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Help protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge! It is home to polar bears, caribou, wolves, Arctic foxes and millions of migratory birds. 

Tell your representative to support an amendment that will designate this spectacular wild place as a federal Wilderness Area – and protect it from reckless oil and gas drilling and other threats.

Representatives will be voting soon. Act now! 

(Photo of caribou by Subhankar Banerjee.) 

Obama administration eyes untapped oil fields in Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico

The Obama administration has released plans for expanding America’s energy independence through offshore exploration, but the proposal faces an uphill battle, including from some who say “we need offshore drilling like we need another hurricane.”

five-year proposal announced in Washington, DC this week may help pave the way for the United States to soon drill for gas and oil in portions of the Atlantic Ocean for the first time ever, and open new sections of the Gulf of Mexico for exploration. Near Alaska, new bans would roll back drilling as it exists today.



The White House just announced a plan to protect Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge!