Surgery for Flynn

Flynn continues to be hospitalized, and his needs have grown to include surgery at this time. My heart is breaking to see my poor Flynn in this condition and for him to not be home where he belongs. I hate to even be in a place that creating a fundraiser is necessary, but anyone who knows me knows that Flynn is my shadow, my soul, the other half that makes me whole…and he is really sick. On July 1st, Flynn developed a large abscess and required emergency care and hospitalization. This quickly progressed and the next day he was battling an aggressive infection of unknown origin that had spread through his entire leg, part of his chest and part of his neck. Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Services of Rochester have worked endlessly to stabilize Flynn, keep him comfortable and to identify the source of his sudden and threatening infection. My Flynn now needs surgery to remove the dead tissue from his leg and to hopefully begin the long journey back to health. Estimated costs are into the $8,000 range, and any little bit that could be covered would be an amazing help to ensure that Flynn is able to receive the care that will save his life and bring him home to me.

Honestly, my heart breaks at the state of the Philippines. We are so underdeveloped and not even close to realizing our post-colonial identity. The only vestiges we have from liberation are western ideals.

We hate ourselves. We hate the color of our skin. We hate that we are not white. We hate our own language so much that we’ve systematically and institutionally forced our children to unlearn it. We take so much pride in being an english-speaking nation, but where’s the merit in that when we cant even read our own literature and history? When we don’t care to? We’re strangers in our own land. We don’t understand what we’re here for or how we got here in the first place.

We hate being Filipino. We’d rather associate ourselves with our respective regions. “I am Cebuano before I am a Filipino.” “I am Kapampangan before I am Filipino.” Yet we get angry at our Muslim neighbors for seeking autonomy; who, throughout a history of oppression and marginalization, have rightfully never considered themselves to be Filipinos.

Our only cornerstone for common good are superficial religious traditions. We work so much and gain so little. The people who are supposed to lead us out of poverty are literally building their dynastic empires on the backs of the penniless, taking advantage of their plight to buy their votes.

I wish for a time when no Filipino would want to leave the Philippines. When we’d stop being so ashamed of our nature. When we can finally adopt a mentality beyond our hand-to-mouth existence. We are a strong and resilient people. We’ve survived war and genocide. We’ve forged through calamities. It’s about time we rebuild.

the signs as 1975 lyrics

aries : you’re cold and i burn, i guess i’ll never learn

taurus : speak it out loud instead of living in your head

gemini : i’d be an anchor but I’m scared you will drown

cancer : i love you, don’t you mind? 

leo : i dont wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your neck

virgo : don’t call it a fight when you know its a war

libra : why don’t you figure my heart out?

scorpio : we’re losing our minds, we’re speaking in bodies

sagittarius : babe, you look so cool

capricorn : you opiate this hazy head of mine

aquarius : if you wanna find love, you know where the city is

pisces : i told her from the start, i’ll break your heart

It’s so unfair.

So unfair that Delphine ended this season in the way she did. I can’t help but think about her ordeal the past three seasons and shit, my heart just breaks for her. 

Imagine for a minute she’s a real person, yeah? And sure, this may be a bit of stretch because the whole idea of a world where the shit that goes on in Orphan Black is so far-fetched, but stay with me here. Imagine Delphine, bright-eyed and bursting at the seams with knowledge and intelligence. Imagine a woman so full of ambitions and possibilities. Imagine this woman, thrown–maybe somewhat willingly–into this scenario of an illegal cloning experiment, ruthless killing, and so much fear and danger. At this point, as much as Delphine may know, there is also so much she’s unaware of. 

Then comes Cosima, bringing with her so much love that Delphine may never have thought possible. Love that’s powerful enough for Delphine to set aside her morals for a while, to do what she thinks is best for the woman she loves. And in the end, yes. It was after all what was best for Cosima. But Delphine was never praised or even thanked until the very end, and she seems to move past this with ease. Instead, wave after wave of tragedies comes barrelling towards her with full-strength until she’s forced to do what she doesn’t want to: break her heart in the process of breaking Cosima’s. All for protecting Cosima, and honouring the promise she made her. 

