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So you mean to tell me people did not know that Clarke is the lead? Like Bell is part of the main crew but he is not the lead. I always thought that was crystal clear??

from what i’ve seen some people like to believe bellamy is the lead, which is completely ridiculous and offensive. i have seen posts that say “reblog if you think bellamy is the lead” and other stuff like that.

rarely in television or movies do you see a female lead, especially one in power.  so here we have clarke griffin, an amazing complex woman in power, who also happens to be bisexual.  bisexual characters are also very rare in the media, so to have one is great.  but then some bellamy stans come and wash all that a way just because they think their stereotypical “bad boy gone good” deserves to be the lead.  it’s disgusting.

and the treatment of female characters is awful.  this fandom gives bellamy a free pass for whatever he does and people think that he is a saint.  when bellamy let hundreds of people on the ark die, practically no one was upset.  but the second a female character does something questionable they are seen as a villian.  clarke had to sacrifice some people for a greater cause when she let the missile from mount weather launch and after that the fandom was mad at her for days.  or when lexa ended the alliance with the sky people after twelve days to save all her people and almost let 40 sky people die.  after that lexa was treated awfully by the fandom and called an “evil bitch”.

but all bellamy blake had to do was be a decent person for twenty minutes and then sit under a tree, crying about how he’s a monster.  and suddenly all his actions are excused.  suddenly all the terrible things he’s are forgotten.  it doesn’t matter about all the people he has killed or all the people he tortured. 

it’s a complete double standard that a female character makes a tough decision and is immensely hated by the fandom, but when a male character does the same, they are not.

so yes, i get mad at the bellamy stans.  yes, i get mad when people think he should be the lead.  the fact is there are not a lot of female leads, women in power, or bisexual characters in the media.  so when people diminish clarke to nothing for the sake of bellamy it is frustrating.