1001 Knights is a massive 3-volume anthology project focusing on creating people-positive characters with feminist overtones. Over the course of 3 volumes, 250+ artists explore themes about what it means to be a knight and what makes for a strong character through illustration, comics, poetry, and prose. The artists involved have worked long and hard to create meaningful art that will uplift and inspire readers. 1,001 knights will be represented between all 3 volumes, including fictional characters and the contributing artists. In order to make this the coolest and most epic anthology we can dream of, we need your help! All money raised will go towards making the book and compensating the participating artists. 1001 Knights is created & curated by Annie Stoll & Kevin Jay Stanton.


Rise a knight & help us spread the word so we can make this anthology a reality!

North American Myths and Legends:
A collection focusing on stories old, new, and re-imagined

Greetings all!

Dandelion Wine Collective is excited to announce the open call for our anthology “North American Myths and Legends”, a collection exploring distinct perspectives surrounding the culture and mythos of what is now known as North America. This is a multimedia art, writing, and comics anthology that we will be kickstarting in July 2017 to print in full color!

What are we looking for?

Unique interpretations of the idea of a “North American myth.” We know about Paul Bunyan, the Alamo, urban legends, the cryptids and lore surrounding various areas of the continent, but what is something that you’ve experienced or learned that brought meaning to the place you’ve grown up in and know as home? There is an ever-changing relationship between the present and the past, tales that are brought in and evolved throughout generations of immigrant and native people.

Get creative, and think about the story you can bring to the table! Even if you are making a work of speculative fiction, try to source it back into your own experiences and find out how your unique viewpoint will set it apart. Take something new and study it, something old and revamp it, or bring us a story that has yet to exist, because only you can tell it!

We are looking for all sorts of personal narratives, fictional and nonfictional, that expand on the idea of what it means to be “American,” what makes a “myth”, and what makes a “legend.” This is a LGBT+ friendly (and encouraged!) book, and we at DWC seek to especially give a voice to and elevate stories from people of color.

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We’re super thrilled to announce Siblings: An Illustrated Anthology”, an upcoming 84-page zine celebrating siblings in fiction! Curated by Andy & Angela and featuring the work of over 55 incredible guest artists, this book will feature characters spanning across all media and genres - from mythology to manga and everything in-between.

Preview art by:
Hilda Ylhäinen || Enduro
Janet Sung || Sonia Liao
Kiernan Sjursen-Lien || Yeehun

Follow the official blog for more previews and upcoming pre-order information!



Check out our most recent Kickstarter update - the past 36 hours have been amazing! Enjoy the sneak peeks above and continue helping us spread the word! Thanks! 


☆ One Kingdom ☆

Well now that some zines have already arrived and others are on their merry way, I am finally allowed to post my piece for it! I simply adored this book series so I was ecstatic to be part of this project. (I also did a tiny laurent sticker, so if you got the special bundle look for the one with the roses!). If you are curious about my past CaPri work you can also check my tag

Thank you ever so much @captiveprincezine Charity Zine mods for putting this together, I can’t wait to have my copy on my hands! And thank you everyone who got a copy<3 ( I can’t wait to see C.S. Pacat’s reaction to all the amazing art in this book once she gets it…!!! omg)


Fiction Week: Speculative Fiction Anthologies

Anthologies and the Writer's Rights

Anonymous said: Hi! Your blog has been so helpful to me so, let me start by saying thank you for everything that you do! Secondly, I have a question about online writing anthologies paying writers for their submissions. What is the writer’s rights in terms of how they are paid? Are they just paid once for having a submission accepted, or do they also profit from each sale of the anthology?

Usually, a writer is paid for their story up front. You can check individual advertisements for submissions to anthologies for details on how payment for that anthology works. Here are a few lists of upcoming anthologies that are currently asking for submissions:

I also recommend that you check out these articles on how anthologies are created.

