I’ve been watching a lot of popping animation dances lately, and so…this happened. So I guess this is a little AU where Gon and Killua do popping animation dancing? I thought it was a pretty cool dance style!

“You’re going to be bad for business, I can tell.”

@lesetoilesfous requested Moulin Rouge!Kuroken and I died a thousand deaths of happiness. 

Okay, I wanted to wait at least till the end of the Piffle arc, but who am I kidding, I am not a patient person.
Nick, you are incredibly nice and intelligent and fun person. Thank you for weekly supply of painfully beautiful CLAMP experience! I just wanted to give you something nice in return and this strange picture was born. Fai and Kurogane are being Fai and Kurogane here, Sakura is slightly confused by your avatar picture, Syaoran is full of his own brand of fiery determination. And Mokona is just full of loooove for everything!
Anyway, thanks for inspiration to draw first TRC pic in last four or five years. And since winter is coming it’s CLAMP, I wanted to give you this innocent and silly stuff when it still matches the mood.
Oh, and please ignore messy text and awkward attempts to hide mistakes! here I’m saying something lame about English not being my native language 

Have fun with future chapters!



I’m actually beyond words, I’m so blown away. I’m going to treasure this. 

Thank you so much. 

this week’s self indulgent doodle. Hey, if you can’t draw your characters looking blankly to the side in a generic pose now and again, are you really living your best life?

In other news I started watching Haikyu! yesterday and I love it! I have the urge to draw my characters in volleyball uniforms now…

I’m going to answer more of the worldbuilding wednesday questions this weekend too, but put them in a big post so I don’t annoy too many people


Kristen Stewart pose for James Ryang

“I don’t like the idea of people thinking that I don’t give a fuck, nobody fucking understands or loves what they do more than me, so it really kind of hurts. What I don’t give a fuck about is stuff that doesn’t matter. Don’t get it twisted, you know what I mean? Do not get that shit twisted”


Peter took time to come and have his picture taken with my son in Cardiff on Saturday, even though he was being called back to filming.

After I got close enough to ask him to come over to my son, when he had finished signing autographs, he said “Where’s this wee boy? What’s his name?”.

My son was so in awe of meeting the Doctor that he couldn’t turn away from him to face the camera, so Peter took my phone to take a selfie picture of the two of them.

I can’t overstate how kind and patient he was. When I thanked him he said “It’s a pleasure” and I believe it really is for him. He’s a fan who seems to thrive on meeting the fans. I should add Jenna was also lovely and posed happily for pictures.

Peter carries himself very much with the serious persona of the Doctor for photos, but he does crack the odd smile!

A dream come true for my son.

 ~ from May 27, 2015 ~


(Cuteness! Do not know about you guys but had not seen these before until recently so thought I’d share.)

on one hand I really love the idea of a soft kind of Bitty, really gentle and sweet and always puttering around the kitchen and just always smiling and laughing
and then I love Bitty who’s in The Zone while playing or working out at the gym, who gets this super aggressive look on his face and you can clearly see his crazy muscles while he’s doing he’s doing pt and shit
and then I love the idea of combining the two and imaging seeing Bitty at like a yoga class and his face is so calm and happy and he’s actually kinda relaxed, but sometimes a pose will get to him and he just goes into “fuck it I’m gonna be able to do this” mode and gets all serious real fast and

ugh just give me a soft spoken Bitty who will kick my ass like


This maned wolf doll was requested by a customer who was happy to let me experiment with construction which is awesome. I was asked to make a maned wolf with a skull head, so this is what I designed.

It has sculpted legs attached to pin joints so they can be posed. The body is just stuffed fabric, and the tail has weight in it, so only the legs move.

As a method I love it, they are guaranteed to never ever ever break at the articulation point, and it offers a more affordable way of getting an anatomically correctish doll. I’ll be doing this again… it was fun to build and fun to make and I’m really happy with it.

yup. love it when commissions turn out this way!

it is entirely one of a kind, the legs and head have been sculpted from fimo and painted with acrylics. There are no moulds so no parts are cast. Unique pieces like this start at £300. Please get in touch at if you’re interested!

my shop is here, although it’s sadly empty at the moment! But there might be a bonanzo on the 12th..


