as much as neil loves his boys, sharing a bed with them is a nightmare


  • steals the covers 
  • hides knives in the pillows without telling them
  • is an incredibly light sleeper and never stays still, which wakes neil up because he’s also a light sleeper
  • insists on letting the cats share with them (even though they scratch at the bedroom door at ungodly hours)


  • sleep talks 
  • sprawls his stupidly long limbs and takes up half the bed
  • refuses to apologize because neil and andrew ‘don’t need much space anyway’ 
  • is 10 000 fucking degrees but insists on sleeping with the air conditioner on so neil is both freezing and overheating at the same time

they are The Worst but he loves them so much and it’s infinitely better than being all alone in the world and sleeping on wooden benches with hardly any shelter. so he he lets out a frustrated sigh before trying once again to get comfortable enough to fall asleep 

This is for @theinstigators, written for @aftgexchange. It’s a teenie bit short, but I hope you enjoy these headcanons anyways! <3

  • In the beginning, Andrew was always the first to wake up. He was not comfortable sharing a bed with someone else. He never had any good experiences with it. Neil, on the other hand, was somewhat okay with it. He used to share a bed with his mother, and was familiar with the solace it brought.
  • After a couple months of sleeping with someone, Andrew does not always wake up violent. In some moments he is able to enjoy the sluggishness and warmth of coming back to consciousness. It is in these moments that Andrew can’t help but appreciate Neil.
  • His face is golden in the sunlight, and Andrew starts counting faint freckles without meaning to. His memory does not give Neil justice. His hair glows fiery red and his scars are prominent and honest.
  • So yes, Neil has freckles. He used to cover them with concealer in the time spent with his mother. But after she was buried he stops wearing it to save on cash. Besides, his father and his men have not seen them up close.
  • As the years pass, Andrew sleeps later than Neil. And because they’ve been sleeping together for some time, adjusting to two cats isn’t that hard.
  • Neil gets up every day around dawn to run around the neighborhood. It’s a time for introspection and letting go of negativity.
  • Once he comes back, he says Andrew’s name. It isn’t noise that wakes him easily. It’s the sensation of touch. But sound does eventually wake him, with less chance of it being aggressive.
  • Usually after a minute or so, Andrew is awake. Not very responsive, but awake. Neil gives him around five minutes to reboot. He is secretly grateful that Andrew is nowhere near as bad as Kevin.
  • Sometimes Neil ends up making sugary coffee for Andrew. He himself eats a fruit of some sort.
  • Other times Neil crawls back into bed despite lots of protests. Andrew refuses to go near Neil after a run. But the cats don’t mind, and so Neil spends a majority of the morning petting Sir and King.
  • Eventually Andrew forces Neil to shower and sometimes he joins him. Neither are complaining by then.
  • Sometimes showers lead to sex. But other times it’s just as good to feel safe in a vulnerable state. And Neil is okay with whatever Andrew offers him.
  • You know how Neil has a neck fetish? Well. Andrew has a hand fetish. But you’d have to kill him before getting him to admit it.
  • And so some nights Andrew ends up studying Neil’s fingers. Tracing every callous, every line, every scar. Sometimes they end up falling asleep in the process. Andrew would wake up in the morning clutching at that hand. And Neil would be curled in, head an inch from the curve of Andrew’s neck.
  • Andrew would find that it didn’t bother him. Being physical becomes more common before bed. As a result, all the nightly touches migrate to the daytime. 
  • In the past, some actions were intimate. Private. But after constant repetition and getting used to things, these actions were more casual.
  • So they would find themselves holding hands, or brushing hair out of faces, or giving tiny pecks. Of course this wasn’t a sudden thing. It was gradual, a trust growing for many years. As it should be.
  • On occasion Neil has lazy days. Days where he aches from from yesterday’s practice. So he’ll dose on and off until noon. Sometimes Andrew stays. Other times Neil is only accompanied by Sir or King.
  • It’s a luxury he truely loves to indulge in once in a blue moon. Years of being on the run leaves no time to relax. But now Neil has all the time in the world.
  • When Andrew does stay, they slide close to each other. Close enough to be considered cuddling, but far enough to deny it later on. Soft conversations are passed between them, floating through the air before fading away with consciousness.  
  • These conversations don’t really have much meaning to them. But for people like them, that was something special by itself.
  • Of course there are bad nights. Nights where Andrew can’t sleep. Nights where Neil sees knives and icey blue eyes. But they’re always there for each other.
  • Neil will murmur quiet reassurances. Restate promises they’ve made over time. Eventually run fingers through Andrew’s hair.
  • Andrew will repeat present memories. Describe scenes from the previous day. Rest his palm against Neil’s nape and call him Abram.
  • Andrew only ever uses Abram to calm Neil down. Never for anything else. It would lose significance if he did.
  • Eventually they’d be okay.
  • As time passes and old wounds stitch up and heal, there are plenty more good days. Days where Neil can’t stop smiling and days where Andrew has too many reasons why he should live. Days where Neil can admit he’s not fine but he’s content and days where Andrew can feel.
  • These good days– these goods days are made from both themselves and each other. And that makes the good days that much better.  