Be sure to read over the guidelines for submission carefully and follow them to the last detail. And edit your work before submission. Even if you are an amatuer writer, you should present yourself as professionally as possible in your submission. (That means no exclamation marks or internet slang.) The publishing industry is rough, and even being considered for publication is a difficult process. Treat publication with the respect it deserves.

That being said, don’t ever let a publisher take advantage of you. When you contribute to an anthology, you should get a contract covering payment details as well as the rights requested of you as a contributor. If you don’t receive a contract, ask for one. If you still don’t get it, I would suggest that you back out of the project. Protect yourself and your writing. Don’t hand over your creative work to a publisher without a contract.

Learn more about writers’ rights:

Contributing to anthologies can be confusing, so arm yourself with as much information about the anthology submission guidelines and your rights as a writer as possible before agreeing to be part of the project.

If you have experience with writing for anthologies that you would like to share, I’m sure we’d all love to benefit from your advice! You can comment on this post by reblogging or else send us a message with your tips.

Thank you very much for your message, anon! I hope this helps!


Home Girls: A Black Feminist Anthology - Barbara Smith

The pioneering anthology Home Girls features writings by Black feminist and lesbian activists on topics both provocative and profound. Since its initial publication in 1983, it has become an essential text on Black women’s lives and writings. This edition features an updated list of contributor biographies and an all-new preface that provides a fresh assessment of how Black women’s lives have changed-or not-since the book was first published.

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We are so very honored to announce the introduction writers for 1001 Knights!

Samantha Swords, a real life lady knight for Courage
Steven Sugar and Rebecca Sugar, a super talented pair of siblings for Fellowship
Richie Pope, an incredible illustrator and activist for Wisdom

Read about it on our kickstarter post:

1001 Knights Kickstarter is ending Feb 26 at 10:51 AM EST!


Fiction Week!

So Long Been Dreaming: Postcolonial Science Fiction and Fantasy

ed. Nalo Hopkinson and Uppinder Mehan


Read a review here


Years ago I ran a comic called Whispered Apologies that worked like this: authors would submit art with empty voice bubbles in them, and writers would fill in the words.  When people ask why it ended, I say that it was a lot of fun and I’d like to revisit it sometime!

Enter Ryan Estrada!

Ryan Estrada (who I will refer henceforth as Other Ryan) took the concept (with permission, not that he needed it!) and BLEW IT UP and the result is The Whole Story.  South Korean artist Nam Dong Yoon had produced a bunch of awesome, visually-striking comics, and wanted something more interesting done with them than just a straight translation into English.  Other Ryan invited a bunch of us choose one of the comics to write our OWN stories with, working with the visuals already there!  

It’s awesome.  This book is available right now at a pay-your-own-price price PLUS there’s a free preview PLUS LOOK WHO WROTE COMICS IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER:

  • BOX “Everything Dies” BROWN
  • MEREDITH “Octopus Pie” GRAN
  • DON “Rejected” HERTZFELDT
  • DOUG “Earthworm Jim” TENNAPEL
  • JEFFREY “Clumsy” BROWN
  • ERIKA “Dar” MOEN
  • KC “Gunshow” GREEN
  • DAVID “A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible” HELLMAN
  • ZACH “Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal” WEINER
  • KATIE “Gronk” COOK
  • ANDREW “MS Paint Adventures” HUSSIE
  • AUDRA “Nemu Nemu” FURUICHI
  • MICHAEL “Dominic Deegan” TERRACIANO
  • NICHOLAS “The Perry Bible Fellowship” GUREWITCH
  • DAVID “Wondermark” MALKI
  • SHAENON “Narbonic” GARRITY
  • C. SPIKE “Templar, Arizona” TROTMAN
  • ANTHONY “Nedroid” CLARK
  • DOROTHY “Cat and Girl” GAMBRELL
  • JESSICA “Tiny Monster” MCLEOD
  • JOSH “The Comics Curmudgeon” FRUHLINGER
  • GORDON “Multiplex” MCALPIN 
  • also me

I think you should check this collection out!  There’s lots of perks you get the more you decide to pay, too, including whole new comics collections!  The image at the top of the page is from my comic about EVIL TALKING MONEY that scares a little girl.  Perhaps you are… intrigued??