All season long, Delphine undergoes a dark and frightening, yet brilliantly brave and heartbreakingly selfless, process of metamorphosis to uphold her promise. At this point she doesn’t care if she dies, so long as Cosima lives. Thinking about Delphine living day to day knowing that anyone could kill her at any given moment, yet pushing forward anyway and not allowing herself to break, kills me. And now the ever-climatic season finale played out exactly how I thought it would, my worst fear for Delphine coming true. I just can’t help but think of Delphine as this person who never asked for any of this, who most definitely doesn’t deserve this. I can’t help but see her and relate to her on a human-to-human basis, and I think that’s a testament to Evelyne Brochu’s immense talent and capability of creating Delphine to be this character that feels so real you can’t help but feel for them as though they were real.

A sad, depressing, tumultuous, yet ultimately great season for Delphine Cormier. Incredible, incredible acting by Evelyne Brochu. In another Orphan Black life, maybe next time, huh Cophine? Maybe next time won’t be so hard.

“she has an angel’s face and i can’t compete.” i heard her say that once but since she didn’t want me to, it doesn’t count. lemonade sour and bathroom floor cold. years pass and my country breaks open. my heart breaks along with it. a voice finds me in a dream, says we ruin the boys where we’re from. the same boys who used to chase you around with thunder laugh stuck in their throats. those boys. their poor hearts. it wasn’t meant for this bleed. my mother’s face is a fountain, the kind you used to throw pennies in as a kid. the kind that rips a soul right in half when you see it years later. eventually, you’ll be the one to ruin someone’s perfect love. they don’t tell you that, of course. they couldn’t have known. your world will end and everyone else will keep going. they won’t even miss the parts of you that are lost.

AN: *Sobs for hours bc this gif breaks my heart* OMG poor baby…Thank you for the unique request anon! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: Hi I was wondering if you could do I guess a one shot for Pietro where he’s friends with and or is dating the reader and she has to go somewhere and he doesn’t want her to go so they get in a fight about it then sometime after she leaves she gets in a wreck and doesn’t remember him/the avengers and he’s never told so one day he sees her on the street and wants to talk to her but can’t bc she has no idea she knew him/the team. Please include the team of you want. I also love, love your imagines.

Warning: Memory loss, car crash, swearing, over all sad theme




Your eyes stung with tears of anger as you slammed your hand on your nightstand and took your car keys in your shaking fingers. “I am going, Pietro, and you have no right to stop me.”

“I have every right, you are my girlfriend.” Pietro said from the other side of the room, then zoomed over to you and tried to pry the keys from you. “This is so stupid, Y/N!”

“Visiting my mother isn’t stupid, you inconsiderate bastard!” You spat at him.

“It’s pouring out, you won’t be able to see two feet in front of you when you are driving.” Pietro said, jutting a finger in the direction of your bedroom window. “It’s dangerous to go out in a storm like this.”

“I haven’t seen my mom in months.” You growled angrily, but also with an underlining tone of sadness. You had been so tied up with your work with the team and training, and this was the only day you managed to get off. You were not giving it up just because of the rain!

Your boyfriend was very important to you, but so was your family. You knew, deep down, that he was right about the entire situation, but you refused to listen.

You narrowed your eyes at him and shoved him out of the way, snatching your coat and bag from your bed. “I am going!”

His bright blue eyes widened furiously, then he crossed his arms over his chest and snarled at you, “Fine, go. And you know what? When–no, if you come back, you won’t have a boyfriend anymore.”

His words stung you, but you had to maintain your pride. “Yeah? Well, guess what Maximoff? You’re going to loose your girlfriend.”

You took two long strides to the door, Pietro just stood where he was and watched you while he sulked in his own negative energy. You opened it, then paused for a moment.

“Actually, you already have.” You said, but this time your voice was much quieter and much, much more broken.

You ran past every one of your teammates in the tower with your head down and tears streaming down your face. You made it to the parking garage alright, but when you climbed into your car and shut the door, you broke down in sobs.

You absolutely hated fighting with Pietro. You two barley ever had serious arguments, just a little bickering here and there, nothing ever big. But this? You were pretty sure that the two of you had just broken up.

You turned the car on and peeled out of the garage, only to be met with a blast of rain and wind. Yes, you had seen worse, but your upset and chaotic emotions made it all that more difficult to drive.

You were almost out of the city, just a few more roads to go before you hit the bridge, but you never made it. Your sluggish thoughts slowed your reaction time, so by the time you looked to your left and saw another car coming at the side of you in the intersection, it was too late.

