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How messed up is it that people don't like the term "allo" because it groups straights and gays together?? Like that's just sick. I can't believe some people. I've actually met people who don't like straights as a group and its just so backwards. As a hetromo ace I'm extremely disgusted by it.

And some of those same people who think “allo” is a bad word for grouping them together don’t want the A to stand for aspec, but for ally, aka straight people. It’s all very backwards, and I’m very sorry. I guess the only thing we can do is keep educating people and spreading positivity to the best of our ability. Keep your head up, dear, or your crown might fall off. 


  • Goro:  You don't look like thieves. You look like kids on Halloween.
  • Ryuji:  Do you want me to beat your dick off?
  • Goro:  You want to beat my dick off?
  • Ryuji:  Yeah I'll beat your dick off, both hands. Let's go.
  • Goro:  That's just sick.
  • Akira:  I think what he means is he is gonna punch you so many times in the genital area that your dick is just gonna fall off.

I’m not saying Alison is lying but all we know about the baby is what she’s telling us. We never saw her at the doctors.
Whenever Emily wants to go with her something happens and Alison goes by herself.
I actually don’t believe that she is pregnant. What does this have to do with the game? Thats just sick and disgusting.

Rylan: What if I just stayed here…

Barbie: Do not give uh your chance at a semi-normal life…

Rylan: My life sucks. It has always sucked. At least here I can hang out with you guys…

Barbie: And take over as cult leader? Thats just sick.

Rylan: I’m trying here guy’s… I’m just lost ok?

Nix: We are all lost ok? There is no meaning to life here…

the person writing piss fics of the irl people are back and god how digusting can you get. nobody cares if you like piss but when you drag real non consenting people into that thats just sick 

ppl seem a bit unaware so the quickest explanation I can give of the difference between a cis man doing drag and a trans woman is that they’re men in costumes

they’re doing it for entertainment and they can take the costume off at the end of the day. the whole premise of modern day drag is just “women and exaggerated femininity are funny lets make fun of them”. historically speaking its more complicated than that and some trans women also self-id’d as drag queens but thats pretty largely not a thing that happens anymore

rupaul himself is personally a massive transmisogynist too he absolutely hates trans women and he’s a fucking prick so, fuck him especially

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are these people seriously defending that fic?? I don't even read fics or anything but I am in the gotham fandom and god thats just so sick wtf. Has it gotten taken down yet??

It better be taken down. If just to shut the pedophiles up.

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What if ( sorry this isn't the reverse Au) Like what if how angel!Ross met Harpy!Holly Was because he was getting tired of not doing his job and putting off ( like leading people to "heaven" ) And so he looks on his list to visit the person he has to help and it's her So he travels to where she is and it turns out to be the woods. She is getting attacked by werewolve hybrids and she's trying to fly but her wing is damaged And he helps her and falls for her Eep

OH my gosh, and now that i think about it, weve never discussed how Holly n Ross met so this is practically canon at this point.

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Bellexa is a thing? I think I'm going to be sick that's just awful Lexa would never


also bloops: *ship lexa and bellamy*

i honestly believe we should get to the point where there is no word ‘gay’. we’re all people. we all like people. end of story. we want gay people to have equal rights, but we’ll only accomplish that if we get it through our heads that gay people are no different from straight people.

this world could be such a simple place if we’d just stop making differences between races, sexualities and genders. kids are getting brainwashed from the beginning, being told that gay people differ from straight people. hm, tell me how. by liking a person made out of flesh and bone? by liking a person who is perfectly compatibile with them? by liking a fucking person??

i’ll repeat this again..

we’re all people. and we’re all the same. no better, no worse. just people. now grow up and open your eyes.

