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Percabeth au where Annabeth is a siren/mermaid (you can choose what Percy is, maybe a sailer or something idk)

  • Annabeth is a mermaid, the kind that sings to sailors and drags them to their deaths
  • Percy is a teenage boy living in a seaside village, with an obsession over the ocean
  • he always paddles around in the little boat he made himself, helping sea animals and drawing pictures of them in his journal
  • from a young age he’s always heard myths about the mermaids, and it has always been a dream of his to catch a glimpse of one
  • he has been known to wander far from the village in his boat, but one day he wanders farther than ever
  • he is about to turn back when he hears a hauntingly beautiful song
  • Annabeth sings louder, luring him closer
  • she is about to lunge for him when he turns around, and she recognizes his face
  • he is the boy who had cut the baby whale out of the net all those years ago– her younger self had shyly watched from behind a rock as he had hacked at the net with his knife and pulled the whale free
  • her voice falters, and Percy snaps out of his daze
  • instead of swimming away with a scream like she expects him to, he just stares at her
  • “You’re a mermaid?” he asks, wide eyed
  • She scoffs, slapping her tail against the rock “Yes, I think that’s pretty obvious”
  • He blushes and, to her surprise, shyly reaches for a small leather book “Can I… umm… draw a picture of you?”
  • However annoyed she is, he continues looking at her with the most amazed expression, and Annabeth decides she simply just can’t hurt the boy in front of her

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I ship Maki and Santa Clause

Santa-san honestly isnt the best pokemon tho, so, realistically, i dont believe Maki would go for Santa-san. However, if you take her undying belief in Santa-san as romantic, I’m slightly unsettled but i’ll give you that. After all, she probably is the only one left in µ’s who believes in Santa-san so i guess there could be some connection.
But, when you think of it that way, does she really believe in Santa-san as a person? or does she just believe because of the present proof? We all know she cleans her chimney specifically for Santa-san, however, is this because she cherishes Santa-san as a person? Or does she do so to ensure she gets the best gifts?
Also does she really believe Santa-san is real?
In her recent medley festival, wasn’t her outfit Santa-san related? That could be considered a cosplay. Most people i know cosplay characters they are aware aren’t real. So Maki could realize the Santa-san isnt real but is still trying to hold onto a special part of her childhood.
While i see you could argue there could be relations between Nishikino and Santa-san, i think it would be too nostalgic for Maki and there are so many flaws i don’t believe i can join you in this shipping hell anon. sorry

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I actually tried to not like Tiffany and Taeyeon, because I was bitter about what happened with Jessica and I wanted someone to blame. And tbh, some things Taeyeon does will still annoy me, but I just couldn't hate them. Especially Tiffany. She's so nice. Esp after I read an article where an ex-anti saw her outside of SM and gave her glares and made it known that she hated Tiffany, but Tiffany just smiled at her and helped her when she dropped her things. How can you hate someone like that?

STOP WAIT IM GOING TO CRY!!! SHE’S SUCH A FUCKING ANGEL TO EVERYONE OH MY GOD!!!! one time i read that she even prays for her antis LIKE COME ON!!!! she wishes well even to the people who want nothing but bad things for her…. oh my god… bye…. im tearing up…. we don’t fucking deserve tiffany and she doesn’t deserve the shit she gets…………….


request by anon: Bill/Fleur’s family

After the Battle of Hogwarts Bill and Fleur had three children: Victoire, Dominique and Louis.
Victoire, the oldest of the three, was born on the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, thus her name –‘victory’ in French. Then came their second daughter Dominique and finally, they had a son called Louis (only known male with Veela blood).