Ahh Chapter 220 had everything! I mean:

we had ukai acting all photogenic and posing for the camera whilst jumping off the cliff

kinoshita in his beautiful floatie ring :|

a candid salty tsukki

dadchi establishing ultimate dad-thority over his kids

nice to see these two ahoges standing as proud as ever

kageyama dorkbio

ennoshita ‘i only swim free’ chikara with his goggles and swim cap

and noya being the adorable proud senpai that he is seeing hinata receive kageyamas serve

Non-Typical Facts on The Signs
  • Aries: Aries is basically all of tumblr. Theyre dorks who get offended easily, and their spirit animals might as well be SuperWhoLocks. Some of them exercise, but its usually to blow off steam without hurting people around them.
  • Taurus: The stigma around their eating habits and "always being hungry" is not exactly true. While they like eating - as per mostly everyone - they are more materialistic than they are the Cookie Monster. Sorry to burst the bubble there.
  • Gemini: They arent Satan. They will never be Satan. They are just the only air sign that is intune with their emotions, but overly so. They are masters of communication, and in turn, also masters of manipulation.
  • Cancer: Supportive, if you are on their good side. Theyre often manipulative, and close minded. While they are gullible, and able to be influenced, its only if ypure the first one to feed information there. Family oriented, and believes in their family than anyone else.
  • Leo: They are also very supportive. They aren't as manipulative as Cancer, but has the ability to be. Leo is a performer.
  • Virgo: Much like Gemini, they are masters of communication. While they may be depicted as socially awkward, it may be because they don't like you. They aren't keen on new people, and analyze their feelings rather than feeling them. They seperate and organize things, whether it be their own emotions, or papers.
  • Libra: Ruled by the planet of beauty. They are beautiful and easy to trust. They are also materialistic, but they hope others see them a certain way, rather than wanting it for the general feeling. Understands others more than themselves.
  • Scorpio: They are ALSO not Satan. Yes,you heard me. Not Satan. They are interested in the occult and other mysterious things, addictive, and addicted. They are also very sexually oriented.
  • Sagittarius: Arent always assholes, and often, arent trying to be. They are brutally honest, and its one of their biggest morals. Lying to them is murder.
  • Capricorn: Actually IS Satan. Yes, here is your Satan. Lucifer, right here. We have found him. Take this information how you wish.
  • Aquarius: Not only weird hippies who are interested in aliens, but they are true rebels at heart. They want to remake the world in their image, and believe it would be a better place - which is where the God Complex stigma stems.
  • Pisces: They arent fish. They arent all sweet. They can be manipulative, and often are. They use their natural "sweet" approach as a way to be a dick. Sorry.

Rhett roleplaying as a jerk and trying his best to insult Link’s appearance. Three separate attempts. (x)

modern au headcanons:

  • shopping with miyoshi takes forever. they don’t even go to many stores. it’s just him admiring himself in the mirror at every angle possible.
  • miyoshi is in all the pictures. all of them. and they can never get an ugly picture of him, no matter how hard they try
  • kaminaga always tries to jump into the pictures, so he’s usually super blurry
  • hatano’s snapchat stories are just videos of him using the ugly filters on the others and zooming in while snickering to himself
  • miyoshi uses the angel filter on snapchat. they all call him fake when he does.
  • when hatano goes grocery shopping with fukumoto, it’s kind of like,
    i want this. please buy me it. fukumoto. buy it
    there’s a 5% chance he’ll get it. unless jitsui asks politely
  • one day, one of the pigeons escaped and flew around the house. tazaki was out the whole day, so no one could save them
  • everyone has pictures of emma on their phone. there’s one of her kissing miyoshi’s cheek, one of her at the park (kaminaga and hatano photobomb with the mixtape pose in the background)
  • amari sucks at videogames. he only has neko atsume (and that’s just because emma likes it)
  • they recorded miyoshi cooking one time. the stove caught on fire and if you listen closely, you can hear kaminaga screaming and the others scrambling to put it out before yuuki finds out.
  • the only one who can properly braid emma’s hair is miyoshi

im so tired i just want to read fic about percy and annabeth hanging out at high school and intimidating the shit out of everyone who doesnt know them with their physical attractiveness and aura of confidence and resting bitch faces, when really theyre both just pissed off at the amount of reading they have to do for english and probably also the fact that they had to kill a monster before school that morning and it made them a little late. 

percy and annabeth cramming for assignments and sleeping in on weekends and having a million inside jokes that their mortal friends dont get and like going to a party and annabeth sitting in percys lap and someone takes a cute photo of them and theyre both kind of chuffed by how good they look in it and their friends all laugh because theyre such dorks. 

game nights with the seven and campfires at chb when they can get away, but always coming back to sally and paul and percys little sister and feeling like theyre on the right track.

i just want to read about percy and annabeth being happy teens where is this fic please