2.9k of 10.23 coda. panic attack, mentions of charlie, the crypt scene and the library scene in 10.22, there’s food. sam and dean miraculously made it out of The Darkness™ (ao3)

“So,” Dean sighs and runs a hand through his hair, trying not to flinch when he doesn’t see the Mark on his arm, “That’s - that’s pretty much it.” 

Castiel stares at him for a solid minute before he actually says anything, “So Death told you about the Darkness… you almost killed Sam but instead, you… killed Death. And then the spell Rowena did worked and the Mark was gone. And then…”

“The Darkness,” Dean nods.

“The Darkness,” Cas echoes flatly, looking wholly unimpressed. “The Darkness.”

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Tickle Luke Imagine

luke-hemmings-is-a–penguin said: Pls can you do a Luke or Ash imagine where you’re cuddling and they end up tickling you?

A/N: This is short and s(hit)weet, sorry it sucks :(

You were lying on top of him as he played with the ends of your hair,

“This is nice,” You mumble against his chest, he laughs and smile appears on your face as you feel his body vibrate against yours.

“Isn’t it?”

“How are you feeling?” You ask him, he looks at you and nods his head.

“A little better.”

“Just a little better?”


“How can I make you feel a whole lot better?”

“Just stay with me and cuddle me,” He says still looking at his hair, you crawl up his body and lean over him as you place a kiss to his nose.

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“Most of the time we escape… and we’re just driving..and all this seems, it seems so far away because it’s just…just the two of us.”

“Don’t fight to die. Fight to live” *Oliver smiles and nods*

Felicity in the Atom suit.

This fucking adorableness to end all adorableness 

“…The truth is that we won tonight because I wasn’t alone”




When Ciel and Sebastian have sex it is very passionate but far from romantic. The little lord is happy to revel in any new sin the demon will teach him but part of him always stays distant, treating it as an amusement and nothing more.

But sometimes, on some rare occasions, Sebastian will look down in the dark and see his little lord’s eyes wet and shining and feel little arms cling to him tightly not in ecstasy but in pure and open need. 

He’ll slow, let Ciel pull him closer and whisper his promises into the boy’s ear. I’m yours, I will never lie to or betray you, I will stay by your side until the very end. He’ll say it again and again until Ciel nods and kisses him sweetly and almost innocently on the corner of his smirking mouth.

These nights end slowly. A steady gentle rhythm driving them to the end and Ciel in a blessedly dreamless sleep all curled up in Sebastian’s arms but in the morning not a word about it is spoken by either party and for that, more than anything else, Ciel is most grateful.

A princess and a dragon. || @base-gaurdian


“Let’s stop here… it’s not safe to travel when it rains like this…” The queen frowned, placing her hand over her husband’s, who nodded and gave a signal to the driver to stop. Soon, the carriage came to a halt and the royal family got out to find some place to hide.

As they stopped, the driver realized that there was something wrong with the wheel, and they would not be able to move anywhere, what caused some stir during which the little princess travelling with her parents disappeared.

No-one knew how it had happened; the queen was sure she was with the nanny, the nanny thought she was with the king, who was surprised she was not with her mother. In the end, it turned out the girl was lost somewhere in the forest.

Running between the trees, she found a cave, to which she crawled in, trembling in fear; she was terrified. Whimpering quietly, she rolled up close to the wall, hiding her face in her hands.


The Other Messi •Neymar imagine•


I smiled, as I played with Thiago on the floor. He threw the ball to me, and smiled. “Look, ready Thiago? Go” I said as I passed him the ball

He laughed, and kicked the ball it ended up hitting the wall. Making Antonella come into the living room, and look at us a smile on her face. “And here I think something bad happened” She said chuckling

I sat up, as Thiago ran over to her. “Oh! My little man” She says as she picks him up and showers him with kisses

I chuckled, “Anto, have you seen Lio around? I tried to call him but he isn’t answering”

She nodded, settling Thiago at her hip. “He’s at the fields, they just finished practice. I’ll drop you off if you want?”

