People that are having an issue with certain USWNT’ers flying in first class:

Okay, I have to go on a little rant. I get so frustrated when Rose Tyler is dismissed as being, “just a teenager.” She didn’t stay a teen forever! Come on!!

She was 19 when she met the Doctor, and she traveled with him for approximately two years. (I give it 18 months-3 years, and personally lean towards the higher end.) That means she was 21-22 when she was trapped in Pete’s World.

Then she was there for about three years–just judging by how old her brother was in SE/JE. So now she’s AT LEAST 24.

Plus she saw and did a lot in traveling with the Doctor. She was an average nineteen-year-old, but by the time they were separated, she’d matured far past her 21 years. On Krop Tor, it was Rose who took charge and got the Sanctuary Base crew working together–not Zach or Jefferson. Rose probably had more experience with dangerous situations than Zach, and she had more experience getting people to see their potential than either man.

So can we stop dismissing her as just a teenager? She was an adult woman who learned a lot travelling with the Doctor.

And just to say it–her feelings for him were not a teenage crush. They might have started as infatuation (because hello, most romantic love does!), but they deepened into something real and long-lasting. It was not puppy love.


Do we know whether this symbol has any significance? The last clue does mention “THE FINAL PIECE IS IN YOUR HAND” and that symbol is indeed a hand… the trail from the X starts near it too-

I also saw this symbol twice in the journal but I still don’t understand its significance.

The 100...

Things I agree with:

1) people being aloud to mourn and be pissed about Lexa’s death.

Things I don’t agree with;

1) people trying to shut down a show that still has so much potential and is a support system for so many people

Last evening, Mr. DKNC came home after 11 days away. As #1 came home from Ireland while he was gone, it marked the first time all five of us would be together in our home in about two months!

So naturally, the woman who has nearly given up cooking in the face of everyone’s (including mine!) crazy schedules, made a great big dinner with some of everybody’s favorites. And of course, #1’s girlfriend came over as well as some other friends of my boys who tend to refer to themselves as my “honorary sons.”

It turned into quite the celebration, and after dinner, one of the boys pulled out Settlers of Catan–a game all of the younger folks present have seemingly become quite obsessed with–and convinced Mr. DKNC and I to play with them.

They enjoyed laughing at me as I asked if anyone had bricks to trade for “trees” or “rocks.” They thought it was hilarious that the number “4”–the only number that would give me bricks was not rolled ONCE in the entire game.

They were not quite so amused, however, when the woman with the tiny road and poor settlements–ignored by all of them as they battled to sabotage each other–quietly collected some kickass development cards (for which brick is unnecessary, thank you very much!) and won the game!

Later, as Mr. DKNC and I left them to their own devices and headed to our bed, we laughed as we could STILL hear them saying to each other, “Who thought it was a good idea to let Mom play?” and “She ALWAYS does this! We never learn!”

All in all, a fantastic evening and night. I do love my guys!!

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Thought you'd appreciate this :D twitter(.)com/clexa_domrep/status/758522033361780736

Are you seriously telling me that I just found out there are other Dominican Clexa fans but that they support Leskru/The Forum, LGBTFans, TTP, as well as The PA and are just generally yikes?! I’m burning my passport. Dominican who? Anyone want to adopt me? 

So sore I cant...

What’s the sores you’ve been? And what couldn’t you do (or what did you struggle to do)?

From Tuesdays workout (squats and lunges killed) I’m still struggling to pee. Gotta plop on the seat and pray I can find the strength to get up lol. The struggle is real.

3 eggo blueberry waffles for breakfast. I chose blueberry or cinnamon so no syrup needed and easy to eat on the go. 7 sp.

you were lied to by the abuser who had 0 proof and believed her over the abused, who had literally 15 pages of emotional labor of screenshots on context for y’all

and that would have been okay by itself! she’s a manipulative liar! i’ve said it 50 times today! it’s not your fault

but then you ignored all of that, because you believe the abuser over the person she abused, because of a 1 and a half year age gap, because you believed the abuser over the abused, who lied and said this age gap magically became four years, when you had proof that nope, something was fishy

and you ignored all of that. which is your fault.


you’re a shitty person


I can’t believe you beat me to it

Just some heart warming stuff for you nerds! I had some dialog planned but i thought it would go better without words. I also wont be posting as much comics after this because im starting school tomorrow. kill me quick