The last thing you felt was your brain shutting down, and your heart being shattered into a million different fragments. You had never felt so much pain in your life.



It has been weeks since he had last seen Y/N. At first, he didn’t worry all that much. He just assumed that she had decided to stay a few extra days with her mother because she was so upset at him, but then things began to change.

SHIELD agents came into the tower and began to clear out all of her stuff; putting them in labeled boxes and eventually loading them up into a truck to be shipped off. Pietro stood by and watched them sort through everything she owned, but every time he asked why they were doing it, they told him that they were under strict orders not to tell. Wanda, of course, was out on a mission at the time, so she could not search their minds for him.

No one on the team knew anything about what had happened to her, it was like she had just fallen off the face of the earth.

Pietro began to question if she had ever made it to her mom’s house, or if something had happened to her on the drive. He consistently played the fight that he had with her in his mind over and over again. He was convinced that the last words he would ever get to say to her was when he told her that he was breaking up with her.

Well, that was until he saw her on the streets.

He was walking up the busy and crowded New York City street side to get Wanda her favorite iced coffee from a small café a few blocks away from the tower, and that was when he had spotted her.

He had done it a few times before; thought he had seen her, but when he blinked it was someone else entirely. However, this time, there was no mistake in it. The way her Y/H/C fell around her shoulders, they way she smiled, even the way her shoulders shook when she laughed. It was Y/N, there was no question in his mind.

There she was, sitting in a window booth in the very same café he was heading to.

When he walked inside he was greeted by the scent of pastries and coffee, along with the sight of the love of his life. She was alone, fiddling with her thumbs, and occasionally looking over to the long line where Pietro saw her mother waiting to order their drinks.

The two of them were in the city…and they hadn’t even thought to call? To tell him, and the rest of the team, that she was even alive?

“Y/N…” Pietro said, though he had trouble finding the will to push the words out of his numb lips.

She looked up at the sound of her name, then tilted her head to the side in confusion at Pietro. “Do I know you?”


“Y/N, of course you know me.” Pietro said with a nervous laugh. “What are you talking about?”

“You must have me confused with someone else, sir.” She said with a small smile, looking genuinely sorry.

“Who are you talking to?” Her mother’s voice said from behind Pietro, then came around to put the drinks on the table. When she slid into the booth next to her daughter and looked at him, all the color drained from her face. “Oh, no.”

“What do you mean, ‘oh no’?” Pietro said through tight lips as he tried to conceal his anger. He didn’t want to scare Y/N off. “Why is it that she can’t remember me?”

Her mother gently grabbed her arm and began to tug her away from the table and towards the door. “Honey, we should go.”

She shook her head furiously, clearly trying to put all of the pieces together. “Mom, what is going on?”

Her mother didn’t answer, she just pulled her out of the café and back into the streets quickly. Pietro was too numb to chase after her, he just stood there and looked at Y/N with tears in his eyes as she went with her mother.


“I want Fury, now!”

Pietro stormed into the tower with a dark look etched on his face. He was past the sadness, now he was down right furious. He wanted answers.

“Brother, what happened?” Wanda came up to him and placed a comforting hand on his arm, but he ripped himself out of her touch and marched over to Stark.

“Stark, contact Fury. I want to speak with him.” He hissed at Tony.

Tony held his hands up and distanced himself from Pietro. “Whoa, Speedy, maybe we should calm down a bit–”

“We don’t have time to calm down!” Pietro’s eyes were ablaze with a fire that Wanda had never seen. “I need to talk to him now!”

Wanda had had enough of guessing, so she jumped into his mind and sorted through his emotions to find the source of his rage.

Pietro saw as Wanda gasped and left his thoughts, her crimson eyes wide open in shock. “You found Y/N?”

The entire team’s gaze snapped up to him, and that was when Tony’s tone got much more serious. “Meet me in the lab, I’ll get ahold of him.”

Every one of the Avengers crowded around a large screen which had Fury projected onto it. Pietro stood in the middle with his sister holding onto his arms to support him.

“What was this about, Pietro?” Fury said, sounding tired and annoyed like always. But, unlike most times, Pietro wasn’t intimidated by him. He had much more important things on his mind.

“What haven’t you told us about Y/N’s disappearance?” Pietro asked, his tone hard and bitter.

