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i don't know what else to do but i have nowhere else to go. I think i was born a half with a hole in my chest where my heart should be, and everywhere i go, something is missing. i break every slightly beautiful thing that i touch. and I know people love me then why do i feel so alone? is my sadness even justified? at the heart of it all i think i hate myself. i don't know how to go on like this. it's so painful, in a subtle persistent do you go on with a giant gaping hole in your lungs?

–anon #2

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Was I the only one whose heart kind of broke at the last diary entry Zoe read in her last video? Telling herself she wasn't worth keeping? And that was at 18. It wasn't even the same idiot before Alfie. It just kind of made my heart break for her. I just kept thinking, how many shit guys did she have to go through before she met Alfie? My baby :(

Zoe is a very sensitive soul that believes in the best everyone has to give, so of course she was taken advantage of and was treated badly by boys who couldn’t cherish what they had. I’m just glad all she went through led her to where she is now, with a man who respects and cherishes her, who understands and accepts her as she is and makes sure she knows her worth. Gotta hit a few bumps until the good things start to come, and she’s already at the good part of it. Couldn’t be happier for her! :)

They Never Know - Kaisoo

I’ve opened all of me for you
My eyes, the deepest part of my heart

In a world that’s closed without a small crack
It’s the only place that’s open for you

They never know
Only we can feel the world that is perfectly different

They never know
How we became so close

Everything is wet because of the rain
Ignore everyone’s stares

Oh I will cross the line first
To where you are, Cross that

Would you dare to cross the line?

Yeah, don’t listen to how
People try to make us break down no-oh-oh

We enjoy how people are jealous
Instead of avoiding them

This is a message between us, they scarred us
Made us targets and shot us with arrows

And when I kiss where the arrow scratched you
Every day I fall for you harder

They never know
They’ve never seen the other blue side of the moon

They never know
The reason I keep getting closer to you

Everything is wet because of the rain (the rain blinds us)
Ignore everyone’s stares (Love is blind, love is blind)

Oh I will cross the line first
To the same world where you are, Cross that

My love is already full
Like how the moon waxes because of your heart, Set free

Beyond hesitation, you cross that border
Don’t believe whatever they say

Let go, don’t say no
Let go, don’t say no (Oh, don’t listen to other voices baby)

Let go, don’t say no
Let go, don’t say, don’t say

Oh, you are too beautiful
To make us
Fit into their ending

Everything is wet because of the rain
Ignore everyone’s stares

Baby tell me where the line is?

baby tell me where the line is?

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Not only the way Joker said “Where is she?“ hurt my feelings so bad. Not in his usual sassy way, no. His words are full of rage and he seems to be so broken. Another point is the outfit he wears. It’s the same costume that Joker was waering in the “Joker“ Grafic Novel 2008. He wears it in one of his possibly vulnerablest moments ever. He falls down on his knees, throw his arms around Harley and cry.

Arleen Sorkin once said: “Everyone else sees the Joker laugh, only Harley has ever seen him cry.”

This costume got a very emotional backstory. So the scenes in Suicide Squad where he’s wearing this outfit which already seem to be very emotional scenes are now even more heartbreaking for me. (╥_╥)

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hello! I love your blog! I was wondering if you could do more of that reincarnation au where grantaire doesn't remember anything because omg you crushed my soul with that beautiful thing

Follow-up of this post

Enjolras freezes when Grantaire shows him his “first life” tattoo. It can’t be real! He literally spent LIFETIMES looking for this guy! It’s Grantaire, he’s sure of it! If you prick up your ear, you can hear the sound of Enjolras’ little heart breaking.

He had imagined something completely different. He had pictured something warm, a forgiving hug, a long talk about what happened on June 6th, when they held hands for the first and the last time.

But Grantaire has traded his memories for oblivion and there is no going back. You can’t reverse the procedure, the files are deleted forever. Enjolras tries not to show it, but he’s devastated. He waits to be in bed to let go. Years, lifetimes of daydreaming are gone is a single second.

Next morning, during breakfast, Courfeyrac notices Enjolras’ puffy eyes and:

“Just because he doesn’t remember anything doesn’t mean he’s not here. We can still include him in the group. You guys can still be friends.”