I nodded, “Thanks “ I said smiling

I got up from the floor, as she set Thiago down. He followed me into the room, as I got my stuff. Thiago handed me my cleats and clapped his hands. “All done” He said as he smiled

I ruffled his hand and took his hand in mine. We walked out into the living room where Antonella was just walking out of the other room, grabbing the keys.

“Alright let’s go” She said

Thiago ran to the door, opening it we got in her car and headed towards Camp Nou. When we arrived I waved goodbye to the both of them and headed inside.

I was looking around for Lio, when I finally found him waiting at the gates. I walked over and smiled, “Well aren’t you early?” He said hugging me

I moved my hair out of the way, “Being early is never bad” I said as we started walking

He chuckled, when we reached the fields we just kicked the ball around for a bit. “Crap, Y/N stay here I forgot something in the car I’ll be right back” He said

I nodded ,“I’m not going anywhere Lio"I chuckled

I watched his retreating back, and then turned my focus onto the ball. I started juggling, and then I did a rainbow. With the ball on my feet it was another way I could think.

I wasn’t a very known child, I mean yeah the guys on the team know who I am. But I’m very shy, and I don’t talk much but when I play futbol it’s like I’m talking faster than anyone.

"You’re good” A voice said

I stopped the ball and turned slowly, it was Neymar. “Thanks” I said

I messed with my hair, and bit my lip. “So what are you doing here by yourself? ”

I could feel my face start to heat up, and I looked anywhere but him. Eventually settling my eyes on the floor, I spoke. “Li-Lio went to-to the car”

He chuckled, “You’re pretty cute when you stutter, it’s like you’ve been caught doing something you weren’t supposed to be doing” He said as he stuck his head in my gaze

I moved back slightly. “Um”

I heard his laughter, and it made my head look up slowly at him. A smile placed itself on his face, as he stared. I turned to look behind me, but there was no one there. “If you don’t mind me asking what are you staring at?”

He chuckled, “You”

I took my finger and pointed to myself. “Me? Why is there something on me?”

He shook his head. “No, you’re just cute that’s all”

My eyes slightly widened, he gave me a puzzled look and stepped forward slightly. “What? ” He asked

“I’m cute? I’ve only heard that from my brother and that was in a brotherly-sister way” I answered him

“Well you are cute, and pretty too. Plus I don’t think I’ve met any girl that’s as good as you are at futbol”

I felt all the heat rush to my face. He looked up and, smiled. “Wait here okay, I have something to give you” He said excitedly

I just nodded my head, and like Lio watched his retreating back. I looked around the fields to make sure no one was going to pop out of nowhere, and then I went and picked up the ball juggling it.

Just as I’d reached 20 juggling the ball, my ball was hit by another one. I looked around, and saw Neymar a smirk on his face.

“Look at it” He yelled from the other side of the pitch

I looked at the ball and at a first glance it doesn’t look any special or different. But then I really looked at it and saw some writing on it. Picking up the ball, I began to read the little squares.

‘I know you’re our other little golden Messi, so will you be my golden girl?’ I chuckled at it and looked up.Neymar was standing in front of me now, a smile on his face.

“So will you?”

I chuckled, “That’s really cute Neymar•

He did a little bow, "Why thank you my dear lady”

I laughed, and I saw the smile appear on his face. “How about it Y/N?”

I’d looked down at the soccer ball, and turned it in my hand. Looking back up at Neymar, I nodded my head.

He looked shocked as he pulled me to him, hugging me and kissing my cheeks. “Why are you doing that to my baby sister?” Lio asked

Neymar put his arm around my shoulders a smiled on his face. “Because I’m happy” He said

Lionel chuckled , “Okay Mr. Happy”

I’m with you, Steve...Till the end of the line. - Steve Rogers/ Captain America x Reader

{Credit it to gif creator}

Fandom- Marvel 

Character- Steve Rogers/ Captain America & Bucky Barnes/ Winter Soldier {Mentions of Tony Stark & Natasha Romanoff}

Word Count- 2465 Words 

You had been with SHIELD for little over a year, and you mainly trained with Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff. 