Fury didn’t seem surprised. “I am not permitted to tell you anything about it.”

“I’m not playing fucking games, Fury!” Pietro shouted at him.“I just ran into the love of my life on the streets, and she had no fucking idea who I even was! So, you are going to tell me everything you know, right now, or else Quicksilver isn’t going to be apart of the Avengers anymore.”

The entire team made similar threats, which put Fury in a pretty tight position. He couldn’t afford to loose everyone.

“Fine, but just know that I’m breaking the rules.” Fury said with a bitter sigh. “Y/N got into a serious car crash the night she left Avengers Tower.”

Pietro felt his stomach drop to his feet.

“She was able to pull through, clearly, but the more recent years of her life had been wiped clean from her memory due to a head injury she received.” Fury explained. “Once she was cleared from the hospital, her mother informed SHIELD that Y/N would be unable to work for us again, and that she wished for the details of the incident to be private.”

“W-what?” Pietro said, he felt his body swaying back and forth. “Why would she not want to tell us what happened?”

“She said that she didn’t want her daughter to be involved with the team again, she thinks that this type of life is too dangerous for her. She saw a chance to pull her out and she did.”

Silence fell over the team, and even Fury looked a little shaken himself. He had never gotten to know Y/N like the team did, but he still saw her as a good person from the few times he did meet her. He knew that she didn’t deserve what life gave her.

“Is she ever going to remember us?” Wanda asked quietly. 

“It’s unclear, the hospital couldn’t determine whether it would be short-lived or permanent." 

Wanda’s crimson lips curled up into a smile, and she hit her brother’s arms excitedly. "I have an idea! What if I went into her mind and tired to unlock her old memories?”

Pietro looked over at his twin and kissed both of her cheeks. “We have to try. We have to.”


Fury had contacted Y/N’s mother and, after a lot of reasoning, had convinced her to take Y/N to the tower and see if they can restore her memory. Her mother wasn’t to keen on the idea of her possibly remembering her life as an Avenger, however, in the end she recognized that her selfish desire to want her daughter safe with her shouldn’t overrule Y/N’s right to having her memory.

Y/N was escorted through the tower by Natasha to the common room, where Wanda and Pietro had a seat pulled up for her to sit in. Pietro could see her eyes flicking around as she soaked her surroundings in, and he could see a dim sense of familiarity.

She looked over at him and smiled a little as she recognized him as the man from the café. Pietro felt his heart clench, this had  to work.

Wanda guided her by her shoulders over to the seat, then kneeled down so that she was right in front of her. “This won’t hurt, okay?”

She nodded slowly, though Pietro could see the fear in her. Almost out of instinct, he reached out and grabbed her hand.

Wanda reached up and gently placed her finger tips on Y/N’s forehead, and a string of red energy began to flow through her skin and to her head.

Pietro stood by her side every second, and felt her squeeze his hand when she began to get uncomfortable.

Wanda’s eyes narrowed as she searched through her thoughts and suppressed memories, then slowly but surely began to release them from where they had been stuck.

Y/N’s eyes were screwed shut at the sensation of her brain being picked at, but she remained strong and stuck it through. Pietro was so very proud of her, even if it didn’t work. He would always love her, even if she never remembers that she used to feel the same way about him.

“I have done all I can do.” Wanda said with a sigh as she sat down fully on the floor, breathing heavily. “I have no idea how many memories I was able to bring to the surface, it could be all or it could be none.”

Wanda scooted out of the way so that Pietro could come in front of her. He crouched down to be eye level with Y/N and placed a head on each of her shoulders.

“Baby, open your eyes.”

She slowly obeyed, and she saw him sitting in front of her she jumped onto him and planted the biggest kiss she could onto his lips.

Nearly falling, he wrapped his arms around her waist and stood up with her, then spun her around while he continued to kiss her. The rest of the team was laughing and letting go of the breathes that they had been holding onto.

“Piet I love you.” Y/N mumbled against his lips, tears falling down her cheeks. “I love you so much.”

He let go of her lips and planted smaller, more gentle kissed on her cheeks and forehead. “Baby, I missed you so much.”

He was never, ever going to let her go again.

((I’m not sure if I like how this one turned out or not…?))

