TAG (wow im so late)

1. how tall are you? 

5′2″ aka perfect hugging height for pcy 

2. what color and style is your hair?
short coconut hair with dark dark red tips lmao 

3. what color are your eyes?
super dark brown //: im basic bye 

4. do you wear glasses?
yeah )):

5. do you wear braces?

6. what is your fashion style?
okay but i wear the same jacket and the same 5 black shirts and jeans everyday my friend was even like??? whyre you wearing the EXACT same shirt and i was like??? are u stupid this is slightly darker black binch b y e

7. any freckles/moles/beauty marks?
i have a few freckles on my face and some birthmarks on my arms here and ther oh but my fave if a birthmark in the shape of a heart on my chest where my heart is like binch im blessed ((((:

8. when were you born?

November 10

9. how old are you?

10. where do you live?
new mexico, USA,.,.,., it would be a SHAME if someone came to my house and cuddled with me and watched lotto on repeat for a couple hours,.,.,a damn SHAME !!!! (please give me attention i just wanna love u all)

11. do you have siblings?
i am the baby out of 7 tho theyre all half-siblings 

12. do you go to school?
yeah sadly ////:

13. what kind of student are you?

i wanna be their fave and i wanna be their best student (and i am bc i got straight A’s last school year hAH)

14. what are your favorite tv shows? 

supernatural, doctor who, the office, sherlock, voltron, parks & rec, AHS, burn notice okay im so sorry im basic trash but ///; (absolute faves in bold) 

15. favorite pastime?
listening to soft indie and thinking about hecking pcy 

16. what is your dream job?
psycologist but.,.,., well imma try 

17. would you like to get married one day?
uhh well me and pcy already decided a date so ofc

18. would you like kids one day?
honestly??? maybe but im// not good with kids

19. girly girl or tomboy?
both honestly 

20. do you like shopping?
yeah but im broke 99% of the time

21. what countries have you visited so far?
mexico when i was smol it was great 

22. what’s the scariest nightmare you’ve had?

L I ST EN, okay so me and kyungsoo were cuddling (the norm) and then he left and i was attacked by spiders and i actually cried so i concluded that ksoo protects me and i should never leave him

23. do you have enemies?
honestly??? my sister shes so ??? rude adn ungrateful and i h a t e her bye 

24. do you have a s/o?

25. if not, do you want one?
i mean if it isnt pcy then bye

26. are you open about your feelings?

honestly no but you can still tell bc im not good at hiding my emotions bc im a weak hoe lmao stop me  

27. what’s your family like?
uhhh they are honeslty all fake hoes and they try and be nice to me but im not close to them so i (running emoji)

28. would you date someone your family didn’t approve of?
i mean if its a stupid reason then i would still date them but i would consider it carefully 

29. any pet peeves?
ppl who act like theyre better bc they smoke weed lmao, ppl who are always in a bad mood n are mean for no reason, people who cant handle their stress, and people who are super oblivious to the hurt theyre causing like???

30. do you believe in astrology?
the stars dont lie binch 

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She deserved better. And I would’ve done anything to give it to her.

my community theatre is figuring out what show we’re going to do next summer, & right now it is looking like either wonderful town or the wizard of oz

(kill me, i hate the wizard of oz so much)

so i’ve been listening to wonderful town the past couple of days b/c i don’t know it at all!

it’s about 2 sisters who move to nyc & the wacky adventures they have there

& one of the sisters is most definitely a lesbian. like, ruth, honey, i am so sorry that you got shoehorned into a straight romance in this musical

literally in the song “one hundred easy ways (to lose a man)”, she sings the line, “just tell him where his grammar errs, then mark your towels ‘hers’ and ‘hers’”. like. what else is that supposed to mean.

i was talking to snat about this earlier but i miss dawn so much :((( she deactivated and i forgot to add her new sc and i lost contact with her i really hope shes okay i love her sm still

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Also I know you get a ton of GoT headcanon asks but if there's anything about Margaery you haven't already said I'd love to know about her too

Oooh okay nice! I haven’t gotten any Margaery requests actually. And I know the game is to say one headcanon but oh well: 