So Enjolras tries to befriend Grantaire, who’s a bit reluctant at first because: “Clearly, if I decided to have my memory cleared, something went wrong and I don’t want to do that again”. Grantaire still accepts to go to the ABC. For him, it doesn’t feel familiar, it’s a real first time. For everybody else, it’s like 1832 all over again.

Enjolras doesn’t get angry with him anymore. He doesn’t disdain him. He listens fondly to his rants. Grantaire is here. He’s missed that. He doesn’t care if Grantaire doesn’t believe in the cause. Orestes accepts his Pylades, even if Pylades never had an Orestes.

After 5 months of ABC, Grantaire lingers after a meeting. It’s only them in the room now. Enjolras pretends to pile some papers.



“We were together, weren’t we? We were together and I fucked up, that why I gave my memories away.”

Enjolras can’t even look at him. Grantaire has lived with guilt and doubts for years, and even without memories, he still blames himself and it hurts.

“We weren’t. You didn’t fuck up. You were suffering and you coped however you could, even if that meant being obnoxious at times. I wish I would have known that back then.”

“Did you love me?”

“No. Not at the time.”

199. We are not allowed to speak purely in song lyrics.

I’m a joker, I’m a smoker, I’m a midnight toker. I get my lovin’ on the run. - SB

Whatever gets you through the night, ‘salright, ‘salright. - RL

Don’t go breaking my heart. - JP

I couldn’t if I tried. - SB

If you need me, call me. - PP

No matter where you are. - RL

No matter how far. - PP

You call on me brother, when you need a hand. - RL

The full moon is calling, the fever is high. And the wicked wind whispers and moans … - JP

You are the Dancing Queen! You and Sweet, only seventeen! - SB

Really? That’s what it’s moaning? - JP

credit for prank to @tsundokued.

The list of song lyrics used is as follows (in order of use):
“The Joker” by the Steve Miller Band
“Whatever Gets You Thru the Night” by John Lennon
“Don’t Go Breakin’ My Heart” by Elton John & Kiki Dee
“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” by Diana Ross
“Lean On Me” by Bill Withers
“One of These Nights” by The Eagles
“Dancing Queen” by ABBA

Fun fact!
All of these songs came out in the 70s, when the Marauders would have been at Hogwarts. :)

There’s this sweet little old lady that comes in every Monday morning to buy a newspaper. Every week, she asks me where my coworker is, I tell her my coworker doesn’t work Mondays, she tells me that her Monday newspaper doesn’t get delivered anymore, and I tell her, “That’s so strange, I wonder why that is,” and she says, “It’s okay, because I have an excuse to come to my favorite store.” It’s the exact same conversation almost word-for-word every week, and every week it breaks my heart that her memory is so bad.

My Girl- Young!Remus x Reader x Young!Sirius


Request:Could you write an imagine where Sirius keeps flirting with the reader and she keeps telling him to stop because she has a boyfriend and Remus (her boyfriend) finds out and is angry? Thanks!. 

Warning:  Young Remus Lupin breaking your heart because he’s adorable.

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“Hey, beautiful, what’s got you so worked up?” Sirius Black says, in his butter like voice. 

Y/N glances up, her eyebrows knit together in concentration over the work she’s trying to do. “Go away, Sirius.” Y/N grumbles, not even bothering to shoot him more than a moment’s glance. 

“Come on, love, don’t be like that.” Sirius says, sliding in next to her on the bench, thigh touching hers. 

She frowns, but doesn’t press on, trying to not encourage him. Sirius, well, he practically flirted with every girl. And usually, Y/N wouldn’t have cared, but it had gotten quite intense lately. He followed her around in the corridors, stared at her during meals, and somehow managed to appear everywhere she went. She knew Sirius would never hurt her, he wasn’t a bad guy, but it was just a tad irritating. She had told him time and time again that she wasn’t interested, that she had someone else. 

“You’ve got quite an attitude, don’t you sweetheart?” Sirius purrs, his voice low as he leans closer to Y/N. 

Y/N flinched, realizing how close he was. “I do not.” She says simply, letting her Y/H/C hair fall around her face, blocking him out. 

“It’s okay, I appreciate a girl with an attitude.” Sirius continues. 

Y/N snorts, “Sirius, go away. Please.”  

