• season 1 me: wow I love lee
  • season 2 me: wow I really shouldn't get attached to these characters but I still love luke
  • pre-season 3 me: wow I will not get attached to anyone whatsoever
  • season 3 me: fuckin javi am I right

I tried to paint my baby Mariana in a realistic way and.. I  failed ;-;

If you have a request just don’t hesitate ^_^

Someone asked me to do Javi in a realistic way.

I don’t know how to feel about this painting… 

I think I’m gonna delete this later.. EDIT : OMG I don’t know why my painting have a REALLY weird color on my phone but not on my computer, I hope it’s not the same for you guys :s


Favorite Quotes from books and made into edits for other series (4/?)

A Torch Against

please do not remove caption or repost