It’s true—
It comes in waves;
missing you comes in waves.
Sometimes I don’t feel your absence, sometimes I convince myself that it’s finally over—I’m over you.
But then I’m knocked upside down,
tumbling through water, fighting to breathe.
And of course, while my airway is tightened, and my heart is beating at a rate my thoughts cannot fathom to outrun; I see flashbacks of you—us.
I’ll remember the insignificant moments, the ones where we just sat and talked for hours, pretending we weren’t falling in love.
Pretending chemistry was just a field in science.
Pretending that our pride spoke louder than the unspoken words.
But then the ocean does something strange,
you see, it’ll stop sending me waves—

only full blown hurricanes.

—  Kelsey Gustafsson

Dear anon, I’m not publishing that ask because no thank you I do not want that on my blog. But yes, Regina stopping Emma from killing Lily (thereby stopping her from going dark) was an act of love.

Just like Emma breaking the first curse was an act of love. Regina breaking the second curse was an act of love. Charming giving up his heart was an act of love. Emma turning back from the hat was an act of love. They happen a lot on Once. Love and hope and faith are kind of integral to the show, you may have noticed.

We started season 4 with the Frozen arc, based on a story where Anna saves her sister with an act of true love, and Elsa learns to control her magic as she learns to love herself. We saw both of those things paralleled on Once, with Emma and Regina building a sister-like relationship (bickering and rivalry included) and Emma learning to accept and love herself and thus control her powers.

How is it surprising or controversial for Lana to say that Regina stopping Emma from giving in to her dark side was an act of love? It was. Yes, some people will interpret that as meaning “romantic love”, but that’s on them.

To me, the big deal with that is that Regina is now capable of doing that. She’s capable of being compassionate and helpful and loving and caring towards people other than Henry. She opened up to Robin, and then she mended some bridges with Snow and began building up a friendship with Emma, two women whom she hated to the point of wanting them dead. I know some people think that she doesn’t deserve that, and that’s fair enough. But I feel like a lot of people object to it mainly because they fear it turning into a romance thing, and thus threaten their preferred ship. If that’s your reason for objecting to it you can safely stop, because that’s not the story being told here.

Regina will be one of the people fighting to save Emma. And we will see the friendship between these two be tested and continue to grow. And I think that’s awesome, because:

Friendship between women isn’t something that’s often the focus of stories. And here we have a story of two women who start out as rivals, catty and vindictive behaviour included (albeit exaggerated; it’s a show about magic and fairytales after all), and work it out. They aren’t besties from the moment they meet. They haven’t known each other forever and grew up having sleepovers and sharing secrets. They start out as enemies, and slowly, bit by bit, learn to work together, find common goals and concerns, and eventually become friends. They go from bitter rivalry to saving each other.

That’s powerful, to me. It’s inspirational, even. This kind of focus on female characters and depth in exploring their relationships and motivations and willingness to portray women as flawed and problematic and still capable and deserving of second chances… that’s rare. Usually, in film/TV, female rivalries are painted as simplistic and silly, with the heroine on one side and The Bitch on the other, and in the end The Bitch is flung into a pool or has ketchup thrown on her expensive dress or whatever. Which helps keep up this ridiculous tendency to pit women against each other, encouraging these rivalries rather than teaching girls how to resolve them and support each other instead, telling us hey, look, she disagrees with you, she’s a bitch, tear her down.

There’s none of that on Once. The heroines resolve their problems by listening, and understanding, and forgiving, and managing to do all of that while taking no shit. Because yes, that is possible. It’s not always perfect, it’s not always written 100% the way it probably should be, but overall it’s there and even the fact that they’re trying to tell that kind of story is huge. I think it’s a powerful, important story, and honestly, looking at some of the behaviour in the fandom, we need a lot more like it.
Whats important to me will always be the little details and the small things that we do together.
We don’t have to travel to France or go sky diving.
We don’t have to break a world record or find Waldo.
We could order pizza and have a night in.
We could lay in bed and have a Netflix marathon.
Play with our fingers and have our legs intertwine. 
Laugh and smile while we talk about life and our future together.
Cuddle and kiss while we enjoy each others company and the warmth of our bodies.
It will never be about the amount of money we spend,
Where we are,
Or what we do.
As long as you’re with me, my heart is with you.
—  Simple thoughts of dansomewoja
Lord, this world breaks my heart, but you never do. Your comfort never leaves me. I’m reminded again and again that this world doesn’t hold the hope of the world you’re calling me to. Even so Lord, let my light shine where I am.
—  Unka Glen (

Watch out for spoilers!

ElliotxLeo Edition of some scribbles I did lately. Crush my heart and spill the fragments over those two, if you’d be so kind. 

So, on the second picture we have my headcanon that after Leo dies, he is in the abyss where he meets Elliot again. I accidentally sneaked some german text in, translation is: “It’s you…it’s really you!”

Characters from Pandora Hearts © Jun Mochizuki | Fanart ©

things that will definitely break me and tear my heart into little pieces: The Fosters season 3 episode 4, The Fosters 3x04, The Fosters episode that has the title More Than Words, The Fosters episode where Jude Adams Foster and Connor Stevens go to an LGBTQ prom organized by Cole

the thing is, what i’m annoyed about isn’t the fact delphine died. i get it, i do. but what i’m annoyed about, and what i don’t understand, is the fact they hinted at cophine being endgame so bad this season. what was the point of the “pit of the soul love” scene now? its not a “tragic” love story, it’s purposefully leading on fans to then break all of their hearts. cophine made me realise i liked girls. they were my saving grace, and when things got tough and homophobia kicked my ass, they made me feel better. where do i go from here?

important announcement

hey everyone,

it’s time for me to pull up my stakes and leave tumblr. I’ve been posting my art and comics here for years, but I find the instant access to negative attention incredibly exhausting and bad for my mental health. I’ve started a new life in the city and have been settling in and getting ready to start more comics and projects. I’m looking to relocate off site to post my comics, as I feel that tumblr has run its course.

this is something I’ve been considering for a long time, and I about hit my breaking point here. I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the overwhelming support and love over the years, and I hope you’ll join me on my next adventure. Stay tuned for announcements regarding where I’ll be posting my things! I’m still going to keep my art blog up and running, however!! Feel free to follow that over at shannonarts, and follow my twitter at comicshans

Thanks again, and see you on the flip side!!

bakery boy

(a/n: i almost write kfc ashton but i change my mind lol)

(Ashton’s POV)

As she walked through the door, my heart stops. She comes here almost every morning and orders the same thing every time. Today she has a messy pony tail, which makes her even more cute than usual.  She walks up to where I stand behind the counter. She smiles up at me. Her smile literally lights up the room. My stomach turns from the butterflies just by staring at her.

“Hi” she says breaking me out of my thought.

“H- hello, wh-what are you uh having today? The usual? ” I clear my throat.

Damn it! I’m still so nervous around her like the first day she came in this café.

“Yes please”

Then she takes a seat in her usual spot. I start making her orders.I walk to her table with a cup of tea and cinnamon rolls. She smiles up at me. How can I get used to that smile? I walk back to the counter and sit there for a while secretly looking at her table. That’s sound creepy. She’s scribbling or drawing something on her book like she usually does. She looks up from her book and our eyes met. I quickly look the other way. She must be thinking I’m a creep. I see she’s looking down at her book in the corner of my eye, so I look back at her again. She has a pink on her cheeks. My heart just hoping that’s because of me, but that’s not possible, maybe her tea is too hot.

I wish I have courage to talk to her, but I’m just too nervous and how someone like her is going to like me anyway. People start to come in the café. I walk to the table beside her to serve a drink to a woman. That’s when I saw what’s in the book. I mean, I didn’t really see it, but it’s a picture; a portrait of someone and I think it’s a guy. It makes me a bit sad.

I walk to her table to offer her a glass of water like I always do. When she notices me walking in, she quickly closes her book.

“Water?” I ask

“Thanks” she smiles.

I start to walk away and hear her sigh. A moment later she pays for her food and leaves. I start to clean her table and notice she forget her book. I run out of the café but she’s nowhere to be seen. I can just give it back to her next time. I think to myself.

When my shift is over I get change and pack my stuff ready to leave. Then I saw her book. Angel and demon are fighting in my head. Should I open it? No Ashton that’s not yours. I stare at the book for a few minutes and the demon wins. I open her book. ‘(y/n)’, her name is written down under every picture she drew. She has a beautiful name. Imaging calling her name makes me smile. I flick through some pages. Then my eyes widen because of one of the drawing, the drawing of me.

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