if someone is showing off their tattoo and it’s fresh and they’re happy about it do not fucking make fun of it i don’t care how pretentious or typical or pseudo-artsy you think it is if another human being shelled out a large sum of money to have something permanently etched onto their body and they are happy and proud of it do not fucking try to make them feel bad about it especially if it was a really big tattoo. holy shit.

Cishets take note. 

This is victim blaming and not how you should ever speak to my community. 

This sort of speech puts the blame for LGBTQIAP+phobia on our community for simply being out. 

A basic translation is: 

We will only treat you as human if you pretend to be straight. 

If you don’t think our community has tried everything to stop the hatred and abuse against us then you need to think harder. 

The reason we still face this unacceptable bigotry is not because we refuse to be ashamed of our identities, it’s because of bigots like the tweeter above. 

Cis straight people have the privilege of being able to ‘flaunt’ their identities (aka live their lives without fear of hatred and harm on the basis of that identity) every single day. 

I’ll stop making my sexuality relevant the moment cis straight people fear holding the hand of their significant other in public.

I’ll stop making my sexuality relevant the moment cis straight people are denied the right to marry. 

I’ll stop making my sexuality relevant the moment I stop hearing about friends and members of my community being made homeless by their bigoted cis heterosexual parents. 

I’ll stop making my sexuality relevant the moment I stop hearing about members of my community being bullied, beaten, and even killed, for simply being who they are.

I’ll stop making my sexuality relevant the moment cis straight people stop calling my sexuality a 'disease’ I need to be cured of. 

I’ll stop making my sexuality relevant the moment cis straight people, as a collective, can get their shit together and learn to treat me and my community like human beings. 

Cis straight people made my sexuality relevant the moment they started denying me rights and discriminating against me and my community on the basis of it. 

Anger … it’s a paralyzing emotion … you can’t get anything done. People sort of think it’s an interesting, passionate, and igniting feeling — I don’t think it’s any of that — it’s helpless … it’s absence of control — and I need all of my skills, all of the control, all of my powers … and anger doesn’t provide any of that — I have no use for it whatsoever.
—  Toni Morrison
Some Not All

***Disclaimer: A really long post. I am angry and disappointed. Do NOT comment if you’re going to say something hateful. I don’t have the time, nor the patience. And keep in mind the title “Some, Not All” as you read this. ***

A lot of people wonder why feminists get such a bad rep sometimes, or why a lot of people are kind of… scared of feminists.

That’s because SOME OF Y'ALL (SOME, not ALL) overreact. Like, fucking seriously. It’s like watching reverse misogyny.

Coming from people who want equality for BOTH sexes, it’s extremely disheartening and worrying for me. It frustrates me.

I WORRY that the next generation of feminists will come to be men-hating adults.

I WORRY that feminism is slowly killing what it means to be equal.

I WORRY that there can be no equality if we keep throwing around hateful words, just because we don’t like someone’s opinion.

It FRUSTRATES me that men cannot support/ or voice their views on feminist matters without being ridiculed, mocked or insulted. Especially when he’s not being rude, or hateful.

It FRUSTRATES me that SOME, #notallmen think we owe them OUR bodies, OUR attention.

But that’s the thing, #NOTALLMEN are like that.

YES, to the young girls and boys reading this:
NOT ALL MEN want you for your body. NOT ALL MEN are monsters.
Only some.

There are #REALMEN out there that only want to see you happy. To make you smile. That can take “No” for an answer, becuase they love you and WOULDN’T DARE HURT A HAIR ON YOUR HEAD. That don’t blame you when the monsters cat-call or harass you from down the street, while you go about your day.

Just like SOME WOMEN ARE MONSTERS, because we, like men, are capable of doing horrible things. The same things, even. Because, yes men CAN be raped.

Don’t let anyone lie to you.

They can be hurt, and feel emotion. Get cat-called and harrassed by girls.

And they will be treated the same. No one will believe them. The only difference is that they’ll be told to “Man Up”.

Men are human too.

I am disgusted by so-called “feminists” who attack and dehumanize those of the opposite sex.

Yes, we have been attacked and dehumanized by SOME men, simply for being women. But, here you are, attacking ALL MEN.

You are one in the same with those who spread misogynistic ideals.

You are a hatemonger that feeds off of negativity and egomania; wearing the name “feminism”.
I’ll say once again, SOME feminists, not all.

These few “feminists” have turned something that started out as a stride towards equality into hate.

The title of feminist is not a mask for hate against men.

But this is what it’s been made into by people like I’ve mentioned above.

I don’t even want to get started on the treatment of the trans community by some “feminsts”.
It literally makes me sick to think of how horribly someone who claims to represent equality can treat another just because of their assigned gender.