  • Margaery is insanely good at drawing/painting. If you ask her to show you a picture, she’ll show you pictures of flowers and nature, and they’re gorgeous, but it’s what she saves for public viewing. 
    • She’s actually fantastic at drawing faces and she’ll often draw up images of people when they’re going about their daily lives - she has one of Sansa praying, of Loras training, of her father and grandmother talking, etc. These pictures are rarely ever shared unless you’re close family or friends. 
  • You know Margaery would be queen of the flower crowns I mean!!! She’s just fantastic at them and she’ll make little bracelets or necklaces as well if there’s an excess/shortage of crowns. 
  • Margaery would totally dye her hair different colors. It’d be blonde one month, then she’d go back to brown, then she dyed it reddish, then she colored her hair making it red fading into pink, etc. She loves to color her hair, and she’s always encouraging her friends to dye them as well (she’s trying so hard to get Brienne to dye her hair a greenish/blue color). 
  • This might as well be canon but Margaery shuts down slut shaming/misogynistic comments real fast. 
    • There were definitely some lords who made some slut comments only to be sweetly told by Margaery that someone saw them down at the brothels, but that must have been a lie; surely someone as noble as them wouldn’t be caught there, would they? 
      • The Lords all shut up real quick after that lmfao 
“I love Rukia!” IR shippers

Okay that’s nice, why you dumbing her down to a side peice to hang on Ichigo’s arm? Why you making her into a common whore who cheats on her husband? Why are you only focusing on Ichigo in all your discourse?

If you really loved Rukia, you wouldn’t do this shit. To you, Rukia is nothing but a trophy, a perfect little woman for Ichigo to have. Because Kubo made her Renji’s wife (or is it made Renji her husband :D), she suddenly is a common slut who cheats on him, and I quote someone “Ichigo and Rukia have sex when Orihime is out, Renji is on a mission and Kazui and Ichika are sleeping

Stop saying you love Rukia if you can’t respect her god damn character.

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hi ^^ i really like your blog and you seem like such a nice person! your art is adorable and i love rose her gb ross! okay that is all ^^ (leoperidot-mcl)


For as much as I’m in love with Stranger Things and want season 2, like, right now please, there is one this about the show that bothered me: that Lonnie didn’t get eaten by the monsters but Barb did.

From the moment Lonnie appeared on the screen, I wanted him to die, and by all the rules of the horror genre he absolutely should have. Let’s take a look at his introduction alone:

  • Before you ever see him, you learn he called his youngest son homophobic slurs, likely to his face.
  • Your first look at him is literally him lunging at his own son, even though Jonathan announced himself.
  • He backs off, but only after Jonathan successfully pushes him away.
  • He tries to cover being bested with a laugh and a, “You’ve gotten stronger.” And he tries to force a hug.

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Now, add to that he’s not even slightly concerned that his son has been missing and didn’t even bother to return the call informing him of the fact. THEN he uses his inaction to gaslight Joyce. AND THEN he tries to convince Jonathan to move to the city so he can “see him more,” like. This guy is unequivocally an abuser—physically, emotionally, mentally, you name it—and I’m so proud of Joyce for divorcing his sorry ass and of Jonathan for having exactly zero tolerance for his shit and giving Will the tools to protect himself the best he knows how.


Lonnie shows up for Will’s “funeral,” right? He tries to be the consoling and remorseful ex, and Joyce eats it up. Who wouldn’t? Who would be suspicious of someone who just lost his child. Answer: Jonathan. The instant he sees Lonnie sitting next to Joyce, he immediately launches at him. He goes from 0 to 100, ready to fight his dad to keep him away from his mom. It’s Joyce who has to get between them to calm him down—a scene I imagine has played out more times than any of them would care to count. It’s not until Joyce finds the flier for an ambulance-chasing attorney that she realizes the same thing Jonathan did immediately. Lonnie’s there for Lonnie, not Will.

He wants to profit from his son’s death.

He wants to profit from his son’s death.

He wants to profit from his son’s death.

And bonus: he plans to manipulate a grieving mother into giving him free room and board while he does it.

This guy is an utter piece of shit, but worse, he’s a believable piece of shit. And the writers do nothing to redeem him, bless them.

Lonnie is exactly the sort of character a horror story eats whole and spits out the bones.


Who does it eat instead?

Oh, that’s right, Barb.

Barbara, who tries to tell her friend she’s acting out of character and to stop and think for a second. Barbara, who tries to get Nancy to be honest with herself about her relationship with Steve. Barbara, who is more socially aware than Nancy, or anyone, gives her credit for—who is also aware of tropes and how she fits into them. Barbara, who agrees to be Nancy’s guardian. Barbara, who clearly doesn’t enjoy being in the presence of unrepentant assholes but endures it for Nancy. Barbara, who has heart eyes for Nancy so big, you wonder how she sees anything else. Barbara, who notices when Nancy gets a new bra.

But let’s break down Nancy and Barb’s relationship just a little more.

