Red Hood and the Outlaws: Rebirth #1 came out today! I just read it, and I have to say that I’m extremely pleased with the tone and characterization. It’s serious, but with Jason’s charm and witty one-liners, there’s a humor that is reminiscent of all those little lines from UtRH that originally made me fall in love with Jason as Red Hood. This first issue is just a retelling of Jason’s origin, but it also sets up the opening plot for the series. I’m very excited to continue reading this.

What did everyone else think of the comic?

Things seem so beautiful in one moment, but when you’re outside of the situation, you can see that it’s all worthless. That no matter how beautiful it may seem, if it’s destructive and worthless, then it isn’t worth your time. We do that with so many things. We do it with art, we do it with poetry, we do it with music, we do it with relationships, and even humor. People come up with things that are completely irreverent or just garbage, and we accept it because it’s witty, or because it’s funny, or because it’s cheesy or beautiful in one way or another. When really it’s worthless.
—  Lacey Sturm

*elaborately opens butterfly knife, twirling it as i spin around myself* *lowers self carefully to ground to do a roll* *carefully stands up, resuming the opening process* *holds wrong end to ur throat* *softly* reblog my friend’s selfies please i love them so much and they deserve to be happy *begins crying* 

sometimes i realize that the majority of my self-hatred is so much bullshit

i’m a really attractive person with a good taste in clothing, i’ve always been at the top of my class and an impressive student, i got a 31 on the ACT (and i know state testing is dumb but still), i wrote for a newspaper, i’m funny and i can be very charming and witty and entertaining, i write and sing and draw and cosplay and my creative abilities improve every time i start something new. one of my teachers loved my final paper on lgbtq representation in advertising so much she contacted like eight different ppl around it including an actual person in advertising, a person getting their sociology doctorate, and the leaders of a trans group, who i met and had an amazing conversation with!!

i am a young person with so much ahead of me, with a lot of potential and places i can go in life, and yeah there are a lot of things that hurt me and hold me back and prevent me from certain things, but there’s still shit i can do, and im gonna fucking do it, no matter what other people think. so this is a giant fuck you to anybody who thinks lesser of me or that i’m not good enough. i am BETTER, and i am MORE than good enough.

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Hmm could I get some some headcannons of genji starting to notice girls again, does he have any ideal types? Would he ever approach these babes? Ty


  • He suprised by himself, he thought those days were over for him
  • Whenever a girl he’s crushing on approaches him for small talk he’ll be a smol nervous bun
  • It’s hard for him to talk to girls at first but he will slowly get used to it
  • his flirting game gets stronger
  • His ideal type would be someone who’s witty but not too full of herself
  • He won’t approach any girls because he’s still a bit insecure about his current cyborg state but if a girl were to approach him and show interest he will definitely go for it

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Have you ever thought of hux x poe bc I have and I don't want to be there only one (I think poe woyld just flirt and do anything to make hux mad at him or even show any signs of blush)

Ok but Hux wouldn’t even KNOW what to do with Poe.
Poe is witty, snappy, and so fucking flirty?? It drives Hux mad. He finds himself regularly rendered speechless by Poe’s suggestive remarks, even just a wink of his eye. Only two people could make Hux melt, in my book: Kylo, and Poe “Prince Charming” Dameron.

oh snap finished version

This is Ouranos. Born a Guardian and made a Skydancer to better befit his future title, he is the heir to the Aurorian Empire. Skilled in the arts of swordplay and music((his singing voice has yet to be paralleled in the Empire)), he has also honed his diplomatic skills and will make a fine emperor one day. Ouranos is witty, bold, and passionate, not to mention a lover of riddles and a little vain. He is displeased by the fact that he will not choose his mate, and has thus gone into a rebellion by sleeping with as many men in the guard as pleases him. His mother knows this and doesn’t object. She knows he’ll calm down eventually.


This is my most professional looking drawing ever gosh




Finished product ewe

This guy is who your suitors are after

@diveremblem he’s not buff but he’s cute isn’t he

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What did you think of "Glengarry Glen Ross?"

Look, I can see why some people are attracted to David Mamet plays because of their “witty, realistic dialogue” however, it gets so, so old after a while. Especially if the actors are anything less than top-notch. Reading it? It’s unbearable.
And honestly??? I find Glengarry Glen Ross dull. Like, really, really dull. Just as dull as his others. Maybe the dialogue is better than some of his others (lookin at you China Doll) but I still don’t give a shit about it. Maybe it’s because I don’t give a fuck about any of the characters.
(David Mamet, if anything, is really good at making me not give a fuck about any of his characters)
And it’s not because his characters aren’t Good People that they’re impossible to like, if he was good at writing anything more than dialogue he would make me give a fuck. For instance, Tony Kushner writes a lot of characters that aren’t good people, but you end up loving all of them because Tony Kushner is a Good Writer. (I don’t know why I always compare them they aren’t anything alike if TKush and Mamet were both in the same used book store, Mamet would probably ask the owner why his plays aren’t worth more and TKush would take his off the shelf, sign them, and put them back. Which he has legit done I have the proof in my bookcase)
But yeah, another issue is that, even though I’ve read a lot of Mamet’s shit, I always find I forget which play is about what. For instance, when I saw your message I confused it with the plot of Speed-The-Plow.
Because David Mamet is the most unoriginal writer on the face of the Earth. Holy shit all his plays are about the same thing- Angry Straight White Men and their Issues™ and frankly if I wanted to pay money to see that on stage, I’d go to a Tennessee Williams or Eugene O'Neil play where, surprisingly, since they’re old Classics and were written before 2nd wave feminism, there are much better female characters. Or even any female characters for that matter.
To recap: David Mamet is always shit and I want to erase all his plays from the face of the Earth. Or at least the long-held idea that he’s a wonderful, amazing writer, since it’s only because he’s #edgy. (Plus he’s a conservative Republican and I’m just like??? Why do you work in theatre you have no clue who your audience is. Ie: liberal women)

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Why do you think Yori is the best female character in Vk? I totally agree but I just want to know your opinion.

