Generative Art by Andreas Nicolas Fischer

Andreas Nicolas Fischer was born in Munich, Germany in 1982, and is a graduate of Joachim Sauter’s class at the University of the Arts Berlin. He works with generative systems, physical representations of data as well as visualizations of digital processes to create graphic representations, sculptures and installations. The artist lives and works in Berlin. 

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These are photographs from my first roll of black and white film since high school (yes, circa 2008, eek). I can’t believe it’s been that long since I’ve finished a whole roll! I love shooting in black and white because it forces you to think in ways you normally wouldn’t if shooting color. These are in no way related to each other, but I figured I’d share them as a group.

1. El Matador Beach, California
2. Angeles National Forest, California
3. Georgetown, Colorado
4. McWay Falls near Big Sur, California
5. Los Angeles, California

πολλες φορες προς το καλο και αλλες προς το κακο μπορει να αλλαξει η ζωη σου…μεσα σε εναμιση χρονο η ζωη μου αλλαξε ριζικα…υπαρχουν ακομα ατομα που με “κραζουν” αλλα δεν με ενδιαφερει κ πολυ…νιωθω καλα με αυτο που ειμαι και δεν με νοιαζουν οι γνωμες αχρηστων ανθρωπων…


Kurdish female commander (Rojda Felat) of YPG is leading the Kurdish assault on Raqqa. 

This fact must burn the black hearts of ISIS.

‘’Lêxın hevalno lêxın.  Âlâ sor bîlınde kurdıstana azad
Çı qas xweş u rînde’’

Kadinlari kole pazarinda satan, tecavuz eden barbarlar cetelerin sonunu yine kadinlar getirecek. Rojda Felat operasyona komutanlik ediyor.

Biji Berxwedana SDF u YPG/J