// #lovingyogis day 5: garland pose

i love making silly faces in yoga photos. for those who have followed me long enough, you guys have seen a fair share of my silly, hilarious, and pretty unglamourous yoga photos. sometimes i think i look totally silly, and i even have people unfollowing me because they cannot deal with these kinds of photos haha. 

but in a way, i really cherish these photos because they show a sense of joy and playfulness in my practice. 

and to me, playfulness is important.

loving yourself also means that you are able to laugh at yourself. being able to accept your little quirks and not hang them in shame. being able to look totally silly but at the same time being totally happy with that <: 

maybe some day when i am feeling down with my yoga practice, i am going to make a little collage of all these photos and remind myself what keeps me going back into the mat. 

it is the sheer joy and satisfaction that fuels my love for yoga <:

Mark Sheppard is truly the loveliest guy ever.
We got to chat before the photo due to him still having a mouthful of food and having to swallow it. He asked me how I was and my name. When I said Lily he said how much he loved that name, and his dog was called Lily. He then went on to talk about his two jack russells Lily and Daisy. I spoke briefly about my dog too.
My brain was mush. I could hardly believe that I was talking about DOGS with MARK SHEPPARD of all people. He was so lovely and kind and calmed my nerves.
I asked him for the pose and he really liked the idea. Looking into his eye over my shoulder was such a great moment!
I thanked him afterwards and he said again how lovely I was and how he loved my name!
He remembered me at autographs and I told him how much he meant to me and he said he was touched and again told me I was lovely.
I think he’s the most amazing and genuine person ever. I am very lucky that I got the opportunity to chat to him!


March 16th: Sequel Please

The Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix

So here’s me trying to pose because I got another awesome shirt made by Kaitlyn!

You know what else I got?? THIS NOTE. kbearluna wrote me a note.

Them and Sharon have been talking about me. They are saying nice things about me. Kaitlyn called me their friend. Just- I can’t. I love them so much.
But for real though, this is the kind of role model people should have. I’m really proud of how far they’ve come and how far they’ll keep going. I won’t ever stop looking up to them and I’m sure there’s a whole lot of other folks who feel the same way. Thank you.<3

But did it stop there? NOPE. They made the tiny ginger into a tiny ginger Harry Potter. I can never wash this shirt.

Always kinda wished there was a deus-ex-machina-final-move that came from the Matrix, kind of like the Avatar State.

Like I’d love to see OP go HAM one day, getting so upset that his optics glow white and he starts to float or whatever. With a wave of his hand he fells entire divisions of the Decepticons, thousands of them. He eventually makes his way to Megatron who is watching him carefully, and in a defensive pose. He’s probably shaking slightly, but don’t let him hear you say that.

Glowing OP floats ominously before him for a moment, and then gracefully raises a hand, his intentions unknown. Megs flinches and tightens his stance, gritting his denta. OP hasn’t spoken once since he went all supernatural, but suddenly, he does.

“…No. There has to be another way.” His voice is not entirely his own.

His optics start to go back to blue as he quickly drops to the ground and punches Meg’s lights out.

Then, when Megs wakes up in med bay, he has to consider what he’s going to say during the day’s strategy meeting, since he’s positive Starscream saw what went down and will NOT shut up about it.

How is he supposed to move forward against an enemy that has THAT kind of power, just boiling under the surface, but has been, up until now, RESTRAINING themselves? There’s not even a guarantee that Optimus can even control it, and he certainly doesn’t have a solid idea of what triggered it outside of “he was angry”; this power could be unleashed again at any time! So, the only answer is…

… to make himself STRONGER than this power. (Or at least just as strong ;P)


OITNB star says media needs to represent full-figured woman

NEW YORK (AP) — If you check Danielle Brooks’ Instagram account, you’ll see plenty of poses that ooze self-confidence, from shots of the “Orange is the New Black” star in glamorous outfits to a selfie of her with her midriff exposed.

But full-figured Brooks says it has taken some mind manipulation to get her to feel as happy with herself as the vibe she projects.

“I kind of like tricked myself into this love, and positive affirmations that I have for myself, which has been really good,” said Brooks. “I don’t wanna walk around this world feeling like I don’t feel worthy, or I don’t feel like I’m beautiful because society has shown me that I am not enough, because they don’t put me on the cover on the magazines or I don’t see myself reflected in media enough.”

Brooks is doing her part to make that change happen. The actress, who was nominated for a Tony for her role in the revival of “The Color Purple” on Broadway, has teamed with Refinery29 for its campaign to make full-figured women more visible in media.

“I think that we have a long way to go, but I think we are gonna now start to see a big shift in the change in media, in magazines, on the fashion runways, on our screens, in television,” she said.

The “67 Percent ” project aims to showcase more women who are over a size 14; the website says the majority of women in the United States, or 67 percent, are in that size range. Brooks has been the face of the campaign, which launched this week.

Brooks, who is also a spokeswoman for the clothing line Lane Bryant, said that when she first gained fame for her role on the award-winning Netflix series, she couldn’t find any designer willing to dress her for major award shows.