I think partly has to do with the fact that I’m biased for being able to connect with Yori a lot more than say the other girls. And I’m not going to say the other female characters don’t have qualities that make them amazing, but what really stood out to me with Yori was how very empathetic she was but also not being gullible to manipulation. She was just as cautious, intellectual, perspective, and grounded as Zero, which was why they both could get along easily.

Yori was the only human female character to be very weary of Kaname and even not like him, unlike those that were either human or vampire the adored him or fell into his traps or were too passive to care. She actively spoke her opinion tactfully, though other times bluntly, but effectively making points some characters weren’t self-aware.

Furthermore, unlike Yuuki, Yori was a sensible person, witty but reserved. She had characteristics I could either related to personally or understand completely. She never failed to always worry about Yuuki (even when Yuuki constantly forgot about her for the love triangle).

Besides, based on her bio in the fanbook, I always took it that she had a slight “crush” or at least respect for Zero, which I highly appreciated. I once shipped her with Zero when I got so done with Yuuki’s Kaname-centric shtick during the second arc. Although, it only lasted for a short while cause I couldn’t deny my true ship’s call, but I could see their limited potential, plus shipping your too favorite characters together is hard not to at least have the thought of LOL. 

And, Yori was the first female protagonist character to actively and openly confess their feelings first to who she loved and not the male character expressing it first. In a shojou that had too many that had to have the guy make the first move, it was an interesting twist in VK.

Consequently, however, I know Yori never really achieved much in the manga, she was the token best friend, much to Hino’s downfall as a writer to many of the poor character’s that suffered, but Yori’s personality was what had completely won me over. Thus, when Hino wrote Sayori Wakaba, a character of compassion and empathy, died as a human and left Hanabusa Aidou, the man she chose to love and be with despite their different timespans because he was a vampire and she a human, all because she was “satisfied with the life she lived.” It didn’t sit well since that seemed more selfish than Yuuki trying to appease those she loved (and failing one but succeeding in loving and cherishing the other) which was all  a mess in and of itself. >: 

Seriously, I will take this to my grave that Sayori Wakaba would have compromised with Aidou because they loved each other, and the best thing in the world is to grow old together with the person you cherish the most, so I just… -fumes-

Anyways, sorry I always bring that up XD But it’s the thorn in my side about what Hino did with Yori’s character just to make a point that didn’t make sense to me. But I hope my opinion had some insight for you > < Despite how messy it ended up. ;;; Thank you for the ask sweetie! c:


You know how in every show that a person says is bad, there is usually at least ONE thing that made them laugh? 

Well, this is it for me. In Family Guy, at least.

But let’s look at what makes it actually funny. For one, it doesn’t rely on pop culture jokes (well, except the Paul Lynde joke, but I think that was just because it fit into the lyric flow) and instead on witty and exaggerated dialogue/song. But I just realized what makes this fucking segment so goddamn funny. What the REAL joke underneath it all is. 

Peter Griffin’s version of Anna Leonowens’ tale, The King and I, is absolutely exaggerated beyond belief. But that comes back to Anna Leonowens’ tale….which has been proven to be an over-exaggerated account of the supposed effect that Anna had on the court of Siam that portrayed a far less aggressive Buddhist monk as a tyrannical dictator. The play it was adapted into exaggerated that even FURTHER. 

So all Peter is doing….is exactly what the original writer did. He’s actually all in the spirit of the original theatrical adaptation, being 0% honest to the real events by presenting an exaggerated account of the events that casts Anna (or A.N.N.A., as it may be) into the role of a savior and the King into the role of an exaggerated villain. 

And I find that fucking hilarious, even if that wasn’t McFarlene’s intention. 

my too attractive/probably out of my league coffee guy just said to me
“I wrote "you’re beautiful” on your receipt yesterday and I saw you crumple it up and put it in the bin"
but I hadn’t had my coffee yet so I couldn’t think of anything witty or creepy to say so I just said “I really hate receipts”

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okay so like Jaya Ballard is my absolute most fav because she is amazing and also she was the first legendary card i ever got and one of the first one that I got and i just love her so much her flavor is amazing and she is witty and a wonderful fire mom and i feel that you would appreciate my love for fire mom™ more than most

yes fire mom™ is bestmom

So I just spent the last two mother fucking hours writing up one of the most passionate, inspiring, empowered pieces of literature I have ever fucking written about my dreams, failures, clever Langston Hughes references again, this new Patreon account success and my horrible Reddit failures, my new intern and I must say it was all witty and charming and epic, and because while I was writing it I was also doing this:  

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I got nothing for a witty caption, so just pretend I said something cool, mkay? I do love that #jaegermeister tshirt tho
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