life: ah so that’s why


“Hey thanks for meeting me at this sketchy place with horrible lighting”

“No problem! I needed to get away from the kittens”

“Oh that’s right! Your mom adopted those little guys”

“Yea, she sure has a thing for cats”

Ruebin keeps nervously fidgeting, wanting to ask the question swirling around his mind but the time wasn’t right yet. Him and Aimee continue the small talk until there isn’t anything to talk about anymore. A silence fills the table as Ruebin works up the confidence to ask the question he so desperately wanted to ask.

“Do you remember the what happened at the Halloween Party?” He nervously said fidgeting even more than before, practically shaking the whole table. Aimee sensed he was uncomfortable I mean how should she not. He was a nervous wreck and sadly she knew exactly why. 

“Yea I remember the majority of the night, but some of it is sorta fuzzy I guess.” She says thinking about the parts just can’t make out. A particular scene comes to mind, one where the boy sitting right next to her admitted his ‘feelings’. This scene just seems to always be playing on repeat through her head. She has categorized in her head as a dream though there is something about it that feels so real.

honestly lemme really introspective for a lil bit? i feel like ive much as a person these past two years or so? especially this past year. i left my home country all on my own, left my family, moved to a country i didnt know anyone in. i went through so much in terms of experiences, have been really fucking wronged by people which in turn let me mature and learn from those experiences, but ive never let anyone jerk me the fuck around. its been such a stressful year and ive dealt with it better than i thought i would. ive learned sm and im hsntly so proud of myself?


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