Grab a copy of 1001 Knights HERE ( ) before it’s gone! Help us get the word out about these amazing artists!!!


★彡 ame |  A Sparrow | Aatmaja Pandya | Aimee Young | Alec McGovern
Alex Boake | Alex Chautin | Alex Chiu | Alex Eckman-Lawn | Alexis Green
Alice Meichi Li | Allison Strejlau | aluminumbunny | Alyssa Maynard
Amanda Boucher | Amanda Schank | Ameorry Luo | Andrew Kolb
Andy Bennett | Andy Lee | angela an | Angela Tong | Anissa Espinosa
Annie Stoll | Anoosha Syed | Arielle Soutar | Ashley Mackenzie
Athina K. Poda | aXL99 | Barbara Geoghegan | Barbara Perez Marquez
Becca Hillburn | Beena Mistry | Beth Sparks | Billy Baumann
C.S. Hunsher | Caitlyn Kurilich | Cameron Nicholson | Candace Ellis
Carey Pietsch | Caris Cruz | Caroline Dougherty | Carrie Eli
Catherine M. Miller | Charles Tan | Charlotte Gomez | Chris Kindred
Christina Chung | Christina Major | Christopher Hanson | Chu
Claire Almon | Claire Kearns | Claire Nemes | Clare DeZutti | Claudie Scott
Cole Ott | Colin Lawler | Crystal Kan | Dane Cozens | Daniel Shaffer
Darryl Ayo | Dashiell Silva | David “scrotumnose” Alegre | Delia Evin
Devin McKernan | Eleonor Piteira | Emily Cheeseman | Emily Paik
enduro | Eri Kawakami | Ethan Aldridge | F Choo | Fahmida Azim
Fleur Sciortino | George Bletsis | Glenn Harvey | Grace Fong
Greg Wright | Hannah Christenson | Hazel Newlevant | Heidi Black
Hkezza | ian densford | Ian Wilding | Isabelle Melançon | J. Piechowiak
Jabari Weathers | Jacob Sanders | Jacques Lee | Jaimonster | Jake Myler
Janet Sung | JD Benefield | Jen Bartel | Jen Overstreet | Jenn Liv
Jenn Woodall | Jennifer Smith | Jenny McKeon | Jensine Eckwall
Jess Hurley | Jessica Roux | Jez Tuya | Jimm Pegan | Joe Dragunas
Joe Grabowski | John Soleas | Jon Westwood | Jonathan Ying
Jordan Witt | Josh McKenzie | Josh Tierney | Julia Lavigne | Julia Scott
June Vigants | Justin Woo | Kalegiro | Kallie LeFave | Kat Stockton
Kata Kane | Katie Longua | Katie Sawatsky | Kaysha Siemens
Kekai Kotaki | Kelley McMorris | Kelly Leigh Miller | Kelly Smith
Kevin Jay Stanton | Kevin Panetta | Kevin Mutch | Kiki Jenkins
KJ Martinet | Kori Michele Handwerker | Kyle Letendre | Lane Garrison
Lanny Liu | laughingbear | Lauren Degraaf | Leisl Adams | Leonard Peng
Leslie Craig | Levon Jihanian | Lilith Winter | Lindsay Cannizzaro
Little Paper Forest | Liz Pulido | Lizzie Parberry | Loish | Lynda Ferguson
Lynnette Franklin | Maggie Lynn Negrete | Magnus Atom | Marek Jarocki
Marguerite Dabaie | Mariana Alves | Mark Ledgerwood | Martin Kirby
Mary Verhoeven | Masae Seki | Matt Rockefeller | Matthew DeMino
Matthew K. Hoddy | Max Humphries | Meg Hunt | Megan Brennan
Megan L. Heaton | Melanie Modesti | Melissa Duffy | Melody Often
Meredith Miotke  | Meridel Newton | Michael Hoeweler
Michael Manomivibul | Michelle Hiraishi | Mike Schultz | Mikey A. Grant
Minki Kim | Miranda Meeks | Molly Mendoza | Molly Ostertag
Mychal Amann | Narciso Espiritu | Nate Bear | Nic ter Horst
Nicole Xu | Nika | Nimasprout | Odera Igbokwe | Olivia Huynh
Pam Wishbow | Patricia Thomasson | Paul Reinwand
Paulina Ganucheau | Philippe Poirier | pinkimoon | PMurphy
Polyna Kim | Primary Hughes | R-GIE | Rachel Kahn | Rachel L. Cohen
Rafael Mayani | Ramille Baguio | Reimena Yee | Rel | Rem
Rhiannon Rasmussen-Silverstein | Rhonda Laster | Ricardo Bessa
Ricardo Lopez Ortiz | Rory Phillips | Royal Dunlap | Ru Xu
Ryan Gindlesperger | Ryan North | S.M. Vidaurri | Sage Howard
Sally Jane Thompson | Sara DuVall | Sara Talmadge | Sarah O'Donnell
Sarah Simes | Sarah Winifred Searle | Sasha K. | Sayada Ramdial
Scott Wegener | Shanen Pae | Shannon Wright | Sheila Machicado
Sofia Nehlawi | Sprias | Stephanie Bailey | Stephanie Kao
Steven Sugar | Stu Linfield | Tait Howard | Tanya Burr | Tatiana Soutar
Terrana Cliff | The Gorgonist | The Third RLM | Thomke Meyer
Tim Ferrara | Trudi Castle | Trungles | Tyto-Alba | Vanessa Satone
Vaughn Pinpin | venus jaw | Victoria Ying | Vlad Gusev | Xavier Garcia
Young Kim | Yunshu Chen | Zachary Clemente | Zoey Hogan
Zofia Zabrzeska