“You ready for the next mission (Y/N)?” Steve asks and you nod. 

“Of course, anything to clear out those guys trying to bring Hydra back,” You say and he nods at you. 

“Suit up,” He smiles and you nod back and head off to your room. 

You changed into the regular blue SHIELD uniform and slide your feet into your boots and slide the two guns into the holsters on the sides of your legs, filling your belt with some knives. 

You head out and see Steve in his Captain America suit. 

“The star spangled man with a plan,” You say jokingly and he rolls his eyes as he turns to you. 

“You’re ready?” He asks and you nod with a smile. 

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anonymous asked:

I read your meta on Han and Leia and I think you're mostly right! Except the Han and Leia chair scene comes before the kiss. You're totally right that Han is 2 steps ahead of Leia at that point. He knows he loves and I think he has decided to act on it, its just not the right moment. Thats why he is able to throw innuendo at her instead of sarcasm. That unnerved Leia, thus her head-clearing nod at the end of the scene. He didn't respond normally. After the kiss though, you're spot on!

AGH I just watched ESB again and YOURE RIGHT I always forget this darn it. BUT YEAH I think its a combination of emotional maturity (he’s ten years older than her, remember, and has been left by the person he loved twice before), experience, and character. 

Han is very obviously COGNIZANT, if not willing to fully accept, his feelings for Leia from the very beginning of ESB. I mean I’ve very little doubt in my mind that he KNOWS he loves her but just really really doesn’t want to admit it because he’s been hurt in the past and he can’t commit to anything without her admitting it BACK.

Leia, on the other hand … I’m not even sure that she’s fully aware that what she’s feeling is love until the days leading up to The Terrible Awful Scene Of Pain which I just had to watch again and goddamn but his little reassuring half-smile of broken heartedness RIPPED INTO MY SOUL.

Ahem. But uh. Yeah. You know what I mean.

MCU Clint Barton: An Unexpected Case of Representation.

So I’ve been reading the reactions to Age of Ultron over the last couple weeks with interest, maybe a little dismay, and a lot of head-nodding agreement. I understand most of the points of view, no matter how disparate, especially when it comes to characterization. 

When it comes to complaints about MCU Clint Barton, I really do see where people are coming from. I get why they’re upset. It’s not just that he has a family, but it’s also that he’s not quite the snarky, sarcastic and sometimes bumbling guy many of us expected and wanted. You know, the guy who apparently ends up in dumpsters on a regular basis. The one who’s bad at relationships, whose heart is in the right place but who can’t quite seem to make the world work for him. 

Now he’s a stable person? A father and husband with a house and life outside of SHIELD? I understand why folks might not like that.

As for me, though, I just had a realization about why I love the MCU Clint Barton, the dad who tears a house apart to make it better for his family, who looks at photos and thinks of them as he’s fighting impossible battles, who comes home to them at the end. 

I love him, and here’s why: Representation.

He represents a part of me that is rarely shown in good favor in pop culture in general, and even more rarely in superhero stories. 

He’s a parent.

I’m a parent, too, and I realized that the reason I’ve already written four Clint/Laura and family fics in two weeks and why I get excited thinking about more is because he’s representing parenthood in a world where parents hardly ever get a nod. Parents in pop culture generally are usually bumbling idiots or scarring influences who cause lifelong trauma or, even more often, they’re just absent. They’re not important. They’re often confining and awful. As a storytelling device they’re often the reason for the conflict, the catalyst for bad things.

However, to see a parent who is a superhero? To see a parent who clearly loves his kids and his wife and still goes out to fight and protect – and who loves his job as well – and then who comes home at the end of the battle to parent again? That’s cool. That’s a parent I can get behind. That’s a nice change in representation of parents in the media. 

So yeah. I like MCU Clint Barton. I like that parenting and family is what has come to define him. I’m good with that. It’s nice to see parents represented in a positive light.

Do I understand why you might not like it? Sure. Definitely. 

But for me, it’s a group I’m part of getting some kick-ass representation for once. I’m gonna take what I can get.