One thing I think is masterfully done in Stranger Things is the actual structure of the story. The first D&D game that foreshadows Will’s disappearance and the final D&D game that acknowledges the questions the season left open and again foreshadows what the next season might hold (both of which campaigns run about 10 hours when the season itself was close to the same length) are such a fun and clever nod in an otherwise grim story that is, by turns, both terrifying and horrifying. One other structure I really love is how well Nancy’s relationships to Barb and to Steve are juxtaposed.

Every scene with Barb is immediately followed by or included in one with Steve, Nancy’s apparent love interest. Barb comes to Nancy at her locker and enthuses about her new beau; Steve summons Nancy to the bathroom to makeout as long as possible, even through class if she doesn’t resist him enough lets him, regardless of how important her academic life is to her. Barb eagerly and attentively helps Nancy study for her upcoming test; Steve shows up and snatches away her flash cards (he does this so many times oh my god), saying she’s “studied enough.” Barb tries to remind Nancy of what she said she didn’t want to do; Steve pressures Nancy (again) into a thing she told him directly she didn’t want to do (repeatedly).

(Quick interlude: I think there’s a lot going on in Nancy’s relationship with Steve that acknowledges how difficult it is for women, especially young women, to be frank about wanting a sexual relationship [and with whom]. Nancy’s reluctance to be seen as a slut and her dismay when Steve’s friend [and lbr, Steve] apply that name to her later on and so publicly are pretty strong evidence for why Nancy isn’t able to speak honestly about wanting to have sex with Steve. However, I also think she feels quite a bit of pressure to want to want those things—a theme that’s consistent with Jonathan’s advice to Will that he doesn’t have to like things just because other people want him to. But this is a whole different discussion and I digress.)

The final juxtaposition between Barb and Steve is her abduction and murder. She screams for Nancy at the same time Steve and Nancy have sex for the first time. (If you want to take the metaphor a little further, one might see the usual connotation behind screaming someone’s name … turned upside down.) The camera cuts back and forth between Barb’s horror and Nancy’s love-making. It’s as if the story is blaming Nancy for how disastrously her choice of an SO turns out. It seems to say “way to go, choosing Steve. if you weren’t busy with that asshole, this might not have happened.” Given how much the show appears to resist slut-shaming otherwise, I’m disappointed in this message that indicts Nancy for her sexuality—and kills Barb for hers.

Then again, maybe I shouldn’t be. This story also has a chief of police who suggests that Will’s sexual orientation (A FUCKING CHILD FFS) might be a mitigating factor in his disappearance and a father who only appears to care about his children if they can be “manly” enough or, failing that, if they can make him money. Certainly, some of the homophobic undercurrents of the show can be assigned to historical climate and individual character traits, and Joyce is usually the one to call it out.

Not when it comes to Barbara Holland. Her safety and disappearance are routinely downplayed by everyone except Nancy. Even Barb’s own mother seems only casually concerned, which I find extraordinary, given that people in her town are currently going missing. She doesn’t get a vigil. She’s a distant afterthought, a low priority. Hell, her disappearance rates a lower concern even than Steve getting in trouble for drinking a few beers or Nancy lying to the police about what she and Steve were doing in his room. And after Will comes home and the monsters are assumed to be defeated, Nancy is the only one who mourns her.

Furthermore, the only people killed by the monsters appear to be people who either deserved it or were at least nominally capable of protecting themselves. Will and Holly (both children) are both rescued before it’s too late (or so it seems so far); the two hunters and everyone involved with the CIA team all die. Barb is the only defenseless and blameless person killed by the monsters, and I think it’s important to ask why.

Horror is a genre long-known to work on the principle of punishment, and Barb is the only innocent person to die. She’s also the only one to get a graphic death scene. She’s the only one whose fucking pieces are put on display for the viewer—more than once, even. I’ve seen a lot of horror movies in my day. She’s clearly being punished for something, and the most likely something we can infer from subtext is who she loves.

I really want to know. Why is Lonnie, a character who screams to be punished, spared? For that matter, why is Steve or any of his asshole friends? Any other horror story would’ve disposed of them. Why Barb? I think we all know why.

Stranger Things is a fantastically written show that’s masterfully performed and produced. It gives us so many wonderful, important characters. It aims to and succeeds in undermining an impressive number of tropes. Just not when it comes to burying its gays.

Barbara Holland deserved so much better.

i never thought i’d get over him.
in contrary i thought he would haunt my thoughts forever.
i thought the pain in my stomach every time i saw him with someone else would never end.
i thought that the butterflies in my stomach when i saw his name would never go away.

but it all went away.
someone else gives me butterflies when i see their name.
someone else treats me better than he ever did.
someone else makes me feel like a princess.
i don’t care who he’s with or what’s happening with him.

so to everyone who’s stuck on someone who hurt them deeply, it goes away. the pain fades and the jealousy stops. the butterflies are now coming from a different source. you’ll find someone who makes you smile every time you see them or hear their name. you’ll find someone who treats you better than they ever did. you got this babes

I honestly hope Lauren is okay.