“Why? I like sitting by you.” Sirius presses on.

 Y/N locks her jaw, rolling her eyes slightly. “I have a boyfriend!” She cries, slamming her book shut and gathering her stuff.

 “How come I’ve never seen him then?” Sirius questions, titling his head and smirking at her. 

Y/N is stumped, opening her mouth to answer him but closing it. Remus and her had decided that they didn’t want to tell everyone else yet, keep it to themselves.

 “Exactly.” Sirius says, matter of factly.

 Y/N huffs in frustration, before stamping her foot and taking off.

“Y/N? Come on, what’s wrong.” Remus asks, his hands coming down on Y/N’s shoulders and rubbing them.  She’s seated in between his legs, on his dorm bed. Sirius and James are at Quidditch practice, so they have time to themselves.

Y/N sighs contently, closing her eyes. “I’m just tired.” She responds. 

“This is more than tired, love.  You’ve barely said a word.Talk to me.” Remus pleads, leaning down kissing her temple from behind. 

Y/N bites the inside of her cheek, debating if she should tell him or not.

 “You’re worrying me.” Remus mutters, turning her around in his arms,  concern all over his face.

 “Erm, okay, well it’s Sirius.’ Y/N mutters, tucking a chuck of hair behind her ear. 

Remus looks at her, nose scrunched up in confusion, “Sirius?” He asks. 

“Yeah, yeah, he um, he flirts with me.” Y/N says awkwardly. 

Remus scoffs a bit, “Love, he does that with everyone.” 

“I know… Forget it, it’s okay.” Y/N says quickly, shaking her head. 

“Hey, no, it’s obviously not” Remus says quickly, leaning forward and grabbing her hand.

 “Is he.. Making you feel uncomfortable?” Remus asks, peering at her.

 Y/N blinks, “A little.” She whispers back. 

And that’s all it takes for Remus to wrap her into his arms again. 

“I’m sorry. You should’ve told me earlier.” He mutters, rubbing her back soothingly. “It’s not a big deal, really, he’s your bestfriend, and he doesn’t know.” She says, embarrassed and burying her face into the crook of his neck.

 Remus pulls backs and takes her face in his hands, “It is a big deal. You’re MY girl friend, and it’s time they know that.” He says, a bitter edge to his voice as he kisses her forehead. 

“A-are you sure?” Y/N stutters, nervous. 

“Yes. 100 percent.” Remus says.

“Y/N! You look great.” Sirius says, winking at Y/N at breakfast. 

“PADFOOT!” Remus yells, coming running over, fuming and fists clenched. 

“Did you prank him again?” James says, staring at Sirius wide eyed. 

“No?” Sirius says. 

“Stay away from Y/N, alright mate?” Remus says. 

Sirius glances between them oddly, “Why on earth would I do that? Have you seen her? She’s bloody-” 

“She’s my bloody girlfriend!” Remus shouts, slapping Sirius on the back of the head. 

Sirius yelps, his hand flying up to rub his head. 

“What? No way.” James scoffs, jaw dropped open. 

Sirius turns to look at Y/N, “It’s him?” He asks. 

Y/N nods, biting her lip. 

“Oh blimey, mate, I’m sorry!” Sirius says, turning back to Remus. 

“It’s not me who needs an apology.” Remus replies, crossing his arms. 

Sirius turns, “I’m sorry, Y/N.” He mutters quickly. 

“It’s okay.” Y/N says, beaming at Remus.

 He walks around to her and sits down next to her, kissing her on the cheek. “Better?” He whispers soft enough for only you to be able to hear. 

Y/N smiles at him sweetly, ‘Better.”

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Well, it was a typical workday. I was performing my normal duties, cleaning and scrubbing. And we had our little 10-minute break. And I don’t know, something inside me said, you know, that thing has to come down. You know, it’s a picture… it was a picture that just… as soon as you look at it, it just hurts. You feel it in your heart. Like, oh man. Like here in the 21st century, you know, we’re in a modern era where we shouldn’t have to be subjected to those primitive and degrading images.

The stained glass was a small piece of glass that was no bigger than a tablet. It depicted a male and a female, both appearing to be African-American, standing in a field of white crops, what appear to be cotton, with baskets over their heads. And I believe one of the figures were actually smiling, which is like so condescending, because looking back on slavery, like, it wasn’t a happy time for African Americans.

