In 1986 Grandma was worried I wasn’t settling down. So I told her I was having a relationship—with a woman. “I am settling down, in my own way.” And the sunlight settled on the dust on the mantlepiece and the cat settled in Grandma’s lap and Grandma said there were two nurses boarding in her mother’s house in Yorkshire in 1916. And Grandma said she was in love with one of them.
70 years later, she still remembered waiting at the bottom of the boarding-house stairs to blush and smile hello at the funny, dark-eyed nurse she loved.
Love between women? Unforgettable.
—  Eleni Prineas, in Finding the Lesbians: Personal Accounts from Around the World

“Zira and the Little Fire” is my newest short story featured in the upcoming Monster anthology “Wayward Sisters.”

If you’ve backed the Wayward Sisters Kickstarter THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You’ll get this comic in full colour as well as a whole bunch of wonderful short stories by amazing creators.

Thanks for your support! This project was a fun and challenging way to flex my writing muscles. I hope you enjoy it :)

If you missed out on the kickstarter, book pre-orders are now available at the link below: 

So I never got around to posting the finished piece I did for the Not Without You Stucky anthology. MY BAD!

It was truly a privilege to work alongside such an amazing group of artists and writers. And thanks, especially, to our fearless leader/editor/all-around-superstar, Bohemienne for making it all happen.


It’s almost October, which means it’s time for my favorite boys to get spooky! :D :D :D Prompto’s up first. Will get around to the other boys soon!


mordeō /ˈː/, [ˈmɔː]

to bite, bite into 
to eat, devour, consume 
to bite into, take hold of, catch fast 
to cut into, wash away 
to nip, bite, sting [figuratively] 
to bite, sting, pain, hurt


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Front and back covers that I illustrated for @capri-anthology!

Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of this great project! I had a lot of fun with this, and got to read some incredible fics. You can still get the pdf copy of this anthology here until July 25th! 

These are up as prints etc on my Redbubble.

Pictures of my haul under the cut!

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