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I mean solo Harry will probably bury dad Liam, but at the same time let Louis have a moment for himself please

but like….if this is really liam’s kid, or even just from the world’s perspective that it is his kid, burying it with his super anticipated solo news isn’t a good or nice thing for harry to do either? and no, i don’t think this is harry wanting to fuck over his bandmates AT ALL, just like i don’t think it was liam’s decision to drop this news tonight, but i just don’t get any of this and why this stuff is happening. i don’t understand why there still seems to be this push to divide the fandom. like what the fuck is the deal behind the scenes that this is still happening? it’s so absurd. it’s one thing when the boys are coordinating appearances to avoid overlapping, and it’s another when they seem to coordinate stuff INTENDING for it to overlap. like when another man magazine and niall’s song dropped on the same day. i get that the fandom is super engaged on days like this, but it also pisses people off and it forces people to choose what they want to focus on, which splits up the fandom and causes nastiness between the different groups of fans. and it’s so so so so frustrating because it shouldn’t be this way and i don’t understand why they still make it this way. i’m exhausted.

Request - Lana Del Rey by Alasdair MacLellan for AnOther Man magazine, 2015, colourisation