Funny what a perfect rendition of Bring Him Home and some good news can do to a person.

I feel like the Les Mis fan part of me has been asleep for the past couple of years. I just haven’t felt enthusiastic about it. I’ve loved it when I’ve seen it, but beyond that… I haven’t felt inspired to create Les Mis fanart or to listen to it or to participate in any fandom things.

But now, after Saturday’s Christmas concert with my fav JVJ & Javert duo and some Les Mis goodness?

I drew Les Mis fanart for the first time in over a year and have been listening to almost no other music than Les Mis cast recordings. It’s even different from my Christmas Concert Les Mis Binge of last year, since this one’s already lasted longer and simply feels way better.

Les Mis was there for me at just the right time – I’m not exaggerating when I say I would be a different person than I am today had Les Misérables, and especially Åbo Svenska Teater’s Les Misérables, never existed. Being a Les Mis fan, no matter what, is an integral part of my personality. And therefore… I couldn’t be happier the flame is burning bright again.

tl;dr: might draw some more silly Les Mis doodles sometimes soon, maybe

this is a one time only unpopular opinion (it seems) rant about how unfairly hated daenerys targaryen is and all the reasons why i fucking love her.

okay kids, daenerys is kind of amazing and it baffles me how underrated and unfairly hated she is by a good portion of the fandom. let’s dive right in.

daenerys grew up without both her parents, on the run, with only her abusive older brother and a kindly knight, ser willem darry, by her side to take care of her, but ser willem died when dany was around five years old. she was likely undereducated, having only viserys around to teach her things, even though she grew up in essos she likely only knew what she learned through experience in the free cities. and the only people she knew besides him were those who would take the exiled brother and sister in to use them for their own gain.

with viserys as her only family, dany was not only constantly emotionally and sexually abused, but likely grew up with a warped sense of self, depression, anxiety and ptsd from viserys’ treatment of her and the constant stress of their life on the run. she has never had a real home.

then when the asoiaf series begins, daenerys is literally sold to khal drogo by viserys for his political advancement when she was only thirteen years old - her own brother not caring at all what happens to dany as a result. after their marriage, dany is repeatedly raped by drogo. and now that she living among the dothraki, she has to adapt to and learn an entire new culture and language.

even after dany grows to love drogo and thrives amongst the dothraki, her suffering isn’t over. she is forced to allow the murder of her brother because of his madness and constant cruelty, which even though a wise choice, is still a major loss in daenerys’ life and should not be overlooked. then, dany loses both khal drogo and her unborn child. people always seem to forget the fact that dany lost a child (that she named after her dead brother rhaegar) and just how traumatic and devastating that loss was. not only that, but she finds out she will (probably) never be able to have another child again.

above all, daenerys targaryen is a survivor. she is proof that even those of us who have gone through the worst and most heartbreaking trials can turn their pain into strength and survive it. even though she has been through so much tragedy and cruelty, daenerys does not lose her compassion for others. yes, she shows no mercy to her enemies, but she always protects the ones who need her. dany is constantly protecting and building up other women, the dothraki, and the slaves in the cities she has conquered.

i am so sick and tired of seeing daenerys reduced to a “white savior”. first of all, she had no choice when it came to living in essos, where most people of color in the asoiaf world reside. still, dany never looks down on them, but repeatedly builds them up and protects them, even when she is just a young teen and defends the dothraki from viserys. she frees the slaves in astapor, yunkai and meereen, not because she think she’s better than they are or to control them or take over, but because she cares for them and wants to abolish slavery. without daenerys, all of those people would still be in chains. daenerys sees freedom as the greatest thing in the world because it’s something she never had growing up. the whole “white savior” thing only exists because of george r.r. martin’s decision to make her white, not because of dany’s actual actions - she just wants to free people.

daenerys did face many problems when trying to rule meereen, being so unfamiliar with meereenese customs and traditions - again due to her lack of education she probably knew very little about the slave cities to begin with other than the biased talk she heard while in the free cities. still, daenerys, like she always does, learns through experience. she makes mistakes but always does her best to respect their traditions, even reopening the fighting pits so those men she freed who wished to could fight for honor, even though she was personally against it. all daenerys wants now is to finally go to westeros and take back everything that was stolen from her as a child and find the home she never got to have.

yes, there are things daenerys does that i don’t agree with and are problematic, and i’m not saying that she is perfect. i would just like the fandom to acknowledge all the horror that she has been through in her life and to stop treating her unfairly. people are not perfect, therefore characters can’t be either. a character did something problematic? probably because it was supposed to be a problem, because stories have problems in them. you can love a character and acknowledge their faults at the same time. you can love a character and not condone their choices.

that’s how i feel about daenerys and all of the negatively surrounding her. i love her and i am tired of being made to feel guilty about that. i am so tired of the fandom straight up ignoring her lifetime of abuse and acting like it doesn’t matter, then wondering why she does the things she does as a result of that abuse. daenerys is a survivor. she’s doing the best she can and she is an amazing woman who deserves far better from us.

“this mother of dragons, this breaker of chains, is above all a rescuer.”


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(Pt1) Jesus Christ. I legitimately just saw someone saying that Yang is overreacting about Blake running and that the fact Blake is going to her family makes it perfectly okay. I love Blake, but what she did was not okay, especially with what she

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knows about Yang’s history of abandonment.

a lot of people are horrifically insensitive and disgusting towards Yang’s current state (often saying shit like “she needs a good kick in the ass to get motivated” or some gross shit that makes it clear they don’t understand how debilitating depression and PTSD can be, and not understanding why what happened would affect Yang like it did because they don’t pay attention to her)

and like, Blake running is not treated as okay at all within the narrative - she’s trying to do right by others in the only way that makes sense to her but that’s through a lens of panic and fear warped further by trauma, and running hurt Yang in a way Adam never could - in a way Blake should know is repeating history (i’m gonna chalk part of that up at least to Blake not having fully processed what happened in 2x06 because of how tired she was - reliving the day in her mind when she recalls the important details and it fully clocking in what Yang told her about Raven - perhaps after Sun tells her how badly she reacted to the news of Blake leaving - is when Blake realises just what she did)

team RWBY being separate is not treated as a good thing in the narrative, right now everyone is in the wrong place, either due to circumstances beyond their control or because they’re trying to do things their own way - but by doing it without the team, they’re not going to get as far.

okay so this is a video with somewhat a summary of the one year i’ve been with my girlfriend. on 12.07.15 i asked this amazing girl out by giving her, her favorite piece of candy with the words “GIRLFRIEND?” written on it. she amazingly said yes and it was one of the best days of my life. this girl has done so much for me, she’s helped me become a better person to myself. she has pushed me to do anything i set my mind to, because she believes in me and you know sometimes you just need that push to do things you didn’t believe you’d achieve. i love this girl to death, gosh she’s just an extraordinary girl. i’m so glad i’ve found my soulmate. i cant wait to live my life with you, i can’t wait to have many more adventures and unforgettable moments. i cant wait to sleep next you every night. i love you olivia j. rodriguez. forever & always.

Read this if you’re ever feeling down…thank you Taehyung ❤︎


“Who are you calling a child?”

Did anyone order up some non-silly D.Va headcanon? No? Ah well, just leaving this here then.