Klayley month day 5-Favorite klayley video

Pretty much every klayley video ever made by rhaelias

they leave me in a perpetual state of overwhelming emotions and she is a blessing to this fandom. Thank you for being lovely and supplying me with intense OTP feelings lol 



hubby and wifey holding hands. (◕‿◕✿)

Ok *deep breath* the Pearl hate that I keep seeing is making me mad and I want to defend Pearl.

Let me preface this by saying that Pearl’s snide actions and words towards Greg were not okay, BUT she overreacted based on an overflow of emotions, and those emotions she has, one-sided or not, ARE valid emotions.

Time to elaborate a bit: There is no denying Pearl has feelings for Rose, very strong feelings. Strong feelings about a person, especially love, make people act in stupid, selfish ways when they’re trying to keep the person they love for themself.

Pearl’s love for Rose is frustrating to me as a viewer because of how one-sided it seems to be (especially with how blissfully ignorant Rose seems to be, but that’s another text post), so imagine how it must be for Pearl. Thousands of years she has loved Rose without the same level or reciprocation that we’ve ever seen. This didn’t seem to be a problem for Pearl until Greg came into the picture because Greg was now receiving the kind of affection that Pearl had been yearning after for multiple millennium after only a few short months (and to Gems, months are really really small time periods). How would that make you feel if someone you loved for years suddenly got into the perfect relationship that you dreamt of with someone else in a week? It would suck. It would hurt. It would make you act in selfish and stupid ways.

That is the greatest thing about this show; The characters are so real. They have real emotional phases and have relationships in the most realistic way.

Maybe the reason people are hating on Pearl is because she IS SO REAL and they can relate to her too well at times.

To close, I emphasize that Pearl’s actions towards Greg were NOT okay, but they are so real and add to the complexity of Pearl’s character. She is NOT perfect. She is NOT flawless. Perfect characters are overrated and create unrealistic expectations for kids. Having a character that does wrong and apologizes, as she has done on many occasions, is a good example for kids. She IS flawed, she IS real, and she IS relatable.

I love how Carm says she won’t let Mattie hurt Laura, and when Mattie is like, “Let? Unless you’ve got that sword, you’re out of your league.” And Carm says it doesn’t matter. Carm’s basically saying there is nothing on Earth that could stop her from protecting Laura. She would fight Mattie and win or die trying. She’d give her life for Laura. I know we know this since she sacrificed herself last season but it’s so great to see such obvious conviction, even to her sister whom she obviously loves. I’m not okay…


Clexa Jurassic Park AU

Clarke and Lexa are slowly warming up to each other and decide to hang out in the lobby of their hotel. Lexa notices something isn’t right with the computers and seconds later the whole system crashes. She tries to remain calm as Clarke starts to panic. The power goes out taking with it any hope they have of contacting the mainland. They are far away from the nearest control room and reports are coming in over the radio that animals are on the loose. They decide their best option is to try to make it to the nearest Animal Containment Center for help. In order to do this they must survive long enough to send a message.

 Part 2/8

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