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So the first reaction of my friend realising whitley is shitley and him saying " It's foolish not to do as Father asks. " is " did father also ask you to have shitty proportions you cornflake " and I needed to share this

People who actually like Whitley are cryptids

Announcement time!

Thank you everyone for your overwhelming support and kind words. I literally almost cried.

Seeing how excited everyone got over being a part of my Miraculous Meets comic, it made me really sad that I decided to end it. I want to continue making art for you all, and I want to incorporate your ideas as often as I can soooo,, I created a side blog for the ML Bender AU!

This is a blog where you can interact with the characters or submit your ideas for certain situations the characters can face/what you want to know about these characters in this AU. (I already have some backgrounds for the characters but I’m open to illustrating your HCs)

It’s still a work in progress, so bear with me ^^” Also let me know what you think I should add/take away. You all have such creative ideas and positive energy, I hope you’ll all have some fun with this. This blog is for you guys (and for me to practice my shitty anatomy and proportion skills) so go crazy!(: 



I couldn’t give it as much of a Firefly aesthetic as it deserved but anyway, here's some of my art for the Big Bang

The story is an amazing Reynabeth space AU from scrhaiser you can read it here

Edit: Did you guys see anything? I recalibrated my screen and it was all black. I hope it looks better now

ayyyy boi this was hard as fuck to draw (but it’s worthy a good fanart for mah graceful inspiration, i love this AU becuz i love personified objects aaand well is rly good)

Melody, Terry, Finnick and Pablo belongs to mysticbaconslice

Hope y'all like dis ;v; (i cried again of happiness with that shitload of notes because that fanart of scott lol i even gained 2 followers i’m so happy grace)

Finally, my shitty, badly proportioned Dave. Anyway, there’s not much here. I just imagine that Dave’s a DJ somewhere. I felt that his Alpha attire would fit him the best for said job. He actually co-owns a night club called “The Scratch” with his brother Dirk. He makes the playlists, takes requests, and deals with the customers, while Dirks makes the lyrics for any original tracks, acts as a bouncer, and deals with the money portion of the business (paying bills, purchasing drinks, stuff like that). They’re very successful for their Houston location, and are thinking of opening another location in Dallas, maybe even Austin.

Anyway, I apologize for the hands. I tried drawing them a million times, but I finally gave up and just drew whatever. This ends the ones I want to do. I’ll take requests for Homestuck guys so I can improve my skills with drawing guys (all but Equius, I’m not drawing him quite yet). It’d just be simple poses, nothing fancy. I’d pick one myself, but I’m not sure which guy to draw.