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But what if when Allura bonds with the Black Lion she can sense certain things that Shiro has shared with it, like his feelings for her??

Imagine Allura sitting in the Black Lion trying to bond with her and suddenly getting this rush of feelings and thinking “why does the Black Lion love me so much?” and then slowly realising she’s getting Shiro’s feelings from the Lion and the Lion is trying to tell her how much Shiro loves her OKAY BYE I’M DONE FLING ME INTO THE SUN

Vetra Nyx is so good. I think she just gave Sara the turian version of a smile and I just … She’s so good. 

I was so worried she might not like my Ryder but … I think she’s a slowburn, which makes sense, y’know, because its been her little sister and her for so long and allowing someone else in takes time but SHE’S BEGINNING TO BOND WITH MY RYDER AND THEY HAD TALKS ABOUT THEIR SIBLINGS AND … 

Also she … does not seem to realise … how good she is? She’s adorable? 

And I just love Vetra Nyx, okay, she’s so wonderful and I love her voice and also she eats tons of unhealthy food which is so relatable bc I do the same … Like there’s a box full of cereals and turian chips or sth in the storage room where Vetra spends much of her time and … 

She’s great. I love Vetra Nyx. 

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I feel like I'm bashing poor Simone who I love but per Puredwts it's totally okay for her to allegedly do a contempory but for Laurie, it was totally forbidden. That's why they should moderate themselvs before trying to school people. They look really dumb and unprofessional

lol do they have reasoning or they just forgot they said that or??? so weird

 Comptine d’un autre été (x)

i will sell my soul for amputee, half blind angry kid vriska. 

she lost her arm in an escalating LARPing conflict that ended in fireworks and the hospital and a few mangled friends.

vriska serket, 12 years old and missing an arm, trying to claw out a group of friends and companions. 

vriska who was raised by a grandmother who doesnt care and who lives in her mothers diaries  

vriska who is a shell of spikes and anger and a gruff temper because without that there would be nothing left of her 

Your problematic fave: Lena Luthor
  • Is a dramatic hoe, but gets misinterpreted as shady™
  • Just wants to do good
  • Just wants to do Kara
  • Has dreams involving both Kara and Supergirl that she totally doesn’t think about during important meetings
  • Goes to hug Kara with her eyes alrealdy fully closed
  • Needs to be hugged for five hours straight, but she will do with five seconds if it’s Kara doing the hugging
  • Hasn’t been seen since 2x08, but is already doomed to die
  • Only smiles around Kara
  • Owns a Supergirl t-shirt
  • Just wants to be loved