“You Heard?”
JImin Scenario
(966 Words)
Your heart felt like it was trying to escape your chest and fly away. Realizing you had been holding your breath you let the air go before taking another deep breath and stepping up to your bag hanging at the back of the room. Your eyes glancing nervously towards the boy standing next to you. Hurriedly you tried to get your books as fast as you could but ended up dropping half of your notebooks onto the ground. Cursing under your breath you tried to pick them up before he noticed the fumble. It was too late. He was already there smiling and helping you. Here came the heart palpitations again. *Is my face red? Probably.* You have him a little nod and quietly thanked him. You turned but he spoke,“You look a little pink and you’re shaky, maybe take a nap and get notes for this lesson from a friend ?” Catching in your thought your words would move so you just shook your head and hurried to your desk next to your friend. Leaning against your friend you whined about not being able to control yourself properly. Wanting to tell her all about him you restrained yourself as the teacher began to speak. Later at lunch you walked outside with your friends smiling and joking until the point where your friends pointed out your bumble when you were attempting to get your books. Groaning you hid your face a little,“It hard to not get so flustered around him! Have you seen his smile!” Your friend laughed,“We have but we don’t get sunburn red when we see it!” Huffing you whined,“Just shut up its not as funny as you guys think it is, my heart feels funny around him. I may have a condition.” Laughter erupted from your friends again as they all told you that you didn’t have a heart condition that you had a crush. “I do not! I mean he makes my heart beat faster and my palms sweaty, b-but it’s not a crush I swear.” You tried to hide your red face as you unwrapped your small lunch box. “Maybe it is a crush. Just a little though.” Your friend next to you patted you on the back giving you a little smile,“Maybe I could talk to him?” Almost throwing your chopsticks across the room you waved your hands,“N-no no! Don’t do that! If I really want to I can talk to him.” Raising an eyebrow and her smile turning a little sarcastic your friend nodded,“Ah okay, I see.” You let out another irritated huff of air before finishing up your lunch and hurrying back to class. Without your friends. They were annoying anyways. Also you had to try and cool your face to an even tone of not extreme bright red, but it flushed again as you smacked right into someone who for some reason was standing in the middle of the hall. You looked up about to give them a piece of your mind except the words jumbled when you saw his face. “Sorry! I was uh bathroom uh I mean… sorry!” Smacking you palm to your face you sighed and looked back to him,“Sorry I was walking too fast, didn’t mean to run into you.” Surprised at how clear and coherent that sentence was you gave a small apologetic smile. “No it’s totally fine I was actually going to talk to you.” This was even more of a surprise than you speaking to him, him speaking to you? Was this happening? Lightly pinching your thigh you though to yourself,*No okay this isn’t a dream, it must be a joke then?* You have a little nod to let him continue and explain. “I heard you uh talking with your friends. About me and so… you like me?” The already fast paced thumps in your chest seemed to go so fast they became one, your words almost choked you,“You heard that?!” Those giggles that you’d always loved hearing across the room were there standing in front of you now as he reached up to scratch the back of his neck. “I mean not really but from what I heard i kinda jumped to conclusions. I was mainly hoping it was true.” Looking up you could see his cheeks were pink. The little lunch that you had eaten stirred around in your nervous stomach as your mind raced at a thousand miles per hour. What do i do? He heard me, do i admit to it? Am i faster than him? Your attention snapped back to the issue at hand when Jimin cleared his throat, waiting for some sort of response from you. Taking a breathe you finally squeezed out some words,”Well i guess you might have jumped the right way. I mean well, you aren’t wrong. I sort of do like you.” Holding your hands tight by your sides to try to get them to stop shaking you looked up to see how he reacted. Instead of being met with the awkward look you had expected all you saw was his adorable grin. Well you saw it until he looked up at the ceiling while taking a deep breathe. Then looking back down his smile grew a little, “Well seeing as this makes it a mutual thing,uh, maybe you’d like me to walk you to class and we can talk about this situation?” He shrugged and held out his hand. Chewing on your lip you wiped the sweat from your hand and gently grabbed his before the two of you began down the hall. Glancing up at his still smiling face you sighed, looking back in front of you smiled too. Maybe this is the start of something good? 

