dreamt of @dripped‘s vibrant and magical town quartz! this town was stunning and beautifully crafted, the decorating was really gorgeous, and walking through it felt enchanting and inspirational ♡ the layout of the town was put together in a way that made it feel huge and never-ending, which made it more exciting to explore! it was clear that a lot of love went into creating this town! thank you for sharing this with me~!

♡ 5E00 - 0044 - 2A18 ♡


This is the last of the sweets-related villagers that I have planned, and oh boy is she is a cutie. Étoile set a really high bar for adorable sheep villagers, but I think that my cotton-candy colored sheep Flossie definitely holds her own. I tried to give her a coat a sparkly look as if she was covered in sugar crystals. I absolutely love her!

Alright i need  help getting a petition signed! Is anyone able to get online right now to help a peep out?  That’d be hella rad if you can! ( > v < ;;)