Over the last year I firsthand got to see how it was affecting the students and how the students felt about the name John Calhoun being donned on their college. And everything he represented is just… is such a contradiction for what Yale University represents, because Yale University’s motto is Lux et Veritas, which is Latin for ‘Truth Through Enlightenment.’ So, if you’re an institution of higher learning where you’re trying to enlighten young people and train them to be productive members of society, why would you have a degrading image like that blatantly displayed?
—  COREY MENAFEE describes why he smashed a stained glass image depicting smiling slaves picking cotton at Yale’s Calhoun College
Feysand #1

Darkness poured through the gaps around my door and flooded my room. If I wasn’t sure what woke me up before, I was absolutely certain now.


I don’t know how I knew, but I just did. I could feel his fear as if it were my own and I could feel his tears running down my face. It didn’t even take a moment before I was on my feet, running towards the door that felt like my own.

The corridors were filled with darkness, but I didn’t need light to know where I was going. When I finally reached Rhys’ room I couldn’t quite believe what I saw.

Rhys sat on his knees, in the middle of the bed, panting. Fear was etched on his face as his eyes rose to behold me.

“Feyre.” He said my name, with such sadness and relief that I thought I could hear my heart break in my chest.

Tears streamed down his face and I made my way across the room, climbing onto his bed. He was naked under what little part of the sheets that covered him, the black lines that covered his body seemed to swirl in the moonlight. But I tried to put all of that away from my mind as I took his face is my hands.

“Rhys. Rhys.” I said soothingly as I ran my thumbs over his cheeks, wiping the tears away.

“It wa.. I don’t..”

“How often do you have them?”

He finally looked into my eyes as he said, “As often as you.”

“How come I never-”

“I’m usually better at containing it. I’m sorry I wo-”

Rhys. You never have to be sorry with me, understand?”

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perhaps I forgive too easily.
I forgive harsh words
wrapped around a tongue meant for love.
tongues have no bones but can still
break a heart.

even though you have hurt me
countless times,
I will bandage
my beaten,
and broken heart
back together.

my hands will tremble as I mend
the edges
and tend the wounds.

pain will ache throughout my body as I
tear apart my ribcage
and place my heart
exactly where you ripped it

there we go.
back to normal.

it’s just a temporary fix,
fabricated relief.

and you’ll do it again.

and again,
I’ll pick it up, and
dust it off.

and you will stare at me,
my blue eyes will lock with yours,
and in that instance you’ll capture
me, just like you always have.
your eyes, burning with
with deceit,
with control.

and in the silence, I did not hear a
pin drop.
I heard my heart.
it shattered–again–and the
noise echoed into my mind:
questioning why you would want to hurt me like this.
questioning why I let you.

yet the smiles hold,
our eyes are still locked.
and I will pick up my battered heart,
and I’ll hand it right back to you.

—  I’ll always hand it back. / 07.27.16 /

I’d love to have a Fallout 4 DLC where you can “kidnap” Elder Maxson, and take him on adventures, and suddenly turns out that he’s not a total dick, it was just his public face. Maybe he loves beer, scary stories, and makes really good jokes. Maybe him sparing Danse was an act of rebellion. Maybe he just really wants to have a friend who will appreciate Arthur, not a dude whose soul is made of steel or whatever. Maybe he would love to have fun, but nobody lets him. Maybe that adorable kid is still there, he just learnt to act to survive. Maybe he still writes stories, but hides them better now. I just really don’t want to give up on that kid. He must be there somewhere.

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Mama Ashe, do you have any recommendations for people who love your poetry and are looking to explore your contemporaries or poets that have inspired you? Much love.

If you check my poetry recs tag I should have a much longer, more inclusive list, but I’ll give you the highlights:

Caitlyn Siehl – aka, the REASON I started writing poetry. Hands down, no contest. Her blog ( @alonesomes ) was the place where I fell in love with poetry. A beautiful writer, a beautiful human being, the biggest and most loving heart to ever touch this earth

Richard Siken – the poet who never fails to break my heart. Crush is still my favorite book of poetry in the whole fucking world

Good Ghost Bill, aka Bill Moran – a poet who I’m honored to call my friend. He writes like no one else I’ve ever read or heard. He will drop you into the deepest part of your own heart and fish you back out again.

