Name: Tilly Freeman
Age: 28
Gender: Nonbinary (Agender)
Pronouns: Xe/Xem/Xyr
Occupation: Mythos Pines Citizen
Faceclaim: Samira Wiley
Status: Open


Tick-Tock Crocodile from Peter Pan

Bio Teaser

Tilly has known little else about the world outside of Mythos Pines, since it’s really the only place xe has ever been. Xe grew up in the city, born to a fairly well-off family, and was their only child. So without any siblings to spend xyr time with, Tilly tried to make friends with the other children in xyr neighborhood. Unfortunately, the children were never very nice to Tilly, finding xem odd. Instead of playing with Tilly, they’d tell xem to wait somewhere and then go off on their own to play while xe patiently hoped for their return. Eventually xe caught on to what they were doing, but Tilly tried not to let it bother xem. Xe would still follow them around, trying to play or just spend time with them, oblivious to how little they wanted to do with xem. Though perhaps Tilly wasn’t as oblivious as everyone thought. Xe knew that friends like that weren’t worth it, but xe would get attention one way or another. Tilly became a bit of a class clown, overbearing and a bit crass, often finding xyrself in the principal’s office more than most children. Still, xe was getting the attention from the other kids just like xe wanted, so maybe it was worth it. Over the years, Tilly continued doing the same thing, and people soon came to deal with xyr quirky personality. It wasn’t until Tilly’s parents passed away in a car accident, however, that xe saw just how ridiculous other people were. Xe had been given everything, and had enough in xyr bank account to be set for life, and then some. Though Tilly’s parents were never quite supportive or there for xem, xe was still their only child and thus the sole recipient of the inheritence.

Full Bio


Alternate FC Option(s)

Max Malanaphy, Kieran Strange, Ashley Fink, Mary Lambert

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The Croc is after Captain Hook

Day 17: Write a curse based on your favorite childhood villain.

I loved watching Peter Pan as a kid. So I wanted to do something with Captain Hook. But as I pondered, I kept remembering Tick Tock the Crocodile. I loved those scenes best. So I decided to use the two for this curse. It’s meant to fill the victim with paranoia, knowing that what they’re running from is catching up.

What you will need
-An old fashioned alarm clock with audible ticking
-A black candle.

Be incredibly careful when handling the Belladonna. It is very poisonous and can affect you if you have any cuts on your hands.

Place a Belladonna leaf beneath each foot of the clock. Set the alarm for about 5 minutes from when you begin. Light the candle behind the clock.

Say the words “(victim name), your personal crocodile is hungry. They got a taste and now wants the rest of you.” Repeat this two more times. Visualize your victim in fear. Picture then running in terror.
Now chant, slowly picking up the tempo until the alarm goes off.
“Tick tock, tick tock, it’s coming after you.
Tick tock, tick tock, there’s nothing you can do. ”

When the alarm goes off, blow out the candle, sending the fear to your victim.

Disney Haunted Mansion Stretch Portrait - Captain Hook Pin

Disney Haunted Mansion Stretch Portrait – Captain Hook Pin

Captain Hook in one of the famous Haunted Mansion “Stretch portraits”. He is on a tightrope walking over a water element with the Crocodile Tick-Tock (Tic-Toc) looking up at him with a hungry look on his face. Pin has a print insert and 3D sculpted antique brass metal frame elements.

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