Stop ship hate.

Okay, all of this ship hate is getting out of control. Listen, if someone likes a couple or the idea of a couple, let them ship it. Please. Dear god it’s like saying I like Eruri and then a person who doesn’t like it and ships something else calls me names and shit. This ship hate is seriously getting to the point where someone was told to commit suicide because they made an Ereri post. IF YOU DONT LIKE THE SHIP, KEEP FUCKING SCROLLING. ITS NOT THAT HARD, WE ARE NOT CHILDREN. LETS ACT LIKE IT. Don’t waste your time putting others down, we like what we like, so sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.


I love Angela so much aha she wrote that episode and AHHAHAH I SERIOUSLY CANT STOP LAUGHING

that wasn’t even Lydia I mean AHAHAHAH so his worst fear is to burn her while they are having sex? It’s so official and canon then that all he wants from her is sex camon guys AHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH GOODLUCK TO THOSE WHO SHIP THEM 😂😂

Alice is very shipable with everyone but i don’t think she is ready for a relationship. [She is too naive and i’m not sure she knows what love is. I have always thought she had a crush for Oz and i have shipped them so hard but now i think she should be single. She deserves love but i don’t think she needs to be in a romantic relationship. Think how awesome and badass single lady will alice be*-* I want that to happen*-*]  
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Hihihihihihihiihhihiihihihihih XDDD

oH yeah!!

 If the boy is really a member of ExO..jesus.. its going to be a MESS !!

Poor girl.. EXO-L are not going to be gentle with her..

These young boys already have girlfriends while our boys.. (:

Yes!! i ship them so hard ;-; they are So perfect togther!!

stereofox33 asked:

For the straw hat crew, who do you think prefers change from least to greatest? I would believe Luffy likes it the most but would love to hear your opinion.

Huh, interesting question. It’s hard for me to say though. I guess it depends on what kind of change we’re talking about. The pirate lifestyle is inherently chaotic–living on a moving ship, constantly traveling to new places and meeting new people and being confronted with new dangerous–so it’s difficult for me to really point at any of them as being uncomfortable with change as a general matter, since their whole life is one of constant change. 

Still, there are two things I can point to that set some crew members apart from the others. First, I think that Usopp and Chopper are the most anxious members of the crew. They’re the ones who typically have the biggest fears relating to the idea of new, unknown (and known) dangers. So when they’re moving into a new situation in a dangerous place like the New World, they’re going to be the most apprehensive about it. Brook and Nami both feel this way too often, but not as much as Usopp and Chopper, I think. 
Second, there are some crew members who resisted joining Luffy more than others. Chopper, Sanji, and Franky–those are the crew members who, even after Luffy defeated the bad guy and they were being actively encouraged to join the crew and wanted to themselves, still resisted joining because they felt like they couldn’t for some reason. Chopper didn’t believe that a reindeer like him could be a pirate, Sanji wanted to stick around until the day when Zeff acknowledged his cooking (and probably because he felt like he owed it to Zeff to stay by him), and Franky didn’t feel like the Franky Family could get by without him and he was still blaming himself for what happened to Tom. None of them were resisting because they had an issue with change as a general matter, but it’s still something to point to relating to them being stubborn and having a difficult time letting go of certain things. 

All the Straw Hats have those things though–beliefs and values they refuse to compromise on, but for the most part I think of them as all being pretty flexible when it comes to change. 


Quick drawing!

Actually I shipping too many couples from Tourabu here. But these are the ones I’ve drawn, planning to draw more other couples.

But let’s talk about them a bit! (Yup, please bear with my shabby English skill)

-Kashuu x Yamato (KiyoYasu of course) I like them because they’re Okita’s swords. And I’m really crazy about Shinsengumi. So, I ship them hard (but well, since my most favorite one is Yasusada-san, so I’m all ok with AllxYasu lol, but most favorite ones of mine are KiyoYasu and KaneYasu)

-Akashi x Ichi-nii (AkaIchi) I’m actually a big fan of Seme Ichi-nii, hardly like him as Uke (I even prefer IchiTsuru than TsuruIchi, but well, I’m not a big fan of them together though lol) but, I don’t know. I think Akashi and Ichi-nii are great together. Like, a diligent wife with a lazy husband lol.

-Ichi-nii x Kousetsu (IchiYuki) I heard they were once together but really few information I can find (sob) but still, I first came across this pairing on the time I’m searching around Kousetsu tag on Pixiv. I like Kousetsu a lot but I really don’t know who people ship him with, so I was searching just by curiosity, and boom, I came across this pairing. And yup…I love this pairing very much! But there’s really few work on Pixiv… 

anonymous asked:

You haven't posted any stories in a while. Do you still ship at all?

Well I’m still working on my next big ass podfic …and true I haven’t written anything lately but I still sail some ships.

Kaner/Tazer, Kazer, Peekaboo/Captain Serious whatever you name it. Jonny and Patrick. I ship them so fuckng hard.

Just look at all this love


Sid/Geno, The captain and his goon, from Russia with love or whatever, I ship them hard as well.

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Are u gonna keep writing larry fanfic tho?

Absolutely 1000000%. It’s just like any other non-canon ship. Even if two characters or people aren’t really together (or you don’t know if they’re together) doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the idea of them and make badass fanworks to celebrate it. I mean look at Destiel, Johnlock, Stony (?), Drarry, all the classics that people go hard as fuck for without any canonical evidence for romance.

In fact, I was writing larry fic before I ever believe larry was canon in the first place. Give Me Truths, which is my most popular work and (if I may be so bold) one of the more popular fics in the fandom, was started before the tipping point for me. It wasn’t until I was halfway done writing it that I started to believe larry was canon. And you wouldn’t be able to tell, because reality and fiction don’t have to intersect. That’s the beautiful thing about it.

tldr hell yeah fuckin right I will

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I feel like Izzie and Alex getting married was pointless. It just further hurt Alex and made Izzie look like a jerk, which she really wasn't. I shipped them so hard and she was my favorite character her run on the show. I jsut feel like the wedding was no needed at all.

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