((Mun Maybe: How old was this? look at my mayor’s design, it’s the original design for my mayor, back when I couldn’t draw people or outfits for that matter; This was made for the time @ask-bangle-tiger​ was really sick and I had done the sketches to answer this ask @thestaticstalker​ sent me last year I’m really sorry this was sooooo late!!! You can find the original sketches here (What I love is if you look back and forth from this post to the sketches you can see the difference in art abilities, I just thought that was cool lol) and there were other characters who got sick during the time, but I completely forgot who they were!! ;-; hopefully they aren’t too bummed by that.

Also Mayor Maybe went into the outside world fighting off vicious creatures and climbing the highest mountain gathering the best medicinal leaves to make a tea that would help cure Bangle of what ails her. While Marshal went to the Nookling shop and bought medicine there XD, Anyways I know I’m keeping you all waiting with the next updates but I hope you enjoy this for the time being!!! I kinda should’ve done this earlier anyways but I suck at quick draws and rping >~<))

Megumi proposed a game of hide-and-seek, and despite my dubious seeking skills I just couldn’t say no to that face. Fuschia was pretty sly trying to use Willow’s house as camouflage

Meanwhile Tia tried to find a building large enough to conceal herself behind

and Megumi thought that she could use the shrubbery to her advantage (she was actually well hidden behind a tree, though you can’t tell from the way that I tilted the camera up - I nearly gave up trying to find her).

But in the end, shmoopy reigned supreme.