NOT SOME, BUT ALL HUMANS should spread love and the ideals of equality.

No matter how you identify.


I made the semi-mistake of bringing my boyfriend to thrift shops with me yesterday. As he trailed behind me while I picked out clothes I liked, he shot me glances of disapproval every single time. “So childish.. so immature..” he would mutter under his breath. I asked what was so childish and immature about babydoll and pastel-colored clothing. He said to me, “Nobody in America dresses like that. Why do you want to look like a 5-year-old girl when you’re 20? Shouldn’t you dress more like a grown-up and sophisticated woman that you are?”


You’re gonna tell me how I should dress now? I shouldn’t wear clothes I like just because you think they look childish? I can’t express my passion for different fashion styles just because you think they don’t fit with American aesthetics? You’re telling me every woman in America should be bounded by what mainstream American fashion deems appropriate?

And then today, this was on Michelle Phan’s Facebook page:

Michelle was asking her fans what they thought of the dolly hair trend. While half of the people thought it’s cute and adorable, the other half shared similar opinions with my boyfriend: Grown up women should not dress up like 5 year old girls.


Fashion is fashion. Why should your age/race/gender dictate what you can and cannot wear? A grown American woman can’t dress up in a dolly way just because it’s not appropriate and she’s not Japanese?

I say, wear whatever the fuck you want as long as you like it. Nobody should tell someone else what they can and cannot wear.

(BTW we had a lengthy argument over this and got nowhere. We decided to never speak about it again. And he will never go shopping with me ever again.)

I get extremely frustrated when people laugh at “foreign” names and words. It’s their own unique language formed by a particular shaping of the tongue and vocal cords, you know, just like yours, except statistically they’re probably learning your language instead of laughing at it.

Hey, guess what, everyone has it!
Hey, guess what, it’s dire to existence.
Hey, guess what, someone having it in whatever portion is none of your fucking business!

if you make fun of characters’ disabilities i actually fucking hate you

like disabled people barely get any good representation as it is and if you’re gonna shit on the little representation we do get and make your fandom unsafe for us, you’re fucking trash


I have been reading these tweets and cackling my head off as I read all the different ways to “Waste his time” and obviously these are things that have been done to or the likes have been done to women in the past. And some of them I read they hit a nerve as some of them have been done to me way-back-when and others more recently I have done to boys. 

For example in my past I have had boys say they care about me and want to be with me and love my passion and then they have moved away…ACROSS THE GLOBE!! not even in the same damn country. 

And more recently I have seen myself text boys like we are in a relationship and then drop them, ignore them, decline to hang-out, like they were nothing to me. 

I have seen myself flirt with boys and then tell them how great of a friend they are, or how much I love someone else, or even that I kissed someone else when I knew that they had feelings for me. 

And believe me, it isn’t like I don’t feel bad about saying and doing these things. I do. I feel guilty for saying these things. But where did I learn to do this? Where did I learn to destroy feelings left-right-center and go on like I did nothing at all. 

I remember when I was 10 and I had my first boyfriend (Kyle) it lasted all of 6 hours. He asked me out in second period and then in last period he dumped me while being egged on by all of his friends(he was a true fuckboy in the making). When I was 14 I had another boyfriend he lasted just under a month, we texted, had one official date, he declined all of the rest, and then he called me up on speaker phone in front of his friends and dumped me. Believe it or not that story gets worse I didn’t know that he had dumped me cause it was quite loud with all of his friends around the phone and it wasn’t until I saw the facebook relationship status that I actually twigged- talk about 9th grade embarrassment. The tales of woe go on, I have been rejected by many a guy and I have been lead on by many a guy as well. We all think we matter until we don’t and it hurts. 

Unfortunately what many boys don’t realize is that they end up blindsiding girls. Maybe I’m naive or just stupid, but I have never seen a break-up coming, I have never seen this coming; a boy taking what he wanted and then ditching me faster than yesterday’s trash(but it has happened). Maybe I’m too hopeful, but when boys blindside us it hurts way more than if we had seen it coming. And (for me at least) today’s pain becomes tomorrow’s bitterness, which translates into me screwing boys over the way I have been screwed. 

The only reason I play games and mess with boys feelings is because I actually am so scared of them hurting me that I hurt them first. Why would I wait for you to drop me if I can drop you first. If this is the name of the game then I need to be the best player, right?

So before you (gentlemen) take offense to this hashtag just remember that you started this, we learned these behaviors from you, and the men depicted in movies and then men before them. And every single time you hurt us, every single time you played us, dropped us, used us like we were nothing, pretended to feel something to get something, or said something to illicit a response, just remember that we lost the sympathy for you then and now we reserve a) the right to play games and b) create absolutely savage hashtags to document our anger and frustration. 


A girl who has been played 10 too many times.