One day Andrew is going to wake up in the morning and realize that the weight lying next to him is Neil. He’s going to wake up and not immediately flinch or reach for a knife. He’s going to wake up and remember that the warm sleeping body next to him isn’t an intruder, that it isn’t someone who won’t stop. He realizes he is safe and that he doesn’t need to be afraid. One day Andrew will be able to wake up in peace. And that makes me really really happy.

Just imagine one day andreil accidentally changing body because they had been struck by lightning. 

  • Like,,,when neil wakes up and goes to the kitchen cabinet for cereal, he’s like??? Why do i feel shorter?? Am i imagining things bc too exhausted or…?
  • And andrew wakes up moments later and just absent-mindedly scrubs his left cheek and like, since when i have scars??
  • Then both of them go back to each other at the same time and just/very/not/ready/to see each other.
  • Neil is kinda freaking out and andrew keeps his cool but neil knows better
  • And when they go for scrimmage
  • They tell no one ‘bout this
  • But when they practise
  • Everyone’s like???wtf is wrong w this two
  • Andrew as neil being overly-aggressive while playing as a striker
  • And neil as andrew just very wrong????he fails to deflate almost every shot (he only deflates thrice) and so not like andrew and kevin almost loses his shit for it but he holds back bc that’s “andrew”
  • When dan stops them for break, matt claps “neil” shoulders and bc it’s andrew and he hates people touch him, he recoils from matt’s touch violently and gives matt a death glare and matt:“woah woah cool down okay, neil?”
  • And andrew relaxes a bit bc he just remembered that he is neil and he has to act like neil
  • Neil calls out his own name in a warning for andrew 
  • The others just stare in confusion
  • Later on that night the foxes have dinner together
  • The upperclassmen+nicky make silly jokes and neil as andrew accidentally smiles and almost laughs but he immediately covers it as a cough but the foxes are not oblivious they catch it
  • And nicky is the first to open his mouth:“what was that??did u just laugh??” and neil doesn’t know wht 2 do
  • Then andrew grasps the back of neil’s neck and pushes him down and meets nicky’s stare and simply says, “eat”
  • Nicky’s mouth gapes open in amusement but he quickly closes it when “neil’s” stare says he’s serious
  • The foxes look to each other and aaron looks a bit angry with what “neil” just did to “andrew”
  • But no one says anything and they continue eating
  • There’re many wild speculations about what happened to andreil and everyone’s putting on their bets
  • The pots getting bigger each day
  • Andreil know ‘bout this but they say nothing. They don’t know when and how to tell them ‘bout this
  • They go back to their dorm and sleep 
  • Neil wakes up the next day to the soft pats on his body
  • And it’s andrew…it’s really andrew in his own husk
  • Andrew tells him that he’s been muttering and laughing about something and neil finally understands that it’s just another inane dream…