I hope she understands that there are a lot of fans out there that DO respect her and love her for the amazing things she does on the show.

And i also hope a lot of the s /  u fandom grows the hell up and realizes that their bitching about what ship should become canon will not do anything but start drama and hurt innocent people in the process.

    Whatever becomes canon is written far in advance for you to have any influence and you have no say in a show that is not yours to begin with.

I haven’t gone to sleep yet.

Because all I can think about is how the Greeks and Roman artists literally spent all their time creating fanart and fansculptures of their favorite Mythological stories.

That’s literally what they did.

Society has been making fanart for thousands of years.

Fanart is normal and very human.

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Since I too have had a bit too much tonight (well, enough to inspire a prompt), why not have an in vino veritas moment for Rey with Dragon!Kylo. Maybe she found an old brandy bottle in the back of his horde and proceeds to get plastered and plays it a little less close to the chest than usual. Maaaaaybe her drunk unconscious mind remembers that dream of that oddly familiar yellow eyed man she dreamed about before and asks him? Hmmm (btw I love this story and the AU!!Hope you like the prompt! :D)

You have managed to combine my love of Latin phrases, obscure alcohol, drunk!scenarios, and dreams; it’s coalesced into my favorite prompt to date.

I think I love you. Let’s be friends.

(You’ve also inspired a whole arc of continued dreams, Rey half-remembering, and Kylo who’s so unsure of himself omg,)

In Vino Veritas

It was a rare moment when Kylo allowed Rey to look through his horde; he might have insisted she live with him, but there were certain things he was touchy about. He would shower her in precious stones, both raw and cut, but get sour if she handled the wrong sword or opened the wrong book.

But sometimes he would indulge her scavenging ways, and Rey would go spelunking. Kylo was meticulously organized in how he kept his horde, so it was usually easy to see what was where.

The bottle was sealed and clean; the liquid in it was clear.

Ah, Kylo said, Aquavit. He was stretched out in the cave, head on his paws.

Rey frowned, trying to decipher the ancient language. Water of…life?

Something like that, he said, amusement apparent in his tone. You may try it, if you like.

Rey located a silver goblet with ease, and poured herself a glass of the liquid. She wondered to herself if the water granted immortality, or healed wounds; if it did, should she really waste it on this?

She sniffed it. It smelt sharp and bitter, almost like…

“Wine?” she said, so surprised she spoke aloud.

Not wine, little bird. A spirit. It is fermented differently. This is from up north, and a touch stronger than wine.

Rey sniffed the liquid again, and took a tentative sip. She forced herself not to spit it out – that had been unexpected. But after a second sip, then a third, it began to grow on her.

Rey brought the bottle and the goblet over to where Kylo was laying and sat atop a cushion. She leaned against him as she drank, basking in his warmth. She felt her cheeks grow hot, but she also felt relaxed. Relaxed and at peace.

She held out the goblet to Kylo. “Want some?”

No thank you, little bird. He seemed amused. Why would he be amused?

“Why are you – are you laughing at me?” Rey was incredulous She tried to stand, almost stumbled, but thankfully didn’t spill any of the aquavit on herself. Stupid lizard…

It appears you’re drunk, little bird, he said, steading her with his tail, and something about the way he said that term of endearment sparked something inside of her – a memory, perhaps, or a dream, or a dream of a memory.

She stopped and looked at Kylo, really looked at him. She settled her gaze on his eyes, and suddenly it struck her.

What is it, little bird? There must’ve been something on her face, to prompt such concern from him. Rey set the goblet and bottle down, aquavit forgotten.

“You’re the man from my dream,” Rey murmured. She stepped forward and reached out, running her fingers over the scales on his snout. Her heart pounded harder in her chest. “You have the same eyes as he did. Kylo…”

She reached out mentally, trying to coax something – anything- from him, but his mind was like a steel trap. Little bird…

I know it was you, Rey told him. Nobody has eyes like that. It is you.

And what if it were? He asked, and there was a small bite to his words. Rey paused; what if it were? Her dragon – her mentor – Kylo- had kissed her…

She felt her heart pound in her ears, flushing at the thought: all she wanted to do was kiss him again.

You kissed me, Rey said, and she felt ridiculous right as the words came out. She looked away, good humor forgotten. Never mind it.

He nudged her in the side. You’re drunk, little bird. Sleep now, and you’ll feel better in the morning.