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Bless you for bringing this up! With all the emotions coming with the end of Fly Tour, I know that at least I could use some happy thoughts, and seeing more of Youngjae being loved by his members is happiness for sure!! And you are more than correct, my dear anon, about this being such a beautiful example of yet another meeting of the Youngjae Fanclub!

Really, for being only 6 minutes, Youngjae got so much love during this episode, and it’s so beautiful to see! I mean, they literally begin the game portion with Youngjae teasing Jaebum, and while Jaebum whined, complained, and lowkey threatened when Yugyeom and Bambam teased him, his response to Youngjae is… a cuddle attack and tickling??? x

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Blog recs?

ooh sure i have sO many great blogs okay,,, they’re not all phan idk but these r some of my faves !! ✨

@alltheworldsaphil @lithophany @spacedust-lester @asterdun @tearsclub @blueberryphil @spaceiero @lanebxydun @tinybeanlester @glowing-eyes-lester@alrightmilk @ironicbuttsex @porkmom @astardustdemon @dork-with-a-uke

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"You know, on Earth2 we became friends when we were kids." Supes says "oh really?" Bat asks. Supes nods. They both look at their kids as they train together. "Earth 2 was a better place for awhile." Supes says soberly. Bat nods "This isn't earth 2 but I can safely say that our kids will make this earth a better place, for a long time."

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :’))))))))))

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I was reading your answer to the person who is writing the fanfic, it got me thinking - do you think James is dominant or submissive?

I have a thousand and one fantasies of him as a submissive. And a sassy one at that. You know, one of those who tease their Dom a little just to see what kind of reaction they’ll get.

Maybe earn a well deserved spank, find himself blindfolded and restrained. Or perhaps he runs his mouth a bit too much and finds himself the recipient of a gag or, well, assorted other body parts that work just as well.

I can also see him as a good Dominant. He has such a commanding aura that would thrive in that kind of position of power. A strong, mentoring type seeking to teach his sub a few things about pleasure.

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I just wanted to give you my thanks for running this blog in the way you do. Your responses are always so positive and regardless of the character/ships you always leave nice tidbits in your tags about fanart of them. The DSP fandom is a really negative environment sometimes but people like you who dedicate themselves with a positive outlook make everything worthwhile. Thank you, I hope you have a wonderful day.

Hi!(˶′ ᴗ ′˶)
Honestly, thank you so much!! I really appreciate that you were taking your time to write me this kind words! (´;ω;`)
Even more now, since lately I often struggle with myself if I should keep running it. But lovely people like you make me stay!  (ꈍ ᴗ ꈍ)
So thanks again! I hope you’ll have a wonderful day/night as well! (*˙︶˙*)ノ   

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just slamdunk that asshole in a dumpster I swear that whole "sex = gender cause your genitals say so" is so ridiculous. it completely throws out anyone who's intersex and trans peeps who are harassed cause they don't want bottom surgery

I feel like the “even cockroaches know” argument is somewhat faulty. as was pointed out, cockroaches do not need their heads to survive. I do, in fact, need my head to survive. this is one of MANY differences between me and cockroaches. another is that my possession of a uterus does not compel me to have no motivation other than making cockroach babies.

I mean, bees are smarter than cockroaches, and they have THREE sexes

frogs are smarter than bees probably and some of them can change sexes

so…y'know. not really sure what the point was with that one.

into the dumpster with transphobes. I hear there are a lot of cockroaches there.

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Do you have any particular kinks/kinklists about Tsushi that you hardcore love? Or just any kinks with Tsukumoya in general?

I had to wait until I got home to answer this.

And Tsukumoya Shinichi is my biggest kink sldgh

Tsushi Headcanons:

  1. Shishizaki and Tsukumoya met at school. Tsukumoya wanted to call Shishizaki his friend, but thought he’d spook him. Shishizaki thought they were dating. Tsukumoya wasn’t very good at picking up hints.

  2. Shishizaki and Tsukumoya have lived together since high school. Tsukumoya’s family died when he was younger, and Shishizaki was the black sheep of his. Theoretically, they have separate rooms, but they’ve never not slept together in Shishizaki’s room. (It’s possible that Tsukumoya just doesn’t realise that they share a room together)

  3. There is nothing that gets either of them more excited than insulting Izaya. Literally nothing. They share stupid photographs of Izaya with each other, making ridiculous videos including Izaya, and have basically made Izaya a meme. They even impersonate his “I love, love, love humans!” nonsense.