The Palmetto State Foxes
oliver dewhurst as andrew minyard.
dudley o'shaughnessy as kevin day.
soo joo park as renee walker.
jos whiteman as seth gordon.
conor mclain as aaron minyard.
lucas lourenco as nicky hemmick.
ysham avdulahi as matt boyd.
line brems as allison reynolds.
kiersey clemons as dan wilds.
denzel wright as neil jorsten.

inspired by this list of prompts + everyone’s favourite (cough my favourite) of andrew and neil wearing the wrong team jersey…………

  • andrew wakes up at neil’s place, which wasn’t planned
  • they go back after practice and somehow fall asleep
  • (when andrew wakes up startled, neil snorts and says “not as young as you were, minyard”)
  • which is when they realise they’re late for a team party
  • andrew picks up a team jacket from the floor and says “i’m going as someone who couldn’t give up on his high school years”
  • “burn,” neil says, and quickly pulls on the skeleton outfit nicky had picked out for him a week ago
  • (he’s not sure if it’s on the small side on purpose)
  • (he thinks it probably was)
  • neil follows andrew to the party, which is when he says “jesus fucking christ”
  • “backing out already, josten?”
  • “i think you’ll find you’re josten tonight.” he says and taps andrew’s back
  • andrew takes this in stride and somehow procures a ginger wig to throw on, then proceeds to not respond to his name
  • “neil!” a new teammate says and flounders for a second before not pulling andrew into a hug. “but you didn’t bring a costume?”
  • “yes, i did,” neil says to his side
  • “of course i’m in costume,” andrew says. “i’m pretending to be someone who cares about this conversation.”
  • harsh, neil thinks
  • then neil thinks he probably shouldn’t be hanging on the arm of his enemy with benefits
  • as far as anyone else knows their only communication is yelling at each other on the court
  • “i didn’t know you and my cousin were that close,” nicky says to neil, looking at andrew
  • “we’re not. i didn’t even know he had my jersey.”
  • nicky snorts. “well, he’s almost more convincing at being you than you are”
  • “what?”
  • “he’s telling everyone he’s fine and being completely oblivious”
  • “i’m not-”
  • “i think you might have missed the fact that you’re friends with andrew,” matt says, draping an arm around neil’s shoulder
  • “friends? what are friends?” andrew says
  • “i ask one time,” neil says
  • neil catches allison betting nicky that he and andrew would get pissed and make out before the end of the exy season
  • allison makes eye contact as she does it
  • he’s not sure it wasn’t intentional
  • andrew has to give neil a ride home because they came together
  • (“extra practice,” neil says with a shrug)
  • (“all i care about is exy,” andrew says.)
  • which is where neil decides to bring up what matt said
  • “apparently i’m oblivious.”
  • “obviously”
  • “apparently i’m oblivious about the fact that we’re ‘friends’,” neil does the air quotes just because he knows andrew hates it
  • andrew snorts. “if we are then your jersey’s rubbed some obliviousness off on me, too”
  • “you seem to know me pretty well,” neil says, watching andrew’s face
  • (“stop staring at me, josten,” andrew said, a month after their nothing started)
  • (“free country,” he replied)
  • andrew doesn’t respond
  • “someone might start to think you like me”
  • (someone is neil)
  • (neil thinks andrew likes him)
  • (like, like like)
  • “i hate you” andrew answers
  • neil smiles
  • “stay the night,” he says
  • andrew doesn’t respond
  • (but he stays)
  • (he always will)
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All my friends are heathens. Take it slow (the silhouettes of the foxes sans Neil)
Wait for them to ask you who you know (Wymac standing over a fearful Neil)
Please don’t make any sudden moves (Andrew hitting a running Neil with the Exy racquet)
You don’t know the half of the abuse (Neil gaping up at Kevin)