“It was very difficult to find a dress that I felt represented who I am that wasn’t black or blue or a plain Jane dress,” she said. “Like, I wanna wear cutouts, I wanna wear the bells and whistles, and just all the different kind of textures that other girls get to wear.”

Christian Siriano came to her rescue and has become her go-to designer. But she added: “I’m looking to wear a plethora of different designers. I want to walk on a carpet and get to wear Prada or Gucci or whatever that might be, and so, I feel like they need to step up. It’s time, we’re here.”

Brooks said that when she flaunts her confident self in public, it reverberates with her fans, who then send her messages that they feel more confident with their bodies as well.

“When a woman doesn’t see themselves represented enough … you feel unimportant, you feel like there has to be something wrong with me,” she said. “But then you come across a program or a project like the 67 Percent project with Refinery29 and you are now seeing yourself and you realize, ‘Oh, more than half the world looks like me! I’m not the problem here.’”


Practicing poses on today’s Doctor Kawaii

 Say what you will, but I am super excited for Peter Capaldi to be the new Doctor.

It’s a rare thing to love something so much as a kid and then be able to become that thing when you grow up. It’s really exciting and sweet to see that this kind of thing has happened to Peter Capaldi. 

This photo of him hanging out with Sean Pertwee doing the over the top OH NO MONSTERS!!1!11! is one of the first things that made me think that he was/is going to be just fine in this role.

External image

anonymous asked:

An s/o that absolutely adores praising & pampering Karamatsu for really no particular reason and Karamatsu is just so overwhelmed & confused as to why they're so overly nice & sweet to him bc he's not used to it so he thinks they're doing all these nice things as a joke. And one day he asks them about it in which s/o confesses to him with something along the lines of "I really love making you happy & seeing you smile? I love you a lot tbh?? Also you look really nice today & I got you this thing"


“Ah, Karamatsu, I’m here!” [Name] called out to him. He turned from his pose on the bridge to looking at you, pulling his sunglasses down to wink at you. [Name] giggled with a slight blush, pecking his cheek when you walked up to him.

“You’re such a cutie,” [Name] commented. “You look really good, by the way. you always look good when you’re wearing your jumpsuit.” They quickly grabbed Karamatsu’s hand with a squeeze. He smiled bashfully, letting them lead him to wherever their heart desired.

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I was kind of hesitant to show you this because I’ve never really submitted something before but I hope you like it anyways! >_

-He looks beautiful! ! I love the look you gave him. Very soft. And the way you colored the clothing is just amazing His pose is very beautiful ♡

Frank and Lee from Kori’s sweet, thought-provoking, occasionally gut-wrenching, always beautifully crafted comic, Prince of Cats, which will be launching into its FINAL CHAPTER on December 1st! I highly advise all you lovely people to rush off and read it POST-HASTE.

Kori was kind enough to commission this from me last year, and I had such a great time making these lovely boys. Two-character poses allow for really enjoyable character interaction, and dancing is always a blast to depict! :D

Well, here’s the full picture that i uploaded the other day……

I didnt feel very good about Rose’s pose, so I ended up cropping it. I think when I first posted it, I ended up putting up a bunch of text without really elaborating.

I think it’s really great that Raiden finally shrugs off societal pressure and  embraces that he enjoys killing in MGR. Rose would love him for it.

When Rose is mentioned in regards to his decisions, Raiden invariably answers that Rose will understand, unwaveringly and without hesitation.And of course she would… She married him knowing the kind of man he was.

Rose is no stranger to war. War takes many forms. Her weapon is one of manipulation and psychology, a smile on her face and a dagger behind her back…She’s well aware the risks and sacrifices. 

She’d be so happy for him that he’s come to terms with himself. He can be the brutal death-machine he is on the battlefield, and she’d love her sweet, dorky, war-machine regardless. Because even those capable of the worst have people that love and cherish them…..and Raiden is not even close. 

It is so cute. 

The red string between their blades is based on the idea of the Red thread that links people made for each other in Asian tradition.

In the end, they’re very similar people……. 

…..Because at some point… Rose was forced to abandon the notion that "this relationship is my job" and came to terms with the idea that she genuinely loved this man, and that it was important enough, to outweigh the consequences.  Just as he was forced to abandoned the false nobility of his purpose and demonizing his opponents to embraced that he genuinely enjoys the work he does, and the decisions he’s made and his new-found purpose outweigh the consequences.

Of course she’d understand…..she absolutely would…..

TDLR: They are so cute omg Rose x Jack the ripper is OTP and she’d be so happy for him. she is seriously the perfect person for him.. awwwwwwwwww