You keep telling me you are crazy
That I don’t know you
You are like a snowstorm in July
And a trip to the beach in November
Like a stone falling upwards
And clouds on the ground
I don’t know you
I never will
And you tell me you’re a storm with skin
A little hurricane
Psychotic and delusional
But did you know I’m an elite sailor?
I know wind like no one ells
I learnt to navigate when I was 7
I know the strength of the wind by just looking at the waves
My head is hollow and the wind literally fills me
I have salt water in my veins and the weatherman on speed dial
I don’t plan on taming you
I plan on dancing with you
And when you get psychotic and delusional
I’ll hold your hand
And help you project the delusions onto a white surface
And we can watch your psychosis like a drive in movie
I’ll get the soda
You get the popcorn
—  This is dedicated to the love of my life.
My opinion.
  • <p> <b></b> I would be able to respect Stydia shippers if they weren't so fucking rude, like whenever I go to the Marrish and Stalia tag, all I see are salty Stydia shippers hating on our ship, while they could have simply tagged it as ANTI, as if it's that fucking hard. We see so much hate in our MAIN fucking tag, it's not even funny anymore. They want to annoy us, and if you want proof, I'll give you proof, don't worry. Stydia shippers are quick to belittle every little aspect of Stalia and Marrish, from the basement scene to the age difference, but they seem to forget how to read and hear when it comes to the problem with their own ship. Meanwhile, Stalia and Marrish shippers are actually able to be honest about the problems the ship has; while Stydia shippers live in their happy mediocre bubble of a nerdy (stalking, yelling, forcing, white fuckboy) boy and a popular (that has dated many guys before she even thought of Stiles, that has shown no romantic interest in Stiles, Holland Roden even said that the kiss was weird and out of place and they never mentioned it again) girl falling in love. There are way more reasons, but I'm sure you'd ignore them like you ignore everything. Stydia shippers get mad for an anti stydia post in the stydia tag, but as soon as a marrish/stalia shipper raises their voice (because it's honestly so fucking disrespectful how much hate and death threats we have to endure on a daily basis) we become the whiny pissbabies that complain about everything. No. Fuck no; that's not true, we're just sick of all the hate we get. This has nothing to do with my hate for Stydia, this is about facts. And these facts should be changed. Because if we can be respectful, then you should at least have the decency to tag your hate properly. Thank you and goodbye.<p/><b></b> Also, since this is my opinion and was tagged correctly, I'd like to ask Stydia shippers to ignore this, since I simply expressed my opinion and I didn't mean to offend anyone.<p/></p>

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I shouldn't even be surprised at HOW horrifically manipulative those "Zayn" quotes are about his anxiety... like... HOLY SHIT. That preys directly on the fans' emotional response and that's just... sick as fuck. I'm so angry.

It’s very heavy handed. And that’s 1DHQ’s m/o because in all honesty, this fandom does have a track record of being pretty dense. So they have to spell it out in no uncertain terms for fans to get it. And that’s in the grand tradition of these gems.

Liam in Attitude Magazine:

First you get something that you can fundamentally agree with. Call it the set up.

Then you’re hit with the unsubtle official narrative. Call it the okey doke.

Zayn in The Fader magazine:

Again, first you get something you can fundamentally agree with. The set up.

And true to form, it’s followed by the official narrative okey doke.

More okey doke…

The book is no different.

The set up is being lulled into a false sense of security, believability and acceptance by being told what you want to hear.

Then, the official narrative okey doke kicks in. This is what you must believe in order to be a “real” fan. And gosh, why would you doubt it? Didn’t that other stuff seem nice and honest??

I can’t even relate to anybody who claims to not know or understand this by now because how naive or foolish or irrational and stubborn can you be?? And yet, it’s working really well. 

His own team has used the anxiety narrative several times in the past with other clients (hello red flag). It’s a benign way to get press and and explain away behind the scenes thingies that no one wants to (or can) discuss publicly. Like a big fat scheme by 1DHQ to milk Zayn for a much money as they can while they can while simultaneously sabotaging his music career. That’s why we’ve got books and clothes and shoes but the music promo has dropped off the map. It’s obvious.

Nobody is saying there’s anything shameful in dealing with anxiety. Not at all. Who would think that?? And that’s why it’s been a successful go-to for other celebs. It’s just that taking in the big picture, I seriously doubt that’s Zayn’s issue at all. But in order to be a good “ztan” the sheeple will agree with every syllable of this book and spread it far and wide. That’s their concept of support and many aren’t at a place in their own personal development where they know any better. 

And what 1DHQ has done is like an abuser grooming their victim for the abuse. Your trust is won so that even when your gut, heart and mind scream that something ain’t right you stay and take it. Because you don’t wanna give anyone you care about a sad do you? You don’t wanna be difficult do you? You don’t wanna be a crazy bitch do you? Who would believe you anyway? Welp.             

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I ordered your book and it hasn't came yet *~*

Ahhh I AM SO SORRY. Deeply and truely !!! Rly did not expect for it to take this amount of time!!! But hey I guess it is a learning experience maybe!!! I was hoping 2 get them sent out last week but ran into some unforeseeable health problems and I havent been at home for dayz bc of that, which is where all the books are !!! However, I did sign and write notes in an entire box full of them, so those are ready to send out !!! Also got some fancy equipment that will make packaging and shipping alot easier, so thats tight + sick !!!! Just gotta get back home this week and it will be underway. So so so so so sry. I promise u will receive it sometime in November, before the end of the month. If not, u are entitled to throw rocks and footballs at me for 1 hour nonstop. Life is crazy and dark sometimes!!! Best wishes and thx for ordering one. I’ll Nvr Let You Down (Again)