Sorry Ive been very unactive its the end of the school year for me and its been pretty busy;; I hope you enjoy this quick piece though !

anonymous asked:

how would Jungkook give his gf a piggyback ride?

I can see his giving his girlfriend a piggyback ride being a very loving thing. It wouldn’t be like an adventure where at the end they fall to the floor laughing. No, I can see them walking home maybe, from a walk or a picnic or something, and it’s late, and they’re just walking, hand in hand, quietly. Then she starts yawning and dragging her feet a little, just generally showing signs of being tired. So he stops and says “Jagiya, are you tired?” When she responds with a little sleepy nod, he’d nod back too, mostly to himself, say “Here, then, get on.” then bend down and have her jump on his back. He’d carry her all the way home, hardly even noticing when she falls asleep on the way.

~ Admin Mimi

One Day // Ashton Irwin

I sat on the couch, Ashton sitting beside me with his arm around me. We were watching a movie, and we would kiss me every so often, just reminding me of how much he loved me. When the movie was over we didn’t move, I just snuggled in closer to him.

The movie was a family movie, and I didn’t even know how we ended up watching it, but it was cute and it made me miss my little cousins because little kids were so cute.

“Do you think you’ll ever have kids?” I asked him, putting my head on his chest.

“I think so,” He nodded. “I mean, I want to have kids one day. At least one kid. I hope I have the opportunity.”

“Me too,” I agreed. “I can’t wait to be a mom.”

“I think you’d make a great mom,” Ashton told me, kissing my head.

I looked up at him and smiled, kissing him on the lips. “That means so much to me. I think you would too. Well, a great dad, not a great mom. Unless that’s what you want to be,” I told him and then laughed, and he laughed too.

“You make me so happy,” He smiled, pulling me close again. 

I didn’t say anything else, not wanting to scare him. Ashton and I had been together for about two years, but we were still young, and I didn’t know what the future held. But I couldn’t help but think about how great it would be if I got the opportunity to start a family with him one day. I liked to think that maybe Ashton was the one for me, and we would be together for the rest of our lives, but I tried to live in the present. So I closed my eyes and concentrated on the way his arms felt around me, and how I felt his breathing, and the faint smell of his cologne that he had put on that morning. And everything in the moment felt like heaven. 

My Best Friend’s Wedding Part 10

The final part is here!!!!

I want to thank every single one of you who have read and enjoyed this story with me, thanks for keep hanging on and showing your love ;)

We’ve get to the end of this journey and I hope you like the last part of it and that you don’t feel disappointed by the way I chose to end it… I just loved the movie so much that I couldn’t help it… Just kidding, I said, it won’t end like the movie and It doesn’t, just read and you’ll see…

So… Hartbig, SFF/SFW, 2000+ words, as always ALL SWEET LITTLE LIES.

All yours…

She’s really a wonderful girl, and I just treated her like crap yesterday…. I need to apologize to her; we need to talk properly… Sort this out…“

Grace just nodded.

She has to accept it, she had lost and Shoshanna had won, that was it… She closed her eyes in the knowledge she had ruined, perhaps the last moments she could spend with Hannah properly and on their own; now she felt small and lost, and knowing that Hannah wouldn’t be there to pick her up, like she used to, made her feel even lonelier.

“What else were you expecting Grace??… Of course she would want to apologize to her; we’re talking about Hannah Hart, little nugget can’t be mean to anybody…” The redhead said in a calm but serious tone.

Grace was laying face down on the bed, face buried in the pillows and blonde locks sprawled all over.

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Play Crack The Sky, pt. 2

A small continuation of this.

Rin really did try to find a time to ask Ai on a date, but there never seemed to be a moment for it. In fact, for the rest of the week he probably hadn’t spent more than five minutes total actually alone with him. He finally managed catch Ai just after practice ended, still toweling his hair out and smiling when he saw Rin, draping the terrycloth over the back of his neck.