  4. Shishizaki insulting Izaya also gets Tsukumoya hot for some reason.

  5. Tsukumoya is the better cook, and tries to make actual food. He usually wants to eat ramen, but because Shishizaki is there, makes an effort to feed the both of them properly (he’s the mother).

  6. Shishizaki is more physically affectionate, and is always touching Tsukumoya in any way he can. Even though he’s taller than Tsukumoya, he’ll just collapse on top of him, use his head as an arm rest, or anything else to touch him. 

  7. Tsukumoya will curl up in Shishizaki’s lap after a bad day and fall asleep there.

  8. Sex for them involves a lot of laughter, apologising, and is very focused on kissing. It’s very intimate ; ;

  9. Tsukumoya gets irrationally jealous of literally everything and acts like a sulky five year old over it. Shishizaki is oblivious most of the time (actually, Tsukumoya is as well? He has no idea why he’s acting how he’s acting, lmao), but would probably be flattered that Tsukumoya treasures their time together so much (???)

  10. Even though Tsukumoya had no idea that they were dating to begin with, he kissed Shishizaki first.

Tsukumoya Kinks:


  2. Tsukumoya’s #1 kink is being kinkshamed. I will mention this as often as possible

  3. Tsukumoya is a fucking cloTHES THIEF. He constantly steals his partners clothes, no matter what they are

  4. Tsukumoya gets embarrassed over literally nothing (ex. “Do you like watermelon?” “ARE YOU ASKING ME ABOUT ME!??!”), but has no shame whatsoever when it comes to things others would be embarrassed over (will make big declarations with a straight face, rip)

  5. Tsukumoya is multilingual, and swears in several languages when he’s either increidbly angry, or incredibly aroused (sometimes both 8D)

  6. Tsukumoya is a smiler who smiles in bed and creeps his partner out maybe a little

  7. Tsukumoya’s stutter disappears when he’s incredibly aroused, and his voice becomes slightly deeper

  8. Tsukumoya fixates on one or two places on his partners body??? we don’t know why.

  9. He’s very loud in bed (why did this all turn nsfW)

  10. Tsukumoya really likes ducks? Like, a lot. They waddle and he wants to save them all.

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bruh i came one here to tell you that you're super cute, and then i saw you're listening to rock + roll by Eden and i'm literally plaYING IT RN oh man i don't know anyone else who listens to Eden wow.. also you're v cute, you have nice brows.

im crying you literally just shot your way right into my heart ily who are you 

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I wanna watch Stranger Things because everyone seems pretty obsessed with it but idk?? What it's about???

Ahh, I HIGHLY recommend it! Without giving too much away, it’s about a boy who goes missing in a small town set in the 80′s - his friends and family go on a mission to find him, but well… come to find out that the mystery of it all is a bit more complex than they originally anticipated. It’s very suspenseful, intriguing and each episode leaves you wanting more! Honestly, the perfect show to binge watch :^) Plus Winona Ryder is in it and the soundtrack is killer! Definitely worth a watch, ESPECIALLY if you’re into mysteries, the supernatural, and the aesthetic of the 80′s!

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You are, hands down, one of the top three Harleys on Tumblr.

That is definitely NOT true and I would never want to consider it a competition. I love so many Harley Quinn blogs, I find everyone has their perfect and unique twist on her but thank you sending me this as I know you’re just trying to be nice and make me feel better. I don’t usually pay attention to anon hate messages but I did wake up to about 10 of them which I am assuming were from the same person but who knows. I’m just going to pretend they didn’t happen. Thanks for being a lovely anon, I always like to see nice anons on the dash. 💕💕💕


Anonymous said: I think Carmilla would totally underestimate Laura at first and think she has some tiny, cute Pokemon (like she is tiny and cute, but pssst) and then Laura just has this badass team, Arcanine, Nidoqueen and Onix, and Carmilla just stands there with her mouth open when Laura feeds them one evening. Also Onix likes cuddling, which is sometimes a bit problematic for our tiny heroine, but Onix always gets enough patting and cooing before sleeptime.

This is awesome. I love this so much, especially the Onix cuddling. I’m positive Laura spoils the hell out of all of her pokemon. (Also, apparently Nidoqueen’s only 4′3″, which means that she’s actually shorter than Laura??)