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*tiptoes into your mailbox* psst hello do you have any kuroken fic recs? pls and thank ((also your blog is really great and I love your artwork especially the hq backpacks you're drawing right now))

Hi! I love kuroken but I don’t have many personal recs (too much of my time is spent reading kagehi/iwaoi or drawing, I cry) so I asked Gin ( eicinic ) for her help because her love for kuroken is frankly legendary. She’s got a list of kuroken recs (as well as several other ships) on her blog here and based on previous recs she’s given me, I trust her judgement 100%!!

I do have to say, though, I just read i’ll wish, i’ll wait by Ethereally and LOVED it.

And honestly the fic I automatically think of when I think kuroken is How Kuroo Found Kenma by suggestivescribe from her Breaking the Rules series (aka conquering the great king)… I recommend it a million times over.

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jaytim first kiss!

“You and I remember our first kiss very differently.”

Tim looks up from his case file, an eyebrow arched and Jason is damn sure that he plucks them or something because damn. Tim says, “Really?”

“If I remember correctly – and I do –“ Jason shoots Tim a look that threatens violence if he’s interrupted. “I pinned you, quite forcefully, against a rather grimy brick wall and kissed the fuckin’ daylights out of your pretty lips.”

Tim’s blushing quite hard despite his best intentions to hide it. He remembers that – quite clearly, in fact, but-

“I don’t count that as our first kiss, Jason. You were basically attacking me.”

“You loved it.”

“That—It’s not the point!” Tim tosses his file on the coffee table and pushes Jason back against the arm of the couch, straddling Jason’s hips. Tim sets his hands on Jason’s shoulders and relaxes.

“We were in the park. It was cold as hell and I told you to drink some of my hot chocolate because you wouldn’t stop complaining that you couldn’t feel your lips.”

“Like you said, it was cold as fuck. Weren’t we looking for a snitch?” Jason’s hands are resting on Tim’s waist and Tim is surprised they’re still.

Tim nods, leans down with a sincere smile. “Yeah. So when I took a drink of my hot chocolate-“

“I grabbed your face and kissed you and you-“

“Parted my lips-“

And then they’re kissing, slowly, and Jason feels like he’s twelve again and kissing a girl for the first time. Tim’s wearing a smile when he pulls back, eyelids droopy and lips swollen and the breath he lets out is deep and slow and it’s giving Jason a head rush because damn.

Jason can’t help but return the smile and say, “It was the best hot chocolate I think I’ve ever had.”

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I want Zico to shove his fist down my throat

You want to die anon don’t you?

But touche touche my nugget anon touche but I would go for a smaller fist like Kyung or Taeil. It will be easier to swallow and you will not break your jaw.


Anonymous said: I think Carmilla would totally underestimate Laura at first and think she has some tiny, cute Pokemon (like she is tiny and cute, but pssst) and then Laura just has this badass team, Arcanine, Nidoqueen and Onix, and Carmilla just stands there with her mouth open when Laura feeds them one evening. Also Onix likes cuddling, which is sometimes a bit problematic for our tiny heroine, but Onix always gets enough patting and cooing before sleeptime.

This is awesome. I love this so much, especially the Onix cuddling. I’m positive Laura spoils the hell out of all of her pokemon. (Also, apparently Nidoqueen’s only 4′3″, which means that she’s actually shorter than Laura??)

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your art is like going into a used book shop in late autumn to escape a downpour and running your fingers along the spines of the stories that made up your childhood. Like finding a sequel you didn't know was written smashed between a cover-less dictionary and the 'Secret Garden' and sitting down in the corner of the shop, smelling the worn pages and entering the worlds that mean so much to you, but that you haven't been to in years.

Weekly Idol (JB)

Jaebum x you; 1,419 words

summary: when he’s your ideal type and you appear on Weekly Idol together

comments: oh oh oh, I live and breathe for such requests. I headcanon this so hard.  I used Doni and Coni instead of spelling out their full names, also Awakening is the name of your group.

“____-ssi!” Doni turned to you as you bowed slightly, “we ask all girl groups this, can you tell us who your ideal type is?” You let out a nervous laugh, turning to look at your leader.

“Ah, I can’t say this,” you stammered as Coni gave you a shocked look. 

“Why? Yujin-ssi please tell us your ideal type,” Yujin replied confidently and the rest of your members rattled off their ideal types. Your eyes were wide open as you stepped back slightly at this blatant betrayal. “See? You can do it confidently.”

“Ah, yes… my ideal type is JB-sunbaenim from GOT7,” you said, pressing your palms to your cheeks, dreading what was to come because of the sly looks that were on the MCs face.

“Please send a video message to JB!” Coni pointed towards the camera as the rest of your group mates laughed, Yujin patting you on the butt lightly.

“JB sunbaenim, I think you’re really cool and your singing and dancing is the best,” you turned to Coni who egged you on, “maybe we could go get dinner some day?” You let out a nervous chuckle as the MCs cheered and laughed at you asking JB out for dinner. 

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hellooo rubycurls, I love your art! I wanted to ask you if you could draw Harry and Louis holding hands? like at the m&g :3 I hope you'll be inspired cause I'd really love to see the moment drawn by you :D

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Hi. I'm Henry. I'm not really supposed to be on her so I'm not going to give you my information. At school someone said trans was a bad word. I'm in fourth grade. And after I learned what it means it feels like me. I was born with boy parts. But I wish I was born with girl parts. Is this trans? I don't know. Please help me.

Emery says:

Hi, baby. I’m so so glad you reached out to us. Welcome to the blog. Trans is absolutely not a bad word. It is short for transgender, a word which refers to someone who identifies with a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth. Basically, this means that when you were born, the doctors and everyone said “it’s a ____!” (boy/girl) but you don’t feel like that. Saying you wish you were born with “girl parts” makes me think you identify as a girl, in which case yes, absolutely, you would be trans. Please don’t let people at your school make you think it’s wrong to be you. Please keep being brave and being yourself. If you need more advice, please send us another message, or if you want to be less obvious, you can talk to me at here. Good luck, darling.

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Hi Jennie! Hope your day got better! Just daydreaming and it might be too late for scene like this, but IMAGINE: Mulder & Scully in their car on a night stakeout. He's munching on sunflower seeds & offers her some. She refuses. He suddenly realizes she's refusing not b/c they're too messy as she always claimed, but b/c she doesn't know how to eat them. He shows her & she tries, but breaks the seed. "You're biting too hard," he says. He leans over & nibbles on her neck, "Like this." ATTHS, ofc.

xfilesfox please pass this along to Chris Carter.