I’ve been waiting too long to say goodbye to the man I knew
and now all I have left is this shell to say it to

closure is important


The story we have been a part of will live long in the minds of men. (24.12.12)

I do wonder if ultimately the day will be saved by the return of John Watson in his full glory - a John who finally understands himself and Sherlock and the meaning of their partnership. I don’t believe we get them back together in 221B without John going through his own kind of heroic arc of destiny. I think it will take an emotional reckoning to get to that understanding. The power of this duo has always been the emotional response readers have to them. That together they fit. Perfectly. If this adaptation is about how they got there & imagining a different long term game that has them together rather than canonically apart…then I think that journey will be a painful one. I think they are going to make them not being together seem like an injustice that has to be righted. For balance to return to this universe we need John back. I think Moffat and Gatiss have planned this disruptive, unsettling s3 that us left us shut out of so much of John’s arc *precisely because it can then be righted*. I’m expecting the pendulum to swing back to us seeing the world through John’s eyes with gut wrenching force.


I took the liberty of cutting and quoting this from gloriascott’s wonderful headcanon because man, it gives me so much hope. Even though I don’t like speculating on showrunners’ intentions, reading s3 through this lens really saves it for me.

Just heard the news that Terry Pratchett has passed away. I’m devastated for the loss of such a wonderful man - the man who shaped my childhood and whose world I often preferred to live in with all its monsters and magic and micheviousness. My heart goes out to his family and those who will also be hit hard by his loss.
Thank you for everything you gave the world Mr Pratchett, we’ll miss you x