Kevin Kantor – unflinchingly honest, heartbreakingly sincere, completely captivating to watch perform live. They lived in my house for like three weeks while they were on tour and it was the best poetry-fueled sleepover extravaganza. One of my favorite human beings. One of my favorite poets.

Ebony Stewart – another poet who I’m completely awed to call my friend. Listening to her spit poetry borders on a religious experience, to be honest. She will shake you down to your foundation

Trista Mateer – The Dogs I Have Kissed wrecked me. Completely destroyed me. Trista has an unbelievable talent for the kind of honesty most people are too afraid to touch. She’s also my sunflower girlfriend, but I swear my opinion on her poetry is unbiased.


“Where’s Pietro?“ you asked Wanda when you saw he wasn’t with them. Wanda looks at you with tears in her eyes “he died protecting Clint and a child”. Clint looks at you and starts to say something, but you can’t hear him. You can feel the tears start to fall down your face and your heart breaking in your chest. “No!” You yell. “He’s not dead, he’s not. He can’t be”. “I’m sorry” Clint says.

(This is my first try at writing a longer story type thing with the imagine. I know it’s not great but I hope you like it)

The last school day before their fifth year at Hogwarts ended, Al met his best friend where they usually did - under a tree by the lake. As he approached Scorpius, sat down with a book as usual, his mind began to wander. 

How long will you do this to yourself, Al?

You know he’s not gonna feel the same way.

Isn’t unrequited love torture for you?

Al sighed. 

I can handle it. 

I may not be a Gryffindor but I am my parents’ son - stupidly brave, if it comes down to it. 

Stupid is correct. 

Yeah, you know… I like pain. 

Stupid indeed.

His feet crunched on the dry leaves. Scorpius looked up and his mouth broke out into a huge grin - a grin he saves for Al, as Al would always notice. 

“Hey, mate,” Scorp pipes up happily, scooting over so Al could sit down beside him.  Al bumped his shoulder against Scorp’s. “So, what’s up?”

Scorp’s smile slowly faded to a smaller one which didn’t quite reach his eyes. “I… don’t think it’s gonna work out with Rose,” he said guiltily. Al sighed. “And after I gave you my blessing and all… am I going to have to kill my best friend to avenge my beloved cousin?” Scorp held up his hands. “No! It’s not like that She broke it off with me.” 

 “Oh,” Al said simply, looking down at his hands. Scorp nodded. “Well then.. I’m sorry, mate.” 

Well, aren’t you happy now all of a sudden, Al.

Shut up! I’m trying to be a supportive friend.

Scorp shook his head. “Nah, it’s alright. I… get it, why she did it.” 

“Why did she do it?”

“It was fine at first, you know… then it wasn’t? I found myself not being into it that much anymore… I dunno what changed.” Al noticed Scorp couldn’t look at him straight in the eye.

As Scorpius was telling him all of this, Al found it very hard not to let his best friend know he was actually happy Scorp wasn’t dating his cousing anymore, because he wishes he’d be the one Scorp was dating instead. 

Al shook his head and sighed. “Well, plenty of other girls out there,” he said, trying for a friendly tone. He felt his heart break when he said it. 

Scorp shook his head. “No, it’s… it’s not like that at all.” Puzzled, Al turned to face his best friend. 

Scorpius was looking at him in this intense way, his grey eyes almost boring into Albus’ green ones. He’s looked at Al this way before - after a particularly good and competitive Quidditch match; when Al gave him his first Weasley sweater for Christmas; when Al told him how proud he was of Scorpius when, for the first time, Scorpius emerged the top of their class after a furious academic battle with Rose Weasley - which was shortly before they started dating.

Al felt his eyebrows meet. “What do you mean?”

Scorpius took a deep breath. 

And then he kissed Al.

As they sat by the lake, holding hands loosely, Al asked Scorp quietly, “How long have you wanted to do that?”

Scorpius chuckled. He was so close, Al felt Scorp’s body shake. With his other hand, he touched Albus’ cheek lightly. 

“Since the moment we met.”

So, you happy now, Albus?

Shut up.

But Al smiled, and it reached his eyes.