Enough Space For Everyone Else: An Anthology
An anthology of sci-fi comics/illustration/text showcasing diverse creators, characters, and tones—with no war/imperialism narratives!

The Enough Space Kickstarter is live and kicking!

While the sci-fi and space fiction genres, in theory, are about the infinite possibilities promised by outer space and the future, they have become dominated by the same imperialist tropes and narratives, about the same types of characters. Enough Space for Everyone Else aims to reclaim these genres and the notion of infinite possibility… both in what kinds of stories and whose stories can be told in these genres.

Enough Space for Everyone Else includes:

  • Cover Art by Eryn Williams
  • Art by Kodi Steffen, Claudia Rinofner, Zoe Maxine, and Elemei
  • New Comics by Megan Kearney, Alice Gao, Z Akhmetova, Kristen Gudsnuk/Benito Cereno, Niki Smith/Kori Handwerker, Anna Landin, Constanza Yovaniniz, Debbie Fong, Caitlin Major, Megan Gedris, Mari Costa, Patabot, Sigmund Reimann, Jon Vanneste, Jeff Laclede, Eryn Williams, Simon Lindenthaler, Diana Nock, Courtney Hahn, Tod Wills, VER, and Sarah Winifred Searle
  • Text Stories by TS Porter, S. Pace Smith, and Samantha Rich

If you haven’t pledged yet, now’s your chance!

In case you missed it, we have EXTENDED THE DEADLINE FOR THE ISSUE #6 OPEN CALL! Proposals are due by Feb. 15th.

This time around, we are asking for proposals of what your beauty-themed comic will be about. Then, we’ll be working with each of the accepted artists to perfect these beauties - pardon the pun ;) - and put an amazing collection of comics together.

Read all of the submission guidelines, get on over to our brand new submission form, and be a part of the next installment of Dirty Diamonds!

Help us spread the word by reblogging this post so we can get as many amazing ladies as we can involved with this issue!