All my friends are heathens. Take it slow (Andrew speeding in the car, taking Neil to Abby’s for the first time)
Wait for them to ask you who you know (Andrew looking through the binder)
Please don’t make any sudden moves (People trying to wake Andrew up)
You don’t know the half of the abuse (Abby looking at Neil’s scars)

Welcome to the room of people (The foxes as the gathered in the meeting room under the court for the first time)
Who have rooms of people that they loved one day (the upperclassmen)
Docked away (the monsters)
Just because we check the guns at the door (Renee’s knives in andrew’s sheaths)
Doesn’t mean our brains will change from hand grenades (Renne smiling with her cross showing)

You’ll never know the psychopath sitting next to you (Andrew taking his pills)
You’ll never know the murderer sitting next to you (Neil checking his fake ID)
You’ll think, “How’d I get here, sitting next to you?” (Andrew taking Neil to Columbia)
But after all I’ve said (Neil fleeing Columbia)
Please don’t forget (the car burning on the beach)

All my friends are heathens. Take it slow (Dan as Hennessey)
Wait for them to ask you who you know (Dan with her stage sisters)
Please don’t make any sudden moves (younger Matt high at his dad’s party)
You don’t know the half of the abuse (Matt struggling on Abby’s floor w Andrew over him)

We don’t deal with outsiders very well (Andrew threatening Neil)
They say newcomers have a certain smell (Seth scowling at Neil)
You have trust issues, not to mention (Neil holding his phone like he wants to drop it)
They say they can smell your intentions (Seth, dead)

You’ll never know the freakshow sitting next to you (Allison, applying makeup)
You’ll have some weird people sitting next to you (Aaron, staring blankly at the ceiling)
You’ll think, “How’d I get here, sitting next to you?” (Neil standing in the middle of the meeting room)
But after all I’ve said (Allison, malnourished and collapsed on her last court)
Please don’t forget (Tilda hitting Aaron)
(Watch it, watch it) (The foxes playing a game)

All my friends are heathens. Take it slow (Kevin doing drills)
Wait for them to ask you who you know (Kevin standing behind Riko in an old press picture)
Please don’t make any sudden moves (Kevin at Kathy’s show)
You don’t know the half of the abuse (Riko holding Neil’s cup, threatening him after the show)

All my friends are heathens. Take it slow (Lola torturing Neil)
(Watch it) (Neil collapsed in the chair)
Wait for them to ask you who you know (Drake grabbing Andrew’s hair)
(Watch it) (Andrew, under the sheets and laughing)
Please, all my friends are heathens. Take it slow (Matt starting a fight during a game)
(Watch it) (Dan fighting)
Wait for them to ask you who you know (Bee’s office)

Why’d you come? You knew you should have stayed (Neil on the foxhole court for the first time)
(It’s blasphemy) (Renee’s bruised knuckles after fighting Andrew)
I tried to warn you just to stay away (Mary whispering in Neil’s ear before her death)
(Away) (Neil on cameras for the foxes)
And now they’re outside ready to bust (the crowd after Neil’s last game before Lola)
(To bust) (Neil’s abandoned bag)
It looks like you might be one of us (The foxes in full color, complete with Neil)

Imagine the Foxes’ reaction when they’re heading for a game one day and Andrew falls asleep, and Wymack just goes “damn it” and tasks Neil with waking him up, of course, and Neil does without getting a violent response. Like, he just sits besides him and call his name loudly without touching him, and Andrew wakes up, without punching anyone, and the Foxes are in silent shock for a good ten minutes, and Neil has the faintest smug grin and earns an cold look from Andrew for it

I’ve been thinking about this all day listen 

  • Andrew is a really worried bf sometimes like idk if Neil fully understands the scope of it or even if he understands why someone would worry about him he’s fine
  • his mom worried about him, and she was all obvious and obsessive and scary and mean so that’s what Neil recognizes as worry. also he was at risk of serious injury or death literally all the time then 
  • but he isn’t now 
  • he’s actually safe. He’s actually fine. 
  • anyway

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We need to talk about Kevin

Literally my favorite aspect of Andrew and Neil’s relationship is the strangely parental attention paid to Kevin Day.

Andrews going to the hospital? He can’t do that until he’s sure Neil is in a position to take care of Kevin.

They go to Georgia to buy the Maserati, Neil’s asleep in the rental. Andrew wakes him up to see which car he wants Kevin to ride back in.

Neil’s going to talk to Wymack after Baltimore. Andrew drives to the dorms and gets out, looks around for Kevin, settles when he sees he’s still w Neil.

Neil can’t play midnight Exy w Kevin because of his hands so Andrew goes out because somebody has to keep an eye on Kevin.

“Hey lets go on vacation for spring break. We just gotta convince Kevin.” “I have knives, Kevin will do what I tell him.” (Not direct quotes but fucking close enough)

And the piece de resistance, Kevin gets his fucking tattoo covered, and Neil and Andrew take his drunk ass to bed, and then Neil fucking watches him sleep like a proud mama bear, and Andrew has to drag him out of the room. And then they fucking make out over their mutual pride at their idiot child Kevin finally growing up and making good decisions.

I honestly love these boys and their mutual obsession w all things Kevin Day

happy birthday to one of my absolute favourite people, @transneil  💕

The problem with crappy apartments in crappy cities is the lack of heat, Andrew thinks upon waking. Their apartment leaks heat with every breath, so there have been too many mornings recently where Andrew wakes up just to have to burrow further into the covers.

There are warmer places in the apartment; the kitchen, especially when the oven is on, and they even have a little electric fireplace, which he thinks must have been the previous owners concession to the horrific lack of heat. He and Neil have taken to leaving it on every time one of them are in the apartment in the futile hope that it’ll keep their few rooms warm.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. Neil has taken to dealing with the cold by either refusing to leave bed or having a blanket around his shoulders at all times. Andrew suggested that could be how Neil sweeps the floor, since he has a good foot of blanket trailing behind him, but Neil’s only response was a choice finger.

Andrew can handle the cold better, and he pulls the blanket off of himself in one movement and doesn’t hiss at the sudden blast of cold air. (That must have been Sir in the next room.) Still, he’s gentle and quiet so as not to wake Neil. Neil is insufferable when woken early. He’s insufferable most times.

He walks to the next room, wooden floor so cold he can still feel it through the wool of his socks. Both cats are curled up in the chair closest to the fake, flickering fire, and Andrew shoos them off with no sympathy. They’re sat on the only blanket in the room. “Mrr,” Sir protests sleepily, before running off to find Neil. He knows Neil would never be so cruel.

When he settles into the chair, picking up the book he left the night before, King immediately settles back into Andrew’s lap. Andrew thinks he must have invited it by daring to use their favourite blanket, and thinks he won’t disturb the quiet of the morning with protests just yet.

(It’s 7am, and Andrew is awake because he still sleeps more lightly than perhaps he should. He likes the colours of the early morning light through thin curtains, and he likes the sounds of the world starting to move - there’s a rare quiet that humans can only produce before the caffeine hits their systems.)

Andrew doesn’t spare a thought for time passing when the only noise is the wind outside and pages turning until Neil starts to move. It’s been an hour, maybe two, and Neil’s movements are the sound of bare feet on wood and the swishing of fabric behind him; water running and the click of machinery; then he’s preceded by the smell of coffee as he comes to join Andrew and followed by the click of Sir behind him.

Neil passes one mug to Andrew, and sits in another chair, knowing not to disturb with Andrew and knowing to leave space in his chair for Sir to curl up. He doesn’t know, apparently, to bring his own entertainment, because as he sips his own coffee, he merely watches Andrew read.

Eventually, Andrew looks at him and says, “Don’t you have somewhere to run to?”

“Good morning to you, too,” Neil says with a smile.

Andrew grudgingly admits to himself that it might be.