I personally don’t really care a lot about the new trilogy. I would much rather they stick within the already established timeline and expand on that.

Give me a book or movie about Padme between TPM and ATOTC - her terms a Queen, her entry into the Galactic Senate, the Military Creation Act, her family…

Give me a movie about Darth Vader between ROTS and ANH - his relationship with the Emperor after his wife’s death, his role in the Empire, how he adjusted to his new limbs…

Give me a movie about Anakin being trained as a Jedi - His relationship with other Jedi, how Obi-Wan taught, all the missions they went on, when the dreams of his mother started…

Give Ewan the Obi-Wan Kenobi Movie! - Need I say more?

I know some of these already have comics and stuff but I can’t possibly be the only one who wants more.

And I’m not saying the new trilogy is bad. I just think focusing on characters that already exist and characters that tie more into the story the six movies together tell, which is basically the rise and fall of the Chosen One, is just more interesting. Not to mention the connection the audience already has with those characters means the film needs to dedicate less time into introducing the character.

Agree? Disagree?

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: wHY the fuck won't they make an obi wan kenobi spin off movie starring EWAN MCGREGOR who was the fucking star of the prequels, the man who really fucking wants to be in another star wars film, a man who is a GREAT actor and a person and is so passionate about acting and loves star wars and just please give a man a chance and it'd be perfect he's in his prime, his age is perfect for the role of obi wan between ep iii and ep iv and NOBODY could play the role of obi wan better than him and HE DESERVES IT and the fans deserve to have this movie !!

Ahh, yeshhh… I finally have a finished version to show, of my cover art for the @notwithoutyoufanbook! So much thanks to @starandshield for her patience as I nitpicked this to hell and back - now I can’t wait to see this in print! I’m still in shock that I got the opportunity to contribute such a vital piece to this project, which involves so many amazing creators in the mighty Stucky fandom. I say mighty because JUST LOOK at how successful the Kickstarter was! :0

I’m also involved inside the book! You can see previews of my interior spread as well as a fic illustration HERE! 

(My Art /// My Marvel Art) *Please don’t repost(?) or use my art elsewhere without my permission, and don’t delete my captions, thanks!


Happy to finally share my @dirtydiamondscomic #7 autobio comic about imagination & online roleplaying! 

I actually had sort of a tearful reunion with my old RP partners thanks to this comic. Sadly it only revived our RP for about a month…but I’m glad I could at least tell them how much they mean to me.

artwork by @kurozawa46


We cannot thank you all enough–all 1905 of you!–for pledging to our Kickstarter and making the Stucky anthology a reality. YOU ARE PHENOMENAL. THANK YOU!

We’re headed to the printers within the next few weeks, and we’ll share some screenshots from the book layout at that time. We’ll get hard proofs of the book a few weeks after that, and once corrections are made, we’ll have an official delivery date for the finished product. While we wait on the books to be printed, we’ll be ordering all the awesome backer and stretch goal rewards that you guys made happen, and we’ll get ready to assemble all of the packages to ship your books and goodies out to you!

Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts–thank you. For supporting us, and for showing the world the awesome power of Stucky. To the end of the line, friends. <3

Here is a sneak peek at my final piece for the @notwithoutyoufanbook anthology!

This piece will accompany a story written by @howler32557038

The entire project was fully funded and then some on kickststarter and I am beyond excited to get my copy so that I can see all the other amazing contributions to it!



We’re super thrilled to announce Siblings: An Illustrated Anthology”, an upcoming 84-page zine celebrating siblings in fiction! Curated by Andy & Angela and featuring the work of over 55 incredible guest artists, this book will feature characters spanning across all media and genres - from mythology to manga and everything in-between.

Preview art by:
Hilda Ylhäinen || Enduro
Janet Sung || Sonia Liao
Kiernan Sjursen-Lien || Yeehun

Follow the official blog for more previews and upcoming pre-order information!



UNDERCITIES is magic in the subway station. It’s monsters on top of skyscrapers. It’s adventure right at your front door. It’s an urban fantasy anthology that features short story fiction from eleven talented LGBTQ+ authors and authors of color.

More than anything, UNDERCITIES looks for stories that weave the magic of urban fantasy together with positive interpretations of race and queer sexuality. Fantasy is not homogenous; it is as diverse and imaginative and real as the LGBTQ+ authors and authors of color who create it. It is a place where anything can happen—and why not make it a space where everyone and anyone can overcome obstacles, win battles, and experience happenings beyond their wildest dreams?

Literature has always been a place where reality meets the fantastical. UNDERCITIES intends to reflect that. The stories presented in UNDERCITIES are reflections of our world as they could and should be; they combine the impossible daring of magic with the experiences of the people with whom we share the world and put the voices of LGBTQ+ creators and creators of color at the forefront of these narratives. Each short story presented in UNDERCITIES presents a different point of view and a different experience—and each of these stories is as diverse and incredible as the authors who created them.