like a predictable & corny as fuck twist in a book you’d read on a beach, right at the moment of me bailing on my brewery job, i was unceremoniously half-assedly asked–by which i mean very casually mentioned by new manager guy this morning in passing (see previous new manager guy post if you’re curious)– if i’d be interested in a supervisor position with benefits

[cue natalie imbrubligahs torn]


i don’t feel like making anymore sims rn so have the same faces over and over again ;-;

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Meeting Lavender


Luca was on his way home from School, he had to walk home because his parents were at a show. It was a long, frustrating walk, Alex had taken a car home with his big gang-member friends, so that was out of the question. Truth be told, Luca felt kind of alone. He walked by several yards with kids, all of them had friends and he… he was just some weirdo.

He was just the pale kid who cried a lot. It made him sad… Luca wanted to cry, actually, but truth be told he didn’t think he could, he knew he was lonely, but-

Then suddenly someone had literally run into him, Luca was knocked on his back and gave a resounding yelp as he struck the ground, hard. The person who’d run into him appeared to just have stumbled backward…

Luca recovered, wincing.

“I-I’m sorry.. I-I.. w-wasn’t looking where I was g-going…” he said, rubbing his scraped skin as he struggled back to his feet, as if an old man.

“A-are you ok?” he asked.

美少女戦士セーラームーン ANOTHER STORY (SFC)  


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