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My Dearest Darkles, It has been many a moon since I've last heard from you I hope all is well I yearn to hear your voice and read your mesmerizing words. I hope you are ok wherever you are. Signed, A Lovesick Grisha

Dear Lovesick Grisha,

What a kind message this is. I apologize for my distance lately, I have been busy plotting against the Lantsov exhausted. It is lonely where I am. I consider the letters I’ve received and have yet to answer every day, yet I cannot find the words to reply accordingly. In all honesty, I fear I am losing my flair. Life is a dreadful jest told by an unfunny clown, and I am the flailing punch line. What I should say is, I’m out of practice. Isolation has not been good to me. Forgive me, for I struggle even now to deliver you a satisfying message, and you deserve so much more. One day, I will give you the world– one ruled by a great and worthy leader, not some pretty-faced puppy on a pirate ship.

Signed, the Tiredling