“Walk back with me,” he meant it to sound like an offer or a question but it came out in what Sousuke referred to as his captain voice and Ai paled a little before nodding and turning to tuck his towel away. Rin grimaced as he saw the scattered inside of Ai’s back, rolling his eyes as the towel was just stuffed in with the rest of the chaos before Ai pulled his shirt on over his head.

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Jang Hyunseung Sneaks In a Shoutout to BIGBANG During Recent "Inkigayo" Performance?

Jang Hyunseung Sneaks In a Shoutout to BIGBANG During Recent “Inkigayo” Performance?

BEAST‘s Jang Hyunseung, who is currently in the middle of his first solo promotions with “Ma First,” no doubt has a lot of fun on stage, giving 100 percent to every performance.

For the recent performance on “Inkigayo,” however, Jang Hyunseung gives a little more, sneaking in what appears to be a little nod to his buddies BIGBANG towards the end of his performance.

Can you spot it?


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Your Songs Remind Me of Swimming

Title: Your Songs Remind Me of Swimming (which I forgot when I started to sink)

Characters: OC’s, Avengers and Agents of Shield

Warnings: none, unless you count the little nod I gave to Agents of Shield at the end. I just thought it would be funny. If you haven’t finished the second season already it will be weird af, a bit spoilery, nothing too serius. If you have seen the season finale, I hope you find this as funny as I did.

Word count: 1, 269 words.

Request: X

A/N: English is complicated and got me confused once or twice. “Off of” wow way to complicate stuff. Also, I am giving names to the OC’s because I the names just found their way to my keyboard and my fingers just tapped what they wanted. I am currently writing the second part already (in my BioPsychology notebook) and its awesome and maybe I’ll make a short series. This is the first part, I hope you enjoy. Tell me your tips for this, requests, they are most welcome.

When you accepted your brand new job as an Avenger after the whole ‘Sokovia is flying, crazy robotic, science child of Banner and Stark tries to control the world’ shebang, Coulson forgot to tell you that you also signed up for ‘underrated babysitter for grown adults’. Most of them were more than ten years older than you! So when you, Fiona Costa, former agent of Shield, entered Avengers Tower, you more or less expected mature, quiet meetings on future strategies for missions, or tranquility and calm. You did not expect your ‘welcome wagon’ to be a bunch of muscular superheroes huddled in front of the elevator watching with rapt attention as the cabin went up and down repeatedly.

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The seventh year had come to an end and  the four biggest troublemakers in the history of hogwarts stood on the black sea for the last time. Right to the old tree where they had spent so many breaks. 
Sirius was the first who picked up a little stone and threw it into the water. ‘Can’t belive it! Finally, he got our map!’
Remus showed a warm ant gentle smile on his thin lips. ‘Keep calm, Padfoot.’ Peter nodded. ‘Yeah, we don’t need it any more.’
Sirius didn’t looked pleased. The work over all these years had gone. Taken by that grumpy caretaker.
‘Belive me, Padffot. One day there will be someone who find the map and can read all its secrets. A marauder like us.’ With these words James let his stone dancing across the lake while Padfoot grinned slightly.


‘Hurry up, before he comes back!’ the first year whispered and opend the door to Filchs office. His brother close behinde him.  
The began to search through some drawers until Fred found a blanc piece of parchment. 
‘Why does lousy Filch had an empty parchment in the drawer for confiscated stuff?’ George grabbed the parchment and turned it around. ‘Don’t know, but I hoped we find some joke articles.’
As if he used a spell, fine lines formed words. 
>Mr. Prongs congratulates Mr. & Mr. Weasley for finding the marauders map.<
>Mr. Padfoot welcomes you and hopes that you’re up to no good.<
>Also, Mr. Wormtail sends you best wishes and hopes that you are ready to swear.<
>Mr. Moony agrees with his mates and hopes that you will tell us if your mischief managed.<

Fred and Georged changed one look, only one but then they started to grin. tepped with their wands on the parchment and said: ‘I solemny swear that I’m up to no good.’