**Spoilers for America's Next Top Model!**

Tonight on the show, Tyra asked Mikey (the white boy with the long, blonde hair) if he was ‘down with the brown’, and he was like ‘of course’, and then she went further asking if he was with Mame (the girl with Justin, the Korean boy), and Devin interrupted saying how Mame was with Justin not Mikey.

Oh, and when either of them makes it through, the camera goes to the other one’s face, and they’re smiling. They are the cutest couple! 😍


KPMBW: xD !! I watched it and it was really funny the way Devin ratted them out in front of everyone! I kept playing it over. They’re so cute together! <3


7. Stefano’s New Hair

A lot has been made of how Tyra Banks gave Ashley a haircut similar to her own, but for my money, it’s Stefano who really got Tyra’s ‘do. These two could be sisters!

It’s not a bad look either… if Stefano were a 40-something mom running for PTA president. Stefano’s only 23, yet this look screams mid-life crisis.

My theory is that they’re just taking the piss out of Stefano with this makeover. They found this cocky, argumentative guy in casting and thought, “I bet we could knock him down a peg!”  

Trust me, they had already decided they were sending this guy home before sewing blond “extensions” to his hair to form bangs. What’s the harm in fucking up his hair if they’re not going to be taking any more pictures of him anyway?

The editors seem pretty pleased with Stefano’s imminent departure. First they show his improbable pledge that he’ll never be in the bottom two again the entire competition, then they show him tearfully telling his mom that he’s already got this competition in the bag.

Haha, for a guy whose hair extensions swoop to the right, he’s totally wrong. It’s kind of fun to see him fail, but as far as assholes go, this show has seen way worse than Stefano. That said, he shouldn’t be mean to Alexa’s breast implants. He shouldn’t tell people he doesn’t break eye contact first since it’s a sign of weakness. He shouldn’t declare himself “the best model” on the show. He shouldn’t “cut” Mame in line to do a confessional (even though she totally did leave the line and how was he to know?) and tell her to flip her hair…

… because you best believe she’ll whip her hair harder than Willow Smith. Besides, in multiple scenes you can catch Stefano having to flip his new hair out of his eyes.

If I were him, I would just let that hair cover his face as much as possible. At least that way there’d be plausible deniability as to who it is under there.  

Before Stefano leaves, Miss J takes the opportunity to speculate that he is a loner with no friends. Stefano prefers to think of himself as “independent” rather than the school shooter type, but the takeaway is that no one is going to miss him. Stefano breaks eye contact with Tyra, declares himself an alpha male, and walks off set… presumably to the nearest barber shop.

7 Funniest Moments of ANTM Cycle 22 Ep. 4

And Your Top Model of the Week is...

This week was, by far, the most exciting/tense week to watch for the polls. Every vote played a pivotal role in determining the winner, as Ava only managed to beat out her nearest competitor in the poll this week by 1 vote! (And the next few weren’t too far behind.) Though I’ve already stated that Ava wasn’t the contestant I gave my vote to, I completely agree with your choice to make her the Top Model of the Week. This was the week Ava stepped out from the background and made herself known as a competitor.

For those of you that didn’t already know, Ava is one of the shorter competitors in the cycle. In fact, she wouldn’t have even been able to compete if it hadn’t have been for Tyra choosing to remove the height requirement, due to Ava only being 5′5″.

She didn’t let her height stop her during the photoshoot, though. She worked her way around that set and connected with her partner in the shoot, leaving Yu Tsai with plenty of positive things to say about her (which is very rare coming from Yu Tsai).

Then came time for makeovers. The contestants seemed very excited to see what their makeovers would be (save for Hadassah), but that all changed very quickly once the makeovers were announced. Devin immediately grew sour when he learned his hair would be chopped off, Stefano didn’t seem to excited to get blonde extensions (I don’t blame him), and upon discovering that her makeover would be a “model mullet” Ava reacted with a very similar confusion to most of the viewers –

And I’m afraid to say that the result turned out to be equally as confusing as the concept of the makeover. This may go down in history as one of the most infamous makeovers on ANTM (right up there with Molly’s weave, and Denzel’s beard) –

Poor Ava. That hair is going to take forever to grow back.

Even this blatant sabotage couldn’t bring Ava down, though. She showed up to panel with a positive attitude and her head held high, embracing this new look as if it were the hottest thing ever. Her willingness to adapt, her confidence, and her strong photo went on to earn her first call-out during panel.

Overall, this was a great week for Ava, and one that will surely make her a contestant that no one will forget.