someone asked for a ref of azrael’s true form, but since i’m still not 100% on what i want it to look like (and since i am somehow completely incapable of coloring it no matter which design i use), i did a kinda vague sketch that shows their size relative to humans, plus a summary of how angelic forms work.

An atlas
on the underside of my dream.

My half-shut eyelid—
a black wing.

I dipped sharp quills
in the night’s mouth—

moths swarmed
from my throat.

I pulled a feather blanket
over my skeleton
and woke—

a map of America
flapping in the dark.

Once I dreamt
of inheriting this—

my mother
who still follows crows
through the field,

my sister’s small hand
tucked inside hers,

me on her breast
in a burial quilt.



Jennifer Foerster


Graphic - Casimir Lee

Royal Cast battle part 3

~~~~~~~~~~~Royal Cast: me~~~~~~~~~

Blu sat by her, watching as Lucy bleeds through her gut unconcious. She was frozen and the image of her getting stabbed played over and over in her mind. Curse and Cherry was soon by their side and trying to help V use whatever to wrap up her wound.

She noticed that Lucys necklace was missing and that there was a burn around where the jewel layed. There was scorch marks and burns all around it. Blu didn’t dare to touch it at that moment.

Curse and CTK helped picked her up after Cherry wrapped her wound tightly. Everyone stayed quiet after what happened, no one dared to make a noise. They walked silently as they reached the Cast house next to the castle. Angel had an arm around Blu and is trying to comfort the girl.

Gaster ran out to them and gently took Lucy away from them and hurrying into the infirmary. They started to work on the wounds on her. V and Blu stayed in the room while Anrez took Angel and Senkiller to tell Pano about what has happened. Cherry, Curse, and CTK stayed behind all with worried faces.

“Luckily you got her here just in time. Any second longer she would’ve died from blood lost and burns.” Gaster said once he and his assistants fullied patch up the girl.

“Where do you think the burn came from?” Blu asked, slightly relieved about her friend.

“We think it must’ve been the necklace reacting to demonic magic.” Gaster said with a clip board in his hand.

“Her necklace was missing, pressumed taken by General Hecros.” Cherry informed while trying to keep calm.

“Makes sense since they take everything precious.” CTK said.

“We need to get revenge, for what they did to Angel and almost killing Lucy!” V said.

“But their gone, sis.” Curse said with his arms crossed.

Anrez walked into the room after leaving Senkiller, Angel, and Mel to take a nap.

“We’re going to kill Hecros once he crossed the barrier. Blu, V, keep an eye on the apprentice and update us about her condition.” Anrez ordered keep his voice calm and commanding.

“Yes, captain.” The two said in unison.

“Curse, CTK, Cherry, keep an eye out for the demons.” Anrez continued resulting in a nod.

~~~~~~~~~~~Royal Cast: me~~~~~~~~~

V: @vzearia

Angel: @armyaangel

Anrez and Senkiller: @anrez-op-skele

Blu: @blutheboo

Cherry: @domino-doodles

Curse and CTK: @perfectshadow06

Mel: @golzy

Gaster: Toby Fox

Royal Cast: Lucy: @me

Original au Undercast: @anrez-op-skele and @perfectshadow06