In case anyone noticed, yes, I turned off anonymous asks at the beginning of the week.

On one hand, I miss the constant stream of attention and adulation, but on the other, the anxiety of deleting messages without answering them is totally gone!!!!

so. good choice @me. 

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god i adore the idea of magnus letting alec be strong as well. as high warlock, i bet that comes with a lot of responsibilities and stress. so many lives he has to protect, so many disputes, conflicts, too many things but not enough of magnus to go around (yet he has to be). there are times where he has doubts about himself & during those moments, he lets alec take over, just forgets he's high warlock for an hour or two with alec's help, alec murmuring words of comfort against his skin

this is too much for me to wake up to holy i love this so much!! honestly one of the reasons i love malec so much is because of how neither is, for example, the smart one™ or the powerful one™ because the writers have done such a good job of showing how they are both all of these things! and yes magnus probably has a lot of stress in his life especially with this war that’s going on right now, so being able to let alec be strong for him would be like handing the reins to someone else, even if only for a short little while

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Are there backstories behind your OC's? If so do you have a post or somewhere I can go to read about them? Id love to know more about them!

Ahh all i have is the OCs link on my tumblr ;o; i haven’t had a chance to write out their exact specific backstories but if you guys ever want more info about them you can always ask me!! c,: i love chatting about my babies

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ok what do u think about DEAN N CATS i think that dean side eyes cats all the time. when sam brings home this huge ball of fluff he's like "put that thing back where it came from" but then sam is like PLEASE and the cat just ends up attaching itself to dean bc that's what cats fucking do. and dean's like "george is a great name for a cat" and sam's like "please stop petting him with your feet"

O lord Anon, somehow I missed this, but I love it. I think Dean side-eyes ALL PETS, to be honest. (I don’t know why, but some people are like that–they just don’t want the mess, the fuss, the extra responsibility, etc. How cool is it that stereotypical cool guy Dean, with his whiskey and his big car and his rock music, doesn’t like dogs because the hair would make his car messy he’s such a prissy little princess sometimes, I love it. Ahem.)

He’s allergic to cats, we know from that one episode with the familiars, so I feel like he regards them with great suspicion. They make him sneeze, and that is not a very cool manly hunter thing to do, so they are probably the enemy.



You have the privilege of looking at a Siberian cat, which are specifically bred to be hypoallergenic. What if Sam comes out from a murdered family’s house holding their soft little mewing confused kitten, and he’s like Dean, we can’t leave it, and it’s so small, and Sam isn’t a pushover, it’s just–it really is so small, and they’re in the middle of nowhere, and it’ll probably be eaten by an owl if they don’t take it to a rescue or something, and–and–Dean! and so Dean very very reluctantly capitulates, but only if it stays in the backseat, in a box. No, Sam, it isn’t riding up here with us–what if it gets away from you and gets under the gas pedal, don’t be an idiot. It’s only supposed to be for the night. But then, they’re running out of town because the cops realized their FBI badges weren’t legit, and then it’s hiding out on side-roads and getting fast food for a while (feeding the cat little crumbled bits of burger patty), and by the time they get back to the bunker, Dean realizes–hey, he hasn’t sneezed. Like, not even once. And Sam has started calling the cat George (what the hell kind of name is that for a cat, Sam, Dean says, and Sam says, hey, what do you care, it’s not like we’re keeping him), but–you know. George is pretty friendly. He likes burgers, which makes him pretty cool in Dean’s book. When they open up the box, he butts his little nose against Sam’s fingers and purrs, just, really loud, and it reminds Dean of the Impala. Just a little bit.

George starts following Dean around the bunker. Sam won’t let him sit on the ancient texts while he’s working, because Sam’s a nerd like that, so George takes to hanging out on one of the nearby cars while Dean’s working on the Impala. He sits on the island while Dean’s cooking, which isn’t exactly hygienic, but–well. He just tucks his paws under his chest and gets this slit-eyed content look, and, okay, sometimes Dean gives him a little nibble of chicken or steak or whatever. But only sometimes.

So, you know. Dean slouches down in the library and George rubs himself over Dean’s boots, and Sam sighs and rolls his eyes, but, you know. It’s kinda nice.

(Also, Siberian cats can get up to 20, 25 pounds. Dean knows he’s in deep when George pads into their room, a few years later, and jumps up on his chest–all the breath goes out of him and he kinda feels like he’s going to die, but–hell. He just pets the damn cat anyway, and lets the V8 purr lull him back to sleep.)
4 Anons and a Blogger Walk Into a Bar - aimlesslyadrift - N/A - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]

AAAHH IT’S FINALLY HERE!! If anyone’s wondering what this is, it’s a fanfiction written about me and my friendly anons that visit my blog casually. It was written by the lovely aimlesslyadrift on AO3, who would like to go by the code name “aimless anon” on my blog. Thank you so much for all your efforts! :D

inktober #15

“Are you afraid of me?”


“You should be.”

Lexa is more than a bit mesmerized by the Commander. For the anon that requested I draw commander!Clarke and arker!Lexa together. 

[Other inktober drawings]

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Goshiki is a cute kouhai . Why oikawa didn't want him?

too dangerous

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when reading tfc I always forget that Andrew is so much shorter than Neil.

“so much shorter” oh my gosh what is this shortie competition in my askbox


okay but speaking as a shortie (5′1″ on a good day), my 5′3″ friends give me so much shit. it’s not fair how much those four-three inches matter

I imagine Neil lords it over Andrew in tiny obnoxious ways too

like he sometimes will just stand at his side and look smugly at the top of his head (until Andrew elbows him in the gut)

or he’ll lend Andrew jogging pants and then make a “oh but they’d drag, you’d have to roll them up…” mock concerned comment, that prick

or he’d constantly offer to get things from higher shelves even though he can’t really reach either.

( “oh it’s okay andrew, I’ll get it” [seconds later] “I’m going to get kevin” )

“fuck you josten” )

also imagine that whenever Neil and Andrew have their Serious Silent Staring Conversations in the locker room or hallway or dorm room or idfk while washing their hands in a public bathroom, Matt whispering to Dan/  Allison/ Nicky, “look at how short they are. they’re the size of a child. do you think they get discount tickets at waterparks.”

and Allison just, “if we stacked them, they would just be able to ride the big kid rides.”

the height jokes are endless

like hell the foxes would be above any of them

Weekly Idol (JB)

Jaebum x you; 1,419 words

summary: when he’s your ideal type and you appear on Weekly Idol together

comments: oh oh oh, I live and breathe for such requests. I headcanon this so hard.  I used Doni and Coni instead of spelling out their full names, also Awakening is the name of your group.

“____-ssi!” Doni turned to you as you bowed slightly, “we ask all girl groups this, can you tell us who your ideal type is?” You let out a nervous laugh, turning to look at your leader.

“Ah, I can’t say this,” you stammered as Coni gave you a shocked look. 

“Why? Yujin-ssi please tell us your ideal type,” Yujin replied confidently and the rest of your members rattled off their ideal types. Your eyes were wide open as you stepped back slightly at this blatant betrayal. “See? You can do it confidently.”

“Ah, yes… my ideal type is JB-sunbaenim from GOT7,” you said, pressing your palms to your cheeks, dreading what was to come because of the sly looks that were on the MCs face.

“Please send a video message to JB!” Coni pointed towards the camera as the rest of your group mates laughed, Yujin patting you on the butt lightly.

“JB sunbaenim, I think you’re really cool and your singing and dancing is the best,” you turned to Coni who egged you on, “maybe we could go get dinner some day?” You let out a nervous chuckle as the MCs cheered and laughed at